I began with entitling this post “When You Hit Bottom,” and thought, well, I shouldn’t impose that sort of expectation on anyone. Surely, there are some people out there who have never or will never hit bottom. For the rest of us, it has happened, and we’ve survived, and there’s at least some chance it will happen again. Although, as our mission continues to be to focus on thinking the best thoughts we can, those falls should happen infrequently, and definitely won’t be inevitable.

It struck me, though, that if you hit that point where you’ve just had it, nothing seems to be going your way, you just feel like giving up, that’s when you could really use some strategies to get out of that creepy place. It’s just no fun at all and the longer you stay there, the more likely you are to attract more of the things that match that low level vibration. When I first learned that we are creating our lives with our thoughts, and I would be in a major funk, the idea that I was attracting more negative circumstances made me feel even worse and frankly, did not help me to improve my vibration.


Now, I understand that we have a pretty substantial buffer of time during which we can engage in low vibration negative thoughts before their results show up in our lives. And, I also know that the worst thing I can do is panic and think, not only is this bad, but I’m attracting more of the same.

I’ve learned to be a little easier with myself. The expression, “this too shall pass,” used to annoy me but now, not so much. I mean, everything does eventually pass and nothing is as bad as you start to fear that it might be.

The major thing I’ve learned about these low points, which can happen occasionally no matter how much we try to focus on how Source would view our situation, is that there is a potential upside to getting knocked down to the point that you just feel like giving up on the whole thing. I am soooo glad that I know of this upside.

Before I mention what I think of as a positive aspect of hitting bottom, I do want to throw in some strategies that can be used immediately to climb up the emotional scale and bump up your vibration. Because, although I’m mentioning an upside and the buffer of time before things manifest, it just feels lousy to be there and you don’t want to remain there so long that you actually do begin to manifest more creepy circumstances. When things have really derailed you, and you just can’t easily find a good thought to think about the situation, do your best to ignore the situation. I am a huge believer in distraction, naps, meditation, good movies, books, getting fresh air, seeing a positive friend and not talking about the negative issue.

Generally, any of these things can take the edge off and help you to regain some perspective and find some positive things in your life to focus upon. That is the goal and it’s an important one. No matter what is happening, even though it seems disastrous at the time, you have plenty of other things in your life that are worthy of your focused attention and appreciation. They may be the most basic things in life, but they are there and it is a good thing that they exist.

There are tons of things to appreciate in our world, like the fact that the sun comes up every day and that we have water to drink and food to eat and comfortable beds, and friends, and pets, hopefully good health, people who care about us, people we care about. It’s a good thing to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are to have these things in our lives so that, if we ever do hit bottom, when we’re having trouble conjuring a better scenario, we can turn to our “go to” list of things in our lives which are worthy of appreciation. This always helps, even if it doesn’t bring you to the top of your emotional scale and a more pure vibration.

That being said, although we simply have to change our focus within a reasonable time when we feel we’ve hit bottom, there is an upside I’ve discovered, which has happened for me and for a crazy number of readers and people I’ve helped with Allowing. Many of the people that I hear from have a fairly complicated set of circumstances with many moving parts beyond their control. If I were to just listen to the factual summary of their issues, without knowing what I know, I would feel lots of compassion for them but think, geez, it’s going to take quite a few miracles to get them out of this one.

Interestingly though, I’ve seen it time and time again, when someone is in a particularly thorny situation, when they take even the smallest steps to find relief, usually learning more about the way they’ve created their situation and feeling a newfound sense of power, big changes begin to happen quickly. There are many ways these small steps can occur, but as a writer, I hear about most of them from my readers.  And, some readers have told me that things literally began to change in a big way in their lives after they’d only read a chapter or two of “How to Allow.”  That did floor me at first.  Other people have reported a huge positive change after I’ve suggested that they stop repeating one, just one, negative phrase about themselves.  I’m almost stunned every time.  I want to make sure, though, that I give credit to the other excellent books out there which provide information about deliberate creation that would result in someone feeling that same belief that things can get better, not to mention the number of incredible coaches who can help someone to change their beliefs.  It’s really a matter of changing the way you feel about the situation, which could be accomplished in any number of ways.

I’m sure there is an energetic explanation for this, but it’s as if the smallest change in the way you think of yourself and your potential for changing your future, starts this super charged momentum that creates such positive change so quickly it’s almost hard to believe. This immediate change is so different in terms of the way it feels (kind of explosive) compared to a gentle flowing in of good things when you’ve moved up your vibration a bit.

When this happens, I feel almost like the Universe has been waiting for us to find any kind of relief from our dismal situation, and that our smallest effort causes it to just let loose with a flurry of improvements. So, I’ve almost, almost, hit the point where when I’m feeling pretty down or thrown off by some negative development, I begin to think of the big boom that’s on its way as I go for some relief. And, then I do use those strategies of distraction, visualization (some would call delusion), affirmations, afformations, reading uplifting books, soothing myself back to a better feeling place. But, I must say that anticipating that boom can take the edge off of that feeling of hitting rock bottom pretty quickly.

So, I’m not advocating purposely putting yourself in that rock bottom position, believe me. I like a smoother ride, in general. But if some rotten things happen, as you use the strategies that work for you to improve your mood and your vibration, keep in the back of your thoughts that there is likely to be quite a bounce in improvement     images


coming your way. So the rock bottom feeling, as bad as it was, wasn’t all for nothing. And, now you’re back where you should be on the emotional scale being the deliberate creator you came here to be, but with a vastly improved situation.



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