One truth which has suddenly become more apparent to me, is that once I come up with a new desire, which gets created for me immediately in my vibrational vortex, I must come into alignment with it in order to fully allow my well-being.  But, I don’t mean this in the usual way we are all becoming familiar with, that is, that our vibration must match our desires to bring them into our experience.  It has finally hit me in a big way that once I’ve put a desire out there, there is no going backward. Once I put something in my vortex, I must raise my vibration to match it if I am to have the joyous life experience I intended, to be Who I Really Am.  Now that I know what I know, I have no choice, as I can never let go of my desires or retreat from who I have become now.

Can this be a challenge? Sure.  But does it make things more crystal clear?  Definitely.  There’s just no going backward from where we have progressed.  We can keep refining our desires but our overall expansion has caused us to be on a mission of fulfilling our desires, which we really can’t abandon if we want to be happy.

So, how do we know the next step?  We must understand and believe unequivocally that our desires are constantly materializing and dematerializing in our vortex, depending upon what we’ve got going on vibrationally, that is, our expectations and beliefs.  And, I’ve actually seen lost objects dematerialize and re-materialize exactly where I had looked for them, once I gave up on thinking they were lost, so I’m pretty darn comfortable with this concept.  And, we must also understand that everything that is a manifestation is a perceptual thing.  Nothing other than blind faith is called for.  And, this faith in ourselves, the Universe and our friends in high places are what create the Magical Dance.

As Abraham has said so eloquently, “Blind faith is not needing to see it, or hear it, or touch it, or taste it or smell it in order to know it.  It is a subtle discerning of energy that all masters accomplish.  .   .    .  If we can feel the existence of it and be satisfied with the vibrational form of it, and know it, then our grid will fill in with seeable, smell able, taste able, touchable, reality.  There’s a culmination that has amassed that is ready for manifestation, full launching into reception by our planet at large. .  .  .  But the more important aspect of this creation is what we’ve been creating along side of that.  And, that’s where you stand in relationship to it.  Why?  For the thrill of seeing a place where something is wanted or needed and creating something to solve it.   .   .    .   and watching the cooperative universe create the circumstances and events for this glorious manifestation of motion forward.”

This is where the Magical Dance takes place.  That is where true joy lies; when we can look at something and say “I did that.  I did that.  I envisioned it and dreamed of it, and visualized it and believed all along the way that it’s creation was inevitable.  And, here it is.  I can do this and I have the power to create whatever I want in my life.”  I’m beginning to understand that there’s really nothing better.  It’s a feeling of true power, confidence, and appreciation!

In the meantime, doubt may creep in, although we must remind ourselves that there’s really no room for doubt.  As we’ve had more life experiences, we’ve seen more things go awry; it is often easier to focus more on what we don’t want rather than the things we do want.  But, the spotty results we’re sometimes getting from the Law of Attraction are always because of our doubt.  While it’s not easy to ignore what’s already happened, we need to  focus only on the fact that we care enough to feel good more than anything else, and our desire to feel good will guide us so that we know exactly what to do.  And, then our improved vibration will shift our grid (our expectations and beliefs) and it can fill in immediately, or in a matter of days, with just what we want.

So, now that I know with more certainty that there’s no giving up or going backward, I’m doing my best not to allow anything to create that element of doubt.  As suggested by Abraham, I intend to leave what feels like the necessary acknowledgement or perception of others out of the equation.  With my own pure vibration, which only I have the ability to control, the Universe will deliver to me anything I desire in a much fuller fashion, that desire having been tweaked (based on the superior knowledge of the Universe) to please me more than I could even have imagined on my own.

So . . . this is the Magical Dance, which takes you to the place of being, doing and having anything that your heart desires:

•  There’s no going backward from where you’ve arrived, from your continually improving vibration and your expansion.

•  There’s no room for doubt or for allowing the perceptions of others into the equation.

•  There is only absolute faith, based on your knowledge that your vortex is being lovingly tended to by a cast of thousands, only too happy to give you more than you’ve asked for.

•  And, since there’s no going backward or room for doubt, there is only your own mission to focus forward on those things that you uniquely desire and then enjoy watching it all unfold, knowing that you did it, yes you did it all!

I’d love to hear about your ways of focusing forward on your desire and maintaining that faith in the resourcefulness of the benevolent Universe.  Keep me posted.



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