If you are a fan of the show “Parks and Recreation” with Amy Poehler and an equally hilarious cast of characters, you may be familiar with the “Treat Yo Self” episode, which was a classic in my book.  Two of the characters who work for the Parks Department and don’t make a huge salary, but have a lot of style, have an annual tradition they call “Treat Yo Self Day.”  They take off work and spend the day buying “clothes, fragrances, mimosas, fine leather goods,” get massages and anything else that strikes them.  It’s really over the top and hilarious.  Although the way they treat themselves may be a little excessive for their budgets (but who knows?),  there are lots of things I love about it.



The way we think of ourselves causes us to emit a vibration to everyone we come into contact with, and to the rest of the world.  And the Universe and the people we interact with respond in accordance with the level of our vibration.  How do we think of ourselves?  Do we believe ourselves to be deserving of good things, entitled to be treated well by ourselves and others, worthy of respect and appreciation?  We are deserving of all of those things, of course, just by virtue of existing as human beings navigating this physical reality the best way that we know how.

So, the question occurred to me, how are we treating ourselves so that we can have the best lives that we can and also attract that respect and compassionate treatment from others that we deserve?  When I reflect on it, I know that I can do better than I’m doing.  And I’d bet it’s true for many people.  We tend to forget at times that we are responsible both for how we are feeling and how we are treated by others.  And, if we’re constantly putting others first, we aren’t taking very good care of ourselves and we have less to offer others.  By exercising good self-care, we are raising our vibration and emitting a vibe that says I deserve the good things in life and to be treated with respect and dignity and fairness.  I am not a victim of anyone because I create my own reality.  And, the way I treat myself is the starting point in creating that reality.  By treating ourselves well, we are sending a message that the Universe must respond to in kind.  It’s just the way the laws work.

I’m not suggesting that anyone go out and spend more than they can afford to make a statement which will end up feeling empty rather than empowering.  How you treat yourself really amounts to small choices you make every day as to whether you’re deserving of something nice that you can afford, or a break in your routine, or a even a treat of some kind that will bring a smile to your face and raise your vibe.  It may just mean getting out of your rut to try something different that you might enjoy.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or dramatic.

A reader who has manifested some great things since reading “How to Allow” shared a story with me recently that illustrated so perfectly how a small shift in the way we treat ourselves can have amazing, and nearly instant, results.  I love it that she told me that while first reading “How to Allow” last year she “noticed little things happening” but that on that particular day it “was the first day that I KNEW your process works.”  She’s continued to manifest great things and shared great stories but this recent example is just a perfect illustration of how to “treat yo self” and the difference it can make.

In her own words, with her permission, as she said “we’re all in this together”:

  I think one of my favorite recent stories has to be from this past summer. I was in one of those “funks” for a little while and just felt like I didn’t have a lot to look forward to- no fun trips planned, nothing exciting seemed to be happening career wise, etc. I was just thinking “Life doesn’t seem very exciting right now and I don’t really see it changing anytime soon.” (HORRIBLE! I KNOW!!!!) I honestly just felt stuck. I’m usually pretty good at catching myself when I start thinking like this and getting my vibration back to where I want it to be but it still takes work and I sometimes fall off the bandwagon so to speak.                        Well, one Friday I went home for lunch like usual and I thought, “You know what; I’m going to go eat lunch by my pool”. I only have 20 minutes max to spend at home once I account for driving time to and from work. I’m an all or nothing person, so for me I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied unless I REALLY sat by the pool. This meant frantically changing out of my work clothes into my bathing suit and actually getting in the water. As crazy as that might have seemed once I was in the water I thought… “Ok, this is what I needed. I am in a body of water (it may not be the ocean). I’m appreciating the sunshine and good weather. I’m relaxed. I feel like I can breathe!” I felt happy, content, and above all else I was appreciating what I had to work with. I knew immediately my vibration had been raised and I felt amazing.                        After about ten minutes or so in the pool, I quickly changed and went back to work. I sat back down in my cube and clocked in as usual. Well, not 5 minutes later my boss came over and asked “What are you doing this weekend?” Of course, I didn’t have anything planned and was fairly confused why she was asking me this. She then said “The travel agent I was supposed to go to Mexico with tomorrow for the hotel site inspection can no longer make it. We’re able to change the ticket to your name if you’d like to go. We’re flying first class, will be back Monday and you’ll get overtime pay”.                        I just never in a million years thought that was going to happen! It was a wonderful trip and I know I wouldn’t have been allowed the opportunity had I not gotten my vibration where it needed to be!   


It is amazing how little it can take to shift your vibration, just a few better thoughts, inspiring perhaps some new action, and the Universe can respond immediately to bring you something that is a perfect match to your improved vibration.  Her decision to take time for ten minutes in the pool, to treat herself well, resulted in an incredible unexpected manifestation!

Can you think of any small ways you could “treat yo self”?  You could get fresh flowers for your home, get your car washed and appreciate how good it looks, take a break from work during the day and do something your enjoy, get something fixed that’s been driving you crazy, treat yourself to a good lunch, even if you work at home, see a movie during the day that you’ve been wanting to see, treat yourself to some help with housework or yard work on occasion, buy the quality clothing item you really want, when you can afford it, rather than something that’s just okay.  You’ll get a lot more leverage every time you wear it.

There are so many things you could do to send a message to yourself and others that you are worthy, that you deserve nothing but the best, to be treated well and appreciated.  Remember that the Universe and the people in your orbit can’t help but respond to you in a respectful, appreciative way when that’s the vibe you’re sending out.

If you’d like a good laugh, check out “Treat Yo Self,” on YouTube.   Please let me know of any new ideas for treating yourself better.



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