After talking last week about “Fine-Tuning,” that is, recognizing our vibrational stance in it’s early stages and, if we’ve slipped a bit, deliberately raising our vibration by choosing better feeling thoughts and emotions, I wanted to take it farther.  I feel ready for that and know many of you are also.  I’ve gotten better at noticing more quickly when I’m not in a good place and making an effort to improve my vibration. Depending upon the issue, and how important or problematic I think it is, my strategy varies. Sometimes it’s easy to just say, “I’m going to drop that for now. I know it will turn out fine, especially if I don’t worry about it.” Other times, not so easy. It might require meditation, a nap, a distraction of some kind or writing my way into a better feeling place about it, one of the tools I emphasize in “How to Allow.”   SY-HTA-Ebook-3

The message of that post on fine-tuning our vibration, was to practice good feeling thoughts and emotions and to own them. This resonated with quite a few people.  When you know some people or things are bound to bring up some negative thoughts, create a “go to” stock of better feeling thoughts that are easy to find.  And, when these people or things do cause a dip in your vibration, head right into that savings account of better feeling thoughts before you are lured into more than 68 seconds of negative focus; otherwise that 68 seconds or more of sloppy thinking will inevitably show you concrete evidence of that negative dive. Believe me, I am not suggesting that we be afraid of our thoughts or feelings. Contrast and negative thoughts and feelings are a part of life and cause us to ramp up our desires.  I’m just proposing better awareness of unproductive thoughts and their accompanying feelings so that we don’t let them attract more and more thoughts of the same quality and, eventually, real evidence of our “not so good” vibe.

A more positive way to think of this is to think of this as practicing your awareness of your mood and your vibration, which is everything. Everything that exists in your life right now is a product of that vibration, an old vibration, because you have the chance right now, to change course. All of your power really lies right here, right now, and what was created by your old vibration is irrelevant, or you can decide that it is irrelevant to you.

So there’s no need for fear or trepidation here; I’m seeing more of a “Yes, I’m getting better and better at nipping these negative vibes in the bud and turning them around, and things are getting better and better in my life.”

I had a real epiphany today in terms of really feeling it, really, really getting the idea that it’s possible to feel good about something I want while it’s still in the idea or desire phase and before I’ve seen any physical evidence of it. I know I’ve achieved that occasionally, but it’s been pretty spotty. And, I know that is a huge key to creating the happy journey that leads to the happy creation. I’m not saying I haven’t had lots of success at creating some great things, but I might have just finally stumbled into an area where I have such confidence in the inevitability of some desires that I’m enjoying just thinking about them right now. And, not to mention, I only want them because I think they will make me happier, so why not be happy about them now?

Yep, I’ve heard it a million times before but today I actually found myself in that zone and I wanted to pass my strategy along because, if I can do it, you can do it. There are so many of you out there who are great focusers of energy. The trick for me in this particular case, was to make my desire very concrete and specific, which might seem like it’s going against conventional wisdom. That would be true if I weren’t able to maintain a positive vibe while getting so specific about it; then it would be better to stay general in my thoughts or I would likely be focusing more on the fact that my desire hasn’t arrived yet, rather than the fun of watching my desire manifest.           images-1

The way it worked in this case was not to go to crazy in choosing my desire. I had read a great post by coach Jeannette Maw on how she “Manifested $1,000 in Ten Days.” There’s more to the story, lots more, and I encourage you to read her post on the Good Vibe University site. Her experiment encouraged me to make manifesting something reasonable more of a game and as the game has gone on, I’ve found myself becoming more and more certain that, yes, it’s happening. I’m not going to worry about exactly when or how. It’s certainly achievable. I have no evidence of it yet, but I can focus upon it and feel absolutely great about it in just its current form as a desire. I’m enjoying looking forward to seeing how it manifests. It does involve a certain amount of dollars in a reasonable amount of time, something that I can focus upon without thinking, “Oh sure, that’s never going to happen.” I can focus upon it with true belief and positive expectation. It’s just the right amount and the right time frame.     Unknown


But what has made it even more specific and more fun is that I saw something in New York City a week or so ago that I really, really wanted to buy. That’s what I get for going shopping with my daughter in the amazing boutiques she knows of in NYC.  I just couldn’t justify spending that amount; it was a lot to spend on something like that, but not ridiculous. It was something of really high quality.  When I combined that very specific desire with my plan to manifest this certain amount of money, I thought, well, of course, when that money shows up, I’m buying it. It will be money which came out of the blue, I deserve it and am worthy of having something really nice, even if it’s a bit expensive. I love it.


And, so that’s the story of how I found myself finally being able to be focused solely on the idea or the desire and feeling good about that alone. I know I’ve done it before, a bit, but not to this extent, not in such a pure way. And, it feels great. Because I know that if I can do it in this case, I can do it with all sorts of desires. And, then they need to show up for me because it’s just the way things work. There’s no way your desires cannot come to you when you are focused upon them with no doubt, no resistance.

So, maybe it’s been easier for you to accomplish this type of good feeling pre-manifestation. I’m just admitting that it hasn’t always been that easy for me and now I have really fully experienced it and appreciate its value.

One way to think of this, which I love and have read recently, was that this desire which you’ve emitted vibrationally does already exist and you OWN IT VIBRATIONALLY. And, if you’re not discouraged about what hasn’t manifested yet, and if the desire feels good to you while you are desiring it, there’s no vibrational variance, no resistance. AH

Just as we talked last week about owning our good feeling emotion, I love this idea that we own the desire we’ve put out there. It’s already ours, so why not just enjoy thinking about it and Allow it in?  I’d love to hear about your experiences in experimenting with owning your desire and your good feeling vibration and milking those good vibrations before your desire has shown up in your life.  My money is on you!





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