I’m hopeful that after reading this, you may not look at your Perfect Storm situation, if and when it arises, in the same way ever again.  You may see that it actually is just what you needed to move forward into the life that you want.

I still remember seeing the film The Perfect Storm on the big screen.  I was with my family on the island of Nantucket, out in the middle of the ocean.  It WAS NOT the best place to watch that movie! I’m not sure if any of us slept very well that night.  Since then, the term “Perfect Storm,” has taken on a meaning of its own when it comes to business and to life.


A Perfect Storm is thought of as “a particularly bad or critical state of affairs, arising from a number of negative and unpredictable factors.” In other words, it’s a ” Wtf is happening? This all can’t be happening!  It’s just too much to deal with!”


I’m guessing that you’ve experienced a Perfect Storm in your life before.  I know that I have.  And, I’ve lived to tell the tale.  I’ve also worked with clients who felt that they were in the middle of their own Perfect Storm.  And for all of us it felt just like the perfect configuration of seemingly uncontrollable events, as well as thinking that we must be doing something very wrong to have created such a Perfect Storm situation.



The aspect that probably feels the worst when we feel like we’ve entered the zone of The Perfect Storm is that it may occur after a period where we have felt like we were giving it our best, trying our hardest, doing everything within our power to create the changes we wanted.  How could feeling like we’ve done everything we can possibly do lead to a feeling of complete uncontrolled chaos and a lack of clarity?  We can feel adrift at sea with no clue as to what to do next.  And, um, yep, the Perfect Storm does take place at sea.  At least that ‘adrift at sea’ part makes sense.

But, it may be reassuring to know that there can actually be a very good reason for our creation of The Perfect Storm.  And, that it will be so much better once we’ve transformed it.

The very cool thing about taking a different look at our Perfect Storm situation is that we very likely will notice that it has brought together all of the issues that we have still needed to deal with before we can truly move forward and up-level our lives.

The reason that things look chaotic around us is often because we are on the brink of creating a whole new chapter.  The components of The Perfect Storm are the residue of the things we have been struggling with for a long time, consciously or unconsciously, and they need to finally fall away so that we can move on to the life we’ve envisioned for ourselves.

I understand that it can feel very difficult to look at our Perfect Storm from the perspective that it might actually be helpful.  They don’t call it a Perfect Storm for nothing.

Yet, it is possible to take a breath, step back, and look at all of the components of our “situation.”  Often we will see that there is a thread there that links all of the aspects together.  There is often something that has been in our vibrational craw, perhaps since childhood or even from other lifetimes (if you believe in that).  If we can identify what it is that is making us feel stuck, powerless to change our situation, we can work on transforming it into one of our strengths.  After all, the unhealthy, unhelpful pattern that we’ve been living with has caused us to operate at less than full capacity.  If we can identify, transform and release that hindering pattern, we can actually move into using our full horsepower.  

In other words, none of this is accidental and it may just be our Inner Being’s way of helping us to finally release and let go of the things that have been holding us back for a very long time.

There is something about being out there on the very raw and ragged edge that can motivate us to take a very deep dive and use our inner knowing to unearth what is holding us back, what events have occurred for us that have caused us to have to struggle through so many things in our lives.

I could chronicle dozens and dozens of situations I’ve encountered with coaching clients, friends, and of course, myself, where things were brought to such a critical mass that it felt like there was no clear path out and that we might be doomed to repeat this pattern over and over and over again.

And, that’s where the brilliance lies.  It is a pattern that’s being repeated over and over and over again.  And, we can use that repetitive aspect to spot the pattern and recall when it began or how it began and how we’ve been repeating it in our lives.  Then we can let it go, once and for all.  We don’t need it.  It hasn’t been helpful to date, but now it can actually begin to serve us.

It is residue from our old life that we are leaving behind. We’re ready to expand.   It’s served its purpose and is now leading to our expansion.  In identifying it we may feel sad, angry, or frustrated that we had to deal with it for so long.  But, we now know that we deserve so much better and that very justified anger and sadness can be our catalyst for releasing and rejecting that limiting pattern from the new life that we are now creating.

If we weren’t ready to heal it once and for all, our Inner Being wouldn’t be pulling everything together for our benefit, so that we could finally see it, reject it, and declare that we are done with that limiting pattern that we picked up before we knew better, before we could stand up to the people or events that caused us to give our power away.

We may have dealt with dysfunctional parent(s) or relatives who made us feel small or unappreciated, bullies at school or at work, abusive relationships, people who should have supported us but didn’t, substance abuse that left us feeling out of control, betrayal, being punished for speaking up or asserting our needs, being shot down for shining too brightly.  

Well, now we know that we deserve so much more than that and that we no longer need to operate from a place of fear, lack of trust, or of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We can up-level our world starting right now.  We can shed that residue and focus in only on our North Star, what we want and why we are here.

Our Perfect Storm was created to remind us that the pattern we’ve been living is nearing its end and that our new chapter is ready and waiting.  As we release it, on purpose, we can begin to expect kindness, respect, to be rewarded for our efforts, to be supported by the people we choose to have in our life.

Who knew that a Perfect Storm could turn out to be so, well, “Perfect,” containing just the elements we need to have a clear view of the patterns we are ready to leave behind.  It can be a new day, a new chapter.

If you’d like some help with identifying the patterns that have been holding you back and some support with making your move to your bright and beautiful future, I’m happy to help.  I also have resources for healing and releasing those patterns that we unearth.  It’s a deep dive that is so worth it.  You can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net if you’d like that kind of support.  You can also schedule an exploratory coaching session at http://www.howtoallow.net


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