I’ve been reading some wonderful posts in the Abraham forums, Good Vibe University and from readers of “How to Allow,” and feel a constant theme has been surfacing that’s worth some focus.  We touched on this issue in an earlier post on moving your vibration from impatience to eagerness as the way to line yourself up with your desires.

One issue which has emerged and that I’ve definitely experienced in my own attempts to be a more deliberate creator, is the belief that some things that we choose to create are “big” and others are “not so big” and should be easier to manifest.  Abraham always says it’s just as easy to “create a castle as a button.”  After all, the same principles are at work.  We just need to be lined up with button or the castle and it will make its way into your life.  I don’t know about you, but I always have a bit of a feeling of “er, really it’s just as easy to create a castle as a button,” every time I hear that.  I really do believe it.  I know the laws of the Universe are constant and unwavering and they are nothing but consistent.  So why is it more difficult for us to create a pile of money than this morning’s breakfast?

Of course, it’s all about our beliefs and expectations.  We believe (just thoughts we keep thinking) that creating a pile of money is huge and requires some extraordinary effort or miracle, and we expect this morning’s breakfast to materialize easily.  Breakfast has shown up time and time again.  We know we can create it easily.

In the post on moving from impatience to eagerness, I suggested that it’s easier to be eager when we prove to ourselves that we can create the things we want deliberately by starting with something we believe is “small.”  Abraham suggested writing for 68 seconds or more for a week or so about something easy that you want and think that you can get.  They suggested writing about something like butterflies, where there’s no emotional resistance on your part.  So, as part of my spring experiment in spending less time focusing on my “big” desires and more time appreciating and taking it easy, I focused on butterflies (for about 10 seconds).  I never wrote anything down but said to the Universe, thank you for letting me see lots of butterflies as proof that I’m a good creator. Naturally, butterflies started showing up all over my yard.  And, of course, I began thinking, well it is the season when butterflies show up.  I can’t take this as evidence of my power to create easily.  But butterflies did also happen to show up on television (over and over again) and as garden ornaments and a display at a nursing home I was visiting.  And, it went on and on.  So, I thought, I need to make this a bit more of a challenge because butterflies really are “in” right now.  What would be a bit harder to manifest?

So, I thought why not something that isn’t in season like ladybugs?  I thought about ladybugs for about a minute and put my request out to the Universe that I’d love to see some ladybugs.  I soon found myself on vacation in Florida, and although I don’t think ladybugs are in season there right now, one landed on our windshield.  Hmmm, interesting.  Then, a friend suggested we go into a particular store where she wanted to show me these cool new hooks you use to hang your purse on when you’re at a bar or crowded restaurant and you have nowhere to put your purse.  I picked up the first one and it was, you guessed it, designed with a beautiful ladybug.  I looked under it to see the next one and it was, well hmmm, a butterfly.  Okay, I’m thinking, this is happening now.  Then, while in another store, my husband pointed to a cool beaded orange necklace he thought I might like and when I went to look at it, the necklace next to it was a chain with a beautiful ladybug at it’s center. 

So, even I had to agree that there was no coincidence here.  Two requests to the Universe later and I was getting both butterflies and ladybugs.  The question becomes, why is this so easy?  And, why is creating a pile of money, a perfect relationship, joyful work, a beautiful home, less easy or actually feels really, really hard?

It all seems to have to do with our beliefs and expectations, which can be changed.  Remember that beliefs are nothing but thoughts to which we’ve given lots of airtime.  Expectations are another matter.  Sometimes we’ve literally been trained by our environment or the people in our lives to expect certain things to happen or certain behaviors.  How can we learn to expect positive change when it comes to the so-called “big things”?  In my experience, and I haven’t done this perfectly, it begins by showing myself to be a competent creator, in general, with things that I don’t have as much resistance around.  I have virtually no resistance when it comes to my kids and what I expect from our interactions.  And, they’re nearly always great!  Now, for someone else that might be a big issue that they would have to work on in terms of expectation.  I’ve trained myself to expect great parking spaces and I almost always get them.  Then there are other issues, which shall not be named, for which I still need to work on my expectations.  I’ve done much in the way of improving those “big” situations but there’s still room for improvement there.  I don’t think it would benefit me to highlight what’s going wrong with those situations; because there is quite a bit which is going right, and I intend to keep focusing on what’s going right about those situations and expecting things to get better and better.  After all, I’ve seen evidence that I’m a good creator, even with some so-called “big things.”

So, it seems to come down to being willing to expect something we classify as a “big” change in our lives.

And, I think the best method is to start small, and gradually build confidence in your ability to create things that you want.  So this means practicing by creating things that you want around which you have little resistance.  Then you can move on to things which have a little resistance associated with them.  This means, appreciating what is going right when it comes to those issues and visualizing, if you can, your perfect solution.  Once you’ve tackled things like seeing a certain type of bird in your yard, getting good service at restaurants, or receiving kindness from strangers, ratchet up your request to something you feel is a bit bigger.  Now that you’ve seen how it works and how it can actually be EASY, your confidence is greater and the new request doesn’t seem like quite such a big deal.  And, then keep it going until there’s really no reason to think differently about money, for example, (just another form of energy) than getting a good parking space.  The Universe is conspiring to help you get whatever you want and, more importantly, whatever you expect.  What could you get yourself to expect?  What else is possible?

Let me know.  I’d love to hear about how everything is becoming easier and there are fewer and fewer big issues.






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