As we approach the start of the New Year we usually feel inspired for change, for making major improvements in our lives.  There is generally a “New Year” energy!

The year 2020, for most of us, has resulted in more desire for change than we may have had in prior years, perhaps ever.  Many of us have managed, done the best we can do with what feels like a new reality.  Yet, nearly everyone I’ve connected with has had moments of anxiety, depression, fear, frustration, and a lack of clarity as to what comes next.

We’ve been managing but we want to be thriving rather than surviving the apparent constraints we are facing.

One of the aspects that has made things more challenging is that so many of the things that we could typically do to feel better, to find relief, to improve our vibration, aren’t available. It has been difficult or impossible to physically connect with people we care about and some of our innovative approaches are feeling like they are “getting old.”  Zoom is losing its allure.

So, here we are on the cusp of a New Year with new opportunities to make our lives the masterpieces that we want and yet we know that at least a few undesirable things are not going to disappear from our reality on January 1, 2021.  Our awareness or acceptance of that prospect can operate to keep us feeling stuck in 2020 and unable to move forward with our plans to create those new desires in our lives.

Among the people who have been contacting me about coaching to recreate their new year, many have a desire to connect more with others, to have a romantic relationship, to clinch a new job that is more satisfying, to improve their financial situation.  And, it can feel tricky to think about taking action to create the change we want when we don’t have our usual avenues for meeting new people, gathering with friends and family, or traveling.

But, as much as all of this is true, and reflects our current reality, we also know that much of this is a mental game, an inside job more than a completely action-oriented situation. There is the action component, but we can create a fertile environment with our vibration so that the solutions and the opportunities for inspired actions we may not have thought of can make their way to us.  It can be easier and we can feel better.

One perspective that feels more like progress rather than feeling stuck, is to remind ourselves that the pandemic will end, we may be spending some of our time in offices again, we will be able to meet new people and socialize with our friends and family.  This is only a moment.  If we know that this very welcome change is coming, what can we do now while we have this unique situation?  We do have more time to think about and know what we really want.  We have become clearer about our priorities.  We have learned to appreciate things that we took for granted before.  We have time to take care of ourselves in a better way while we are spending less time on some of the less meaningful things that used to take up much of our time.    What are we putting up with that could be better?  Could we get healthier, explore those hobbies that we’ve always wanted to spend more time on, be better at connecting with friends and family?  Could we learn a new skill that might help us to land the job we really want? Could we find a way of helping others, especially now?

We can decide that we deserve better, and put ourselves onto our To-Do list.  We could resolve to do something that we really enjoy each day.  That is something I plan to do!  It almost feels ridiculous that we typically do not put that into our schedule or To-Do list.  That’s a new idea worth introducing into our lives.

So, we could choose to continue to feel stuck, to continue telling the story of how we are limited now, and we will remain right where we are.  Or we can realize that we can go wherever we want from here and that magical solutions will appear when we begin to expect them, and we will feel anything but stuck.

As Abraham put it so well:

What-is has no bearing on what is coming unless you are continually regurgitating the story of what is. By thinking and speaking more of how you really want your life to be, you allow what you are currently living to be the jumping-off place for so much more. But if you speak predominantly of what-is, then you still jump-off —but you jump off into more of the same.

We aren’t stuck in 2020 or anywhere else unless we think we are.  We can begin to expect things to get better and better and know that we are responsible for our vibration and what new and improved things will be available to us.

I have tips and tools for helping to eliminate those things you are tolerating in your life, which can be a great first step for tuning up your vibration.  Feel free to email me at and I’d be happy to send you my tips for eliminating “Tolerations.”

I’ve also written a new book that builds on the tools from How to Allow, and I’d highly recommend it if you’d like to take a new approach in the New Year, which feels nothing like being stuck.  You can find it on Amazon and it can help you shift from stuck to hopeful and like you’ve taken your power back.  Here’s a short link to make it easy if you might be interested in You’re Not Stuck:  Let the Law of Attraction Allow Life to Happen For You and Start Living an Awesome Life.

I’m expecting 2021 to be much easier and full of unanticipated magic.




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