It’s okay, of course, to have some regrets.  It’s part of being spiritual beings in this human life experience we’ve chosen. From our aerial perspective, we didn’t expect everything we wanted to happen instantaneously.  Although, it does feel that it would be nice if things we want in our lives happened a bit more easily and quickly more often!  And, this is where the idea of experiencing things that might have caused regret and then shifting our perspective on those experiences can be a catalyst for major changes!


When we can accept that the point of this “being human” experience is growth and expansion and becoming more tuned into our Inner Beings, it seems natural that we would have some experiences that could have been better or easier or fairer or more pleasant, more fun.  It would be very easy to go on with this list of how our regrettable experiences should have been better, but our sweet spot, where we become very good at using our power, is in the other direction.  Our goal will be to turn that train of regret around.


This is how we can begin to reframe our perspective about the past and seeming disappointments. Our goal in this life is to experience the full range of feelings, the emotions that are available to us as a result of the thoughts that we are thinking.  And, we should give them our attention but we don’t need to stay there any longer than it takes us to realize that we would rather release them from our minds and bodies.  Yep, that negative energy gets stored in our bodies too.


And, that is much easier to do when we can recognize the value of those “less than” experiences.  It may be challenging but it doesn’t have to be as consuming as we sometimes allow it to be.  The moment that we can begin coming up with benefits from those more challenging experiences in our lives, we are on the way to releasing feelings of regret and looking forward to the good things that are coming after releasing that resistance.


It’s often that feeling of “things should have gone better or I could have done better or they should have done better,” that makes us feel like we can’t manifest our big desires.  When we think of what we really want we are often thinking, “Yes, but that miserable experience has made it so difficult for me to move beyond it.”  It could even be a feeling that the miserable experience has caused irreparable harm to how we think of ourselves and what is now possible for us.  And, because we know how energy works, we should know that perspective of victimhood is distorted thinking and that we can change ourselves and our perspectives about anything; we are here as creators.


We can choose to leave the past behind, after mining it for all of the strength, courage, competence, resilience, and motivation or inspiration that we received as we got ourselves through it.  We should know that those experiences have allowed us to know what we know now.  They’ve given us the ability to do more than we could do before.


I love this quotation I stumbled across:



To the bridges I burned that lit the way,
to the ties I cut that set me free,
and to the rocks that were thrown at me that
I built a firm foundation of healing upon,
thank you for guiding me to self-love.
Healing Energy Tools


This quotation speaks of a return to self-love, which is definitely a firm foundation for believing and knowing that we can and deserve to move forward.  We are not victims of our pasts unless we decide to be.


So, I’d love to suggest that you recall an experience in your life that you have viewed as difficult and that still crops up and affects your mood, dampens your enthusiasm, or makes you feel like moving forward will be difficult.  Then, without thinking more about the difficult situation, it could be helpful to make even a shortlist of some of the things in your life you appreciate now, just to get yourself into a better feeling place generally, which will help with reframing your perspective on the situation you’ve been regretting.   And then, return to thinking about that difficult experience and mine it for every possible bit of growth and expansion it brought you.  There will likely be more than you think.  I hope you surprise yourself with some benefits you hadn’t considered before.


Not that I’ve EVER had situations I regretted, but some of the benefits that have become evident as I shifted my perspective have been assets such as strength, resilience, compassion, inspiration, self-love and appreciation, courage, and willingness to change or try something beyond my comfort zone.  I know those experiences have made me better at my work.  There are endless possibilities.  So, let yourself fully feel for the benefits you may have gained from your difficult experience and write them down.  Writing always reinforces those important take-aways.


After you’ve done that work, which should actually feel like relief, each time a memory or something that would typically trigger an emotion of regret about that difficult time won’t affect you in the same way it did before.  You can remind yourself in that powerful now moment that the challenging experience actually led you to be that person who is now poised to create what they want, who no longer is chained to that limiting perspective about what is possible for you.


And then it will get easier and easier to just let it go when or if those formerly triggering memories rise to the surface.  It’s very likely that at some point those thoughts or memories will no longer be triggering and they may even move right out of your energy field.  You won’t even attract those thoughts any longer.  Regrets will no longer be holding you back but will have become a catalyst for moving forward.   You will have turned old tired regrets into empowerment.


And the Universe will be happy to respond with things that are a match to your improved vibration.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be supportive in helping you to let go of the past and reframe your perspective to one that is a magnet to all of those good things you’ve been waiting for.  You can reach me at or






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