It’s tempting to create a list of New Year’s Resolutions, those things in our lives that we know could stand some improvement.  Most of us could create a pretty long list.  Yet, then there is the risk of including so many things on our list that there’s very little likelihood of actually accomplishing all of our goals.


We can try to pare the list down to the most important things that we know we need to improve.  Maybe we need to exercise more (or at all), drink more water, drop a few pounds, meditate more often, get that promotion, or save more money.


Resolving, making a commitment to improve our lives, is important.  Until we make a firm decision to make some changes they just won’t happen.  Period.  If they remain in the “someday” category, that day is not coming.


Making real change in our lives often means drawing a line in the sand and saying, “I will have this in my life, or be the person who lives like this.”  It requires a decision, a commitment, a feeling that I’ve been in this stagnant mode for long enough and that changes now.


I always love it when someone contacts me about coaching and on their questionnaire when asked how committed they are to change on a scale of 1-10, they choose “10.”  Someone recently even chose 11!  Readiness for change is the foundation for making change happen and for making changes that stick.


Of course, if you are Law of Attraction-savvy and know how energy works, you realize that making any real change in your life requires a change in your “Inner Game.”  Continuing to think the same thoughts, maintain outdated beliefs that don’t serve you, and remain roughly in the same emotional state means staying stuck right where you are.  The list of New Year’s Resolutions that require taking new actions and developing new habits will remain just a list, nothing more, without changing your Inner Game.


Taking actions designed to improve your life from a place of overwhelm, frustration, sadness or resentment creates results that match your vibration.  It’s just the way energy works.


Starting an exercise program from a place of not feeling good about yourself is unlikely to achieve any satisfying results.  Creating a budget and savings plan while still feeling like money is scarce and hard to come by is unlikely to create great abundance.


So, how about making one very important resolution rather than the usual list that often gets duplicated the very next year?  I’m going to make a very simple suggestion that may sound just too easy. Yet, it is the most important commitment that you could make and is actually the only means of creating the change you desire.


If you make no other resolutions this year, make this one, as this resolution will be life-changing.  Commit to feeling as good as you can as often as you can.  Decide that nothing is more important than that you feel good.  And, there is a plan for that!


Abraham-Hicks recently put it this way:

Whenever you are feeling less than good, if you will stop and say, Nothing is more important than that I feel good—I want to find a reason now to feel good, you will find an improved thought.


Because your thoughts are creating your reality, finding a way to feel better where you are, and to say and do the things that help you to feel better more often, will lead to constant improvement in your life.  Better and better is inevitable if you honor your commitment.


How does this work in practice when you are not exactly where you want to be right now?


  1. Realize that you can go anywhere from where you are. Your thoughts are creating your reality.  You can begin to think differently about your reality starting right now.  You can find a better perspective about your circumstances and look forward to the changes that are on their way.


  1. Look around you and assess how you are spending your time and who you are spending your time with. Are you going through the motions without thinking about what you really want?  Are you surrounding yourself with people that are not exactly helping you to feel better about yourself?


  1. Notice every change, even small ones, that reflect your improved perspective. Milk those changes.  Make a list of the evidence of your improving vibration.  Appreciate all of the changes.


  1. Check in with yourself, often, and notice how you are actually feeling. Ask whether there is anything you could do, in that moment, or in the next few moments, to feel better?  Could you change the way you are doing something, make yourself more comfortable, take a break, dive into something that you really enjoy for awhile?  Ask, “How could this be even a little bit better?”


  1. Make it a habit to include some things that you really enjoy in your daily routine. Your vibration will naturally rise.  The things that you “have to do,” will actually become easier as you’ll be operating from a place where you are using more of your Inner Being all of the time.


This can feel like it’s just too easy.  We are so well trained to work hard, achieve our goals, earn everything that comes into our lives.  Yet, life was not meant to be mostly struggle with a few fun moments thrown in.  Life is meant to be joyful, easy and we intended to use all of our power in this life.


Decide to feel as good as you can whenever you can and you will soon find yourself using all of that power that is at your disposal.  And, those things that you might have included on your list of New Year’s Resolutions will very likely happen with very little effort on your part.  They will be the natural result of your improved vibration.  Your vibration is everything.  Remind yourself often and let 2020 be your best year so far!






If you’d like some help with changing your Inner Game, improving your perspective, letting go of old beliefs that are slowing you down, I’m available to help.  We can make 2020 your best year yet!






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