Most of us on this journey to become better creators of our life experiences have committed to choosing the best thoughts we can whenever we can.  It’s our modus operandi, a promise we’ve made to ourselves.  Whenever we become aware that we’re mired in negative thinking, we do our best to pat ourselves on the back for being aware of our emotional guidance system and find the best thoughts we can think from where we are.  It’s actually the very first lesson, “Making One Decision,” in my e-book/course, “How to Allow.”  It’s the foundation for mastering deliberate creation.

Although sometimes what we are feeling is way, way, way, down there on the emotional scale.  It happens to all of us occasionally and is likely to happen again.  It’s a part of the physical life experience, a part we hope to experience less frequently nonetheless.  And, experiencing such intense contrast does put some amazing things in our vibrational escrow!  It just doesn’t feel very good at all.  And when we’re in that dark and lonely place, we just don’t have immediate access to good feeling thoughts about our situation.

In a recent Abraham seminar, it was mentioned that we have a tendency as humans to want to get to the bottom of something that’s bothering us.  Although knowing what we now know about the Law of Attraction, we have to notice that there is no “bottom.”  As we focus on the problem and really dig into it, the Law of Attraction just gives us more, and more, and more of the same negative thoughts.  Then we find ourselves caught up in grids of thought that aren’t our central grids.  They are not where we want to be.

What has been recommended often is to do anything you can do to distract yourself from the thorny problem.  Take a nap, meditate, take a run or walk, anything, which will get you out of the loop of negative thinking, which is only attracting more negative thoughts.

Another approach which can work miracles is to “go general,” as suggested by Abraham. To go general, in a nutshell, is to find less specific thoughts, to search for more general positive thoughts you can actually believe in that can help you shift in a more positive direction.

So, there is distraction and then there is the “going general” approach, which can be a great tool when we’re way down there on the emotional scale or when we want something that we’re not anywhere in the range of yet.  Because we don’t yet know the details, or the next steps to take, focusing on the desire in detail can only lead us to winding up frustrated and lacking the confidence that we can have the thing we want.

I’ve found myself there recently and had trouble coming up with very good general thoughts for more than about ten seconds.  I know I can do better than that!  So, knowing that most of us will be in either of these situations at one time or another, that is, knocked out of our vortex and low on our emotional scale, or desirous of something that seems way out there, big, not close enough yet to focus on in great detail, I thought I would sort through and add to some great rampages of “going general,” for just those situations when we need that approach.

So here’s to you and to me, just some general good feeling thoughts that can take us out of the doldrums or closer to the “big” thing that hasn’t begun to materialize yet; the idea here is just to help to create some good momentum and let the Universe take it from there.

Step one involves putting a stop to thinking about the negative issue that’s got us tied up in knots and to flip our focus to what it is we do want instead.  But, because we’re not feeling close to manifesting our desire, it’s good to begin with thinking about why we want what we want, which has a much more pure vibration because it isn’t entangled with the negative thoughts of not yet having it.

Some suggestions from Abraham and from me, which might help get you there:

I want it because:

I’ll feel good when I have it.

it will uplift me.

of the benefits it will provide for me.

I would love to radiate it outward into the Universe so others might be inspired.

it just feels good to think about it!

I know I’m the creator of my own reality and I want to see myself in action. I was born to manifest it.

I want to see my power.

I love the feeling of creating what I want.

I love the feeling of freedom and this will give me more freedom.

I want to witness the nonphysical forces and helpers that are on my side.

I want to know what’s in my vortex.

I’m supposed to be and do and have whatever I want in this physical experience.

I want it because I want it, I want it, I want it!


Now, for just some good general thoughts when you can’t be too specific about what you want without getting stuck in thinking about the fact that you are lacking what you want:

Oh, it’s going to be great when I have it and I’m going to live happily ever after.

I look forward to everything falling into place.

I’ll know it when I see it.

I don’t have to figure it out right now.  (Personal favorite)       

Things always work out for me eventually.

I’ll know what to do when the time is right.

I know I’m being guided every step of the way.

I wouldn’t have this desire if I weren’t supposed to have it and didn’t have the ability to manifest it.

I’ve created wonderful things before and this should be no exception.  I’m good at this.

The more I relax and let the Universe fill in the details, the more I’ll enjoy the process.

I am worthy. I am worthy.  I am worthy.

There is nothing I’d love more than to see my full power exercised and the evidence of exactly what I’ve been wanting, to be Who I Really Am.


Hope these can help when going general in your thinking is really the only way to go.

Keep me posted.


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