I know I’m not perfect. None of us are. Yet I’ve finally realized that not only is it okay not to be perfect, but that we can be imperfect and still be on the path to true Mastery. In fact, being imperfect can come to be viewed as kind of a “plus column” item in our lives. This Practice leading to Mastery can create less stress, less fear, less disappointment, less beating up on ourselves, less of everything that we don’t want and more of what we do want.

So what is it that we need to practice?

1.  The Practice involves first, realizing that we are interpreting everything around us with our own unique perspective. Two people do not see the same thing in the same way because they bring different experiences and beliefs to the table. Everything is vibrating and we are all vibrating differently.  If everyone is perceiving everything differently, it becomes much less important to worry about what everyone else is saying and doing, in the way that we often do when we are judging ourselves or judging others.  Easy and kind of liberating to realize, no?  48ylBWS0

2.  There is one perspective and one perspective only which matters in managing our vibration. That perspective is that of our Inner Being, God, Source, Infinite Intelligence. Our Inner Being (that spark of Infinite Intelligence within us) is constantly with us, guiding us by giving us it’s perspective, the only one that we need to take into account. And, that perspective is reflected perfectly in how we are feeling in the moment. If we find ourselves feeling negative emotion of any kind, it simply means that the way we’re thinking is not lined up with the way our Inner Being sees the situation. If we shared the perspective of our Inner Being, we would be feeling only positive emotion, not emotional turmoil. Makes feeling negative emotion a little easier to shift away from.

3.  So, every single time we feel “off,” catch ourselves in a state of negative emotion, we need to practice saying to ourselves, “There’s nothing wrong here. This feeling is just telling me that my Inner Being doesn’t agree with what I’m thinking right now.” Whew! What a relief! So, if we feel fear or worry about a situation, it means that Source Energy doesn’t support that view of it. That’s not what’s really going to happen if we keep practicing choosing better thoughts, lining up with our Inner Being.   Unknown

Does that feel incredibly refreshing and like a huge dose of relief to you? It does to me. Think of the power of this knowledge. Every single time we are feeling negative emotion, it’s just a signal that we are not lined up with how Source Energy thinks of our circumstances. We’re just off, our thoughts are just not lined up with our vibrational reality, which is what’s really going on here. This knowledge means that there is no reason for alarm when we feel negative emotion. It’s actually an opportunity to say, “Whew, glad that isn’t how this is really going down here. Source knows far more than I do and I can think of this differently.”

So, with all of this knowledge about perspective, what is it exactly that we need to practice? We need to practice consistently holding ourselves to, or returning quickly to, that perspective of our Inner Being, a positive vibration. It is “knowing you need to get to how you want to feel no matter what the condition.” (Abraham)  And, when we do that the condition will change.

By practicing consistently turning ourselves away from thoughts that don’t feel great (remembering that it only means that Source isn’t agreeing with us in that moment), we will move moment by moment and day by day into offering no variation between the vibe we’re offering on a regular basis and the vibe of our desires. We can begin to really expect that if we want it and believe it, it is so!  Unknown-1

I’ve recently realized that I don’t need to panic, get knocked into the gutter, blame myself when I feel a bit of negative emotion; I’ve been practicing consistently feeling better about any situation whenever I notice that I’m not feeling happy, my default vibration. I’ve realized that negative emotion is just guidance and not such a big deal. And, that leads to it not taking up residence in my head nearly as often. I move on quickly more and more often.  So, being imperfect is not only okay, it’s essential to leading us to notice that we are not viewing our situation the way that Source views it, and to more consistently practicing shifting our thoughts. 

This practice of consistently realizing that we are just receiving guidance when we feel a bit off, and consistently finding a better feeling perspective, is how we get to Mastery and to creating the lives we really want.  As Abraham suggested so powerfully on achieving Mastery:

 “Does it matter if I’m always there 100% of the time when I know that I can get there with a short amount of focus?”

When we practice awareness of negative emotion and making that shift to better feeling thoughts more consistently, we create that confidence that we can always get back to where we want to be with just a little focus. I find that incredibly powerful and all of this becomes much less of a big deal. I’m no longer making “much too much of this,” more often than not. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh.




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