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The most valuable skill or talent that you could ever develop is that of directing your thoughts toward what you want—to be adept at quickly evaluating all situations and then quickly coming to the conclusion of what you most want—and then giving your undivided attention to that. There is a tremendous skill in deliberately directing your own thoughts that will yield results that cannot be compared with results that mere action can provide.


This simple, but powerful, post is going to amount to a Law of Attraction Master Class. This is for anyone who wants to take their commitment and focus toward creating the life they really want to a new level. It’s going to require that you be “all in,” and back down on any skepticism that arises. This is the real deal and this can work for you if you’re willing to take that stance. Are you in?


It’s become more and more clear to me that life happens for me, not “to me.” And, this is true whether everything is going the way I’d like or whether there are some circumstances that could stand some improvement. It is becoming crazily apparent that a mere shift in the way I’m thinking about a particular thing is the major factor in how it is all going down, good or bad, and that it can all be changed. Many of us are realizing that this is true and even doing a decent job of choosing our thoughts so that we are creating more of what we want. Yet, we’re not always as consistent with creating our desires as we’d like to be.


There seems to be this slight gap in our perception of how our reality is created somewhere between, “I’m creating it all,” and “I’m creating it all but ‘things happen.’”

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What if we really embraced the idea that we are absolutely creating it all, that it’s our own movie and we are the “Stars?” We are also the producers, the directors, the scene setters, the stylists and the sound experts. What if we knew as certainly as we know that when we get out of bed in the morning we are going to step on the floor, that the things we expect are going to manifest into our experience? We intend to step on the floor in the morning. We expect it. There is no doubt in our minds. The floor is there.  We turn on the faucet to brush our teeth.  Water comes out.  We intend it and expect it. There is no question in our heads as to whether the water will flow or not; we have no resistance to flowing water.


What if we absolutely intended and expected to see the promotion we want at work, the increase in the amount of money in our bank accounts, the awesome relationship, in the same way that we expect our bed to be there, the floor to be there, the water to turn on when we want to brush our teeth? They are all there only because we expect and intend for them to be there.  That is the way the energy of our Universe works.  There is unseen energy creating everything we choose to focus upon, and this energy never rests.


It’s my belief, my knowing, that the promotion, the bigger bank balance and the awesome relationship would be right in front of us, in very short order, if we had the same mindset about those creations.


If you’re feeling skeptical or maybe you are saying, “Hell yeah, I know it too but,” you don’t quite think you have the ability or focus to create that “all in” mindset, ask yourself these questions and take some time to come up with the answers you most certainly have at your disposal:


What proof or evidence do I have that the Law of Attraction is real and consistent?


What proof or evidence do I have that I’m actually able to use the Law of Attraction to attract my desires?


What proof or evidence do I have that the only reason I’m not experiencing something I want is because I alone am blocking it through the resistance I have to it, a limiting belief?  Alternatively, what proof do I have that when I release my limiting beliefs on a particular subject that the subject turns around in my favor?


Why does this knowledge allow me to be fearless about my future?



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If you seriously and very purposefully take the time to answer these questions from the very specific knowledge that only you have, from the evidence you’ve seen that all of the above are true, you have your proof. And, that proof can allow you to apply the same mindset you have about all of the things that already exist in your life, to the things that you desire and are merely awaiting your alignment, that is, that they are real and you expect them to be here. 


I can answer all of the questions above for myself and I have excellent and often amazing evidence of their truth, yet this exercise will only work for you if you provide the answers to those questions, answers which you know you already have. Making those lists will not only put you into the vortex but will raise your vibration on most of the subjects that are important to you. And, if you can make an effort to come back often to that proof, that evidence, these concrete reminders that this is how things really happen, life will have to change to meet your intentions and expectations. It’s just the way the laws work.


Let’s do this.


PS:  For several clients whose sessions have inspired portions of this post, thank you.  You know who you are.  I am so proud of what you are creating.

PSS:  I will be unreachable on Sunday at 4:25 pm, expecting and intending that all of the Washington Redskins will be having this “it is done” mindset in their playoff game against the Packers.  This hasn’t happened often and I’m appreciating it fully.  It will be good no matter what.  This is a great place to be.  Yes “I like that.”






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