I wish I could remember exactly what I was thinking when I created this incredible day with the craziest examples of my good vibration.  I had been working on my website and finalizing my e-book, “How to Allow,” and had just felt really, really good about how it was going.  What I do know for sure is that I was feeling like I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing, that I had it right.  I was absolutely enjoying my creation.  I wasn’t doubting it, or feeling like I was wasting time and should be doing something else that needed to be done.  I wasn’t worried about the outcome.  That I know for sure.

As I finished working for the day, I left my house to drive to the bank. While driving down a nearby street, the mailman waved hello to me with a huge smile.  It was very nice, but I was a little surprised because I was in my car and it wasn’t even my mailman.  Still it made me smile.

When I arrived at the bank, there was a short line and I stopped to endorse some checks. When I got in line behind the first person in line, he insisted that I go ahead of him. This was despite the fact that he clearly deserved to be first in line.  “Nice,” I thought, and unexpected.

I then realized, however, that I needed to talk with the bank manager about when my deposit would become available so I stepped out of the line to a nearby spot where the manager was standing behind a tall desk.  I didn’t have a problem to deal with, just a request that my deposit be made available sooner than the bank sometimes chooses. While standing there, another person from the teller line walked by and said, “I hope everything works out for you.” Again, this was someone I had never seen before and I had no idea why he chose to wish me well.  Then, of course, the bank manager said that my deposit would be immediately available when it would ordinarily take three days.  Whooo!

And then, back to the line where someone else insisted that I go to the front!

So, now I’m wondering what’s going on here?  It’s like everyone is bending over backwards to make things work out for me, to make my life easier.  I went on to the post office.  I probably should’ve gone to purchase a lottery ticket.  As you may have observed, people aren’t generally in the best mood at the post office. It may be because the lines are usually long and the clerks often look like they wish they were anywhere but there. The expression “going postal” didn’t come from out of nowhere. On this afternoon, there were only a few people in line, however, and when I got to the second spot in line, an elderly gentleman (first in line) motioned for me to go ahead of him with a great flourish.  I hesitated and looked at him questioningly as he clearly deserved to be first in line.  He was having none of it, though, and repeated his gesture for me to take his place at the head of the line. Ok, I thought.  This is just happening whether I’m asking for it or not so just go with it.

It was almost getting weird, especially this pattern of everyone not only being friendly and courteous, but insisting that I take their place in line for no good reason.  No good reason, that is, except that I was in my sweet spot, feeling good, loving the world, exuding appreciation for everyone around me.  So,  the Universe delivered it right back to me.

Recently, when I wasn’t having such a great day, I stopped in for a quick visit at a friend’s house.  We were talking about getting ourselves into a good mood and I recounted this crazy story about everyone going out of their way for me, literally.  What was so interesting to me was that I returned right back to that sweet spot just by telling that story.  I had been in a real funk, trying to think better thoughts, and after repeating that story of everyone waiving me ahead of them in line, my whole body relaxed, I was in a great mood and I began to see immediate evidence of the change in my vibration.

My friend’s husband, who runs the company where one of my sons, Duncan, is working  this summer, arrived as I was about to leave, and told me that my son’s supervisors asked him to be sure to tell Duncan’s parents what a really great young man he is.  Music to a parent’s ears. Not much better than that!   On my way home, during rush hour, traffic cooperated. When I got home my whole family was in great spirits and appreciative, we had a nice evening and my bad mood was a thing of the past. And, all it took was telling a little story.

The message in all of this for me was that it doesn’t have to be so hard. You don’t have to be in your vortex at every moment (which would be impossible) and that it doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary day into a fantastic day where everyone wants to help you.

This wasn’t the only day I’ve ever had when things just clicked for me over and over again.  I do tell some of those stories in “How to Allow,”  to illustrate how Allowing can work, but now I think I’m going to start telling them more often to friends and to myself, reminding myself that this just isn’t such a big deal. We can change our vibration in a matter of minutes and begin changing the quality of what we’re attracting into our lives immediately.  That’s very cool to remember, especially if you don’t like waiting in line.

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