When we have aspects of our current reality that we wish would change, improve, even disappear, we have an option that will allow that change to occur sooner rather than later.  Yet, it requires that we give up much of our intense focus upon “what is.” Our vibration right now, in this second, is what is creating our future.  We know the change that we want, we’ve put it out to the Universe and the Universe has responded by lining up the details for us.  It’s just waiting for our cooperation.  And, the only way to cooperate is to change where we are putting our attention NOW.


It can feel difficult to remove our focus from a reality that isn’t very satisfying.  We’ve been trained to take action to fix what isn’t working.  Ignoring the things that aren’t working feels counter-intuitive, lazy, and like nothing could possibly improve.


Although, in fact, our continued focus upon what isn’t so great in our reality is the primary reason that we remain stuck in place.  Some detachment from those things that are not optimal in our lives is our best strategy.  And, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as we often imagine it to be.


Focusing upon the things that are working is the path to allowing the bigger changes that we want to flow into our lives.  So how do we do that when what we don’t want is staring us in the face?



  • We need to redirect our focus away from the “big” change that we want in our lives. The Universe already knows what we want.  Generally, our vibration is lined up with the lack of what we want when we try hard to focus upon making change happen. We may think we are focusing purely on our desire but more often we are reminding ourselves that we don’t have it.  It is also helpful not to look at the change we want as “big.”  That just sets us up for putting out a vibration that expects it to be hard, and then it is.


  • We need to make a decision that our vibration is more important than anything else as it is creating our entire reality. It’s the most important thing in our lives that we can manage for the benefit of ourselves and everyone we care about.  It’s our superpower.  Why wouldn’t we use our superpower to create the life that we want?


  • We need to take ownership of our vibration. We need to acknowledge that we are capable of managing where we focus our attention.  It’s not an impossible task.  Our thoughts are not us.  We are in charge.  Who says we need to keep monitoring, measuring, assessing how far we are from where we want to be?  Who says that worrying about possible undesired outcomes is going to help to protect us from undesirable outcomes?  It’s not.


  • We need to acknowledge what is working, what brings us happiness, and focus upon that while we remind ourselves that our improved circumstances are in the process of coming in.


  • We need to stop ourselves when we notice that we are dwelling on the things that need improvement and remind ourselves that the change we want is already done.  It’s in our vibrational escrow.


  • As we go about our day, we can ask ourselves “How could this be a bit better?” or “How could this be even better?” Then we can take inspired action to improve our experience in the moment.  So, instead of focusing on what is not working, we are looking for ways to improve our present moment experience.


For example, while writing this post, I’ve asked those exact questions about the way I’m experiencing my present moments.  That has resulted in taking a break to walk outside with my cat and dog, appreciating the warmer day, lighting a candle on my desk that my daughter gave me, responding to a client email to support her in feeling better (which makes me feel better), stopping to watch the bluebird outside my window, making a great cup of coffee and using the mug that one of my sons gave me.   Paying attention to these small details reflects a decision to make the best of the present moment, where all of my power lies.


By making this present moment my focus, I haven’t abandoned my “big” goals (remember not to call them big).  I’ve done the only thing that I can do now, which is to put myself into the receptive mode so that the Universe can deliver all of the things that I want, including the big things.


Removing our focus from what isn’t working, paying attention to the details of our day, doing what feels good, and looking for more things to appreciate is the way we change our reality to a reality that feels as if we are moving in the right direction.


When we begin that movement in the direction of our desires we can begin to see and feel that lots of things actually are working out for us.

To be able to say and believe that “Things are working out for me,” creates that magical feeling that puts us right into our vortex with our desires.  And, then their manifestation is inevitable.



I have a great process for shifting your focus and letting go of thoughts that might feel impossible to release.  One of my clients uses my process as her screensaver!  If you could use that kind of support to change your inner game, you can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net or www.howtoallow.net











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