Okay, this is actually a trick question.  I do know the answer and I do know that it’s at the heart of being a deliberate creator, that is, creating what you really, really want.  I also must admit that I could be writing this as advice to myself.  While I have been a great deliberate creator, created some amazing changes in my life and experienced some true miracles, I occasionally get stuck in the murkiness of this subject myself.  Any coach or counselor or Law of Attraction expert would probably not tell you differently.  The reason it’s a trick question, is that the very act of feeling that “I need it, I need it now, I’ve got to speed it up,” actually slows it down.  So it’s really not the exact question we want to be asking.  We want to soften it and it’s worth talking about how to do that.

When we really, really want something and we’re painfully aware that it’s not here yet and we want to “speed it up,” we’re slowing the process down.  It doesn’t mean that our focus on what we want and our efforts to think the best thoughts we can, won’t create what we want eventually, but we’ve put the brakes on the engine, which is trying to pull it in for us as soon as we want it.  Remember that Source goes to work and creates it as soon as we ask for it,  it’s being held for us in our vibrational escrow (which is every bit as real as this reality), so what we want is already a done deal.  Thinking about that fact is the first step in softening our feeling that we want to speed up a manifestation.  But there’s a lot more.

At a recent Abraham-Hicks seminar, the issue was summed up so beautifully, that I really need to give you the words direct from the Source:

When you’re in a state of faith about something, it will take no time at all because you are a vibrational match to what you want.  The timing is only about one thing, the time it takes you to become a vibrational match to what you want.

Okay, we already know that we need to direct our thoughts to the best thoughts we can so that we match the vibration of our desire, but there’s even more subtle wisdom here.

When you’re aware that what you want has not come about, you prolong it because you keep active in your vibration the absence of it.  It would be better if you could send the rocket of desire out and then let it go and then speak about it in more general terms such as: ‘all things are in perfect order and what I want is coming, things are moving along just right and I’m right on schedule and everything is unfolding perfectly and I’m improving my vibration on a regular basis, and, in the meantime, I’m really having a good time and I really don’t need instant manifestation.  I’m enjoying the process.’  As you say and mean things like that you soften your resistance and you speed it up.

Okay, that’s something that we can do.

Abraham goes on to say:

But if you say I’m doing everything right but it’s not happening and I really want this to happen, you slow it down by your attention.  What you want is done but it hasn’t manifested.  The question is are you looking at it where it’s done (your vibrational reality or escrow) or are you looking at it where it’s manifested? (your now reality where you don’t see it).  Because if you’re looking at it where it’s manifested and you can’t see it you’re keeping the absence of it active in your vibration. 

If you’re looking at it where it’s vibrational, then you can find it right now.  That’s where faith is.  Faith is feeling the vibration of it without needing the evidence to translate through your physical format.  It’s knowing it vibrationally, and when you know it vibrationally it has to be.  If you can satisfy yourself with this vibrational reality for a while, not needing it to manifest but just feeling the ease of it, then you will have circumvented the need to manifest it.  I want this because I think I will feel better so I’ve decided to feel better whether I have it or not.  A true act of faith.  And then it has to come and it has to come fast.

Okay, so we really are getting to the heart of the trick question, we can speed it up but we need to forget about speeding it up.  We need to have total and complete faith that the forces of the Universe have knocked themselves out creating just what we want and it’s inevitable.  It’s on its way to us.  And then we need to find the best way we can to be happy now.  We need to soften our focus on “the issue,” reminding ourselves that we’re on the right track, are getting better every day, are improving our vibe every day, and that we don’t need to worry about it anymore.  It’s done, it’s coming.  Everything is okay right now.

Abraham goes on to say:

This really hinges on whether you accept the reality of this vibrational reality?  Do you accept that your Inner Being stands there as the full-blown culmination of what you want?  What does it feel like to feel secure, to love unquestionably, to know my Well-Being, to be Source Energy in a physical body?  As you know and reach for that, then there’s no vibrational variance in your frequency and everything you want keeps showing up.

When you want something that hasn’t manifested, from your outside the vortex perspective that you don’t have it yet, every effort you make is counterproductive because you can’t buck your own current.  You can effort yourself to death . .  .   .  If you could make all you want to be is in the vortex (happy and at peace with where you are) everything else would come along and fast.

Although I know this as a practical matter, I also know that on some subjects I’ve fallen into that trap of working hard at it, thinking about it, wondering why it isn’t happening faster.  This Abraham-Hicks explanation was just so good; it has already inspired me to let go a bit on those subjects and just relax into the inevitability of my desires coming into my life.  I do absolutely and completely believe that Source has already answered and those things I want are already a done deal.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I know they’re a done deal.  I’ve seen too many things that I’ve wanted manifest into my experience to think otherwise.  So, I’m going to lighten up when it comes to those trickier subjects, soften the way I think about them, find more ways to enjoy the things that I have done a great job of manifesting; then there’s no way that the things I’ve been waiting for aren’t going to show up for me.  That’s just the way energy works.

One of the next blog posts definitely needs to be on ways to soften our thinking about the things we really, really want, that is, what can we do to be happier and more relaxed about what’s coming as well as what’s already in our lives right now.  I’d love to hear from you about things you do to boost your mood and level of happiness.  With lots of contributions, we’re sure to come up with an amazing list of things to do and different ways to think  that raise our vibration and yes, “speed up our manifestations.”




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