It often doesn’t feel that way, but we are in charge of how our days go for us.


Sometimes there are other people doing annoying things.  Someone we work with isn’t getting things done, making us look bad.  Something breaks, something gets lost, or someone is rude to us.  Someone we care about seems not to appreciate us.  The Internet goes down.  The bank tells us that there are suspicious charges on our credit card.  Our team loses.  Someone says something snarky on social media.

Any of these things happen to most of us once in a while.  Sometimes it can feel like they are happening more than once in a while.  It’s easy for our minds to judge those annoyances or difficulties as “big deals.”  And, sometimes, they are. Although often, they’re not “big” in the grand scheme of things, yet once our mind goes down that path of blaming, feeling annoyed, and thinking of revenge toward the person using our credit card, we can begin creating more and more mayhem. Oh, the person thinking revenge thoughts might have been me.

In situations like this, it’s important to remember that every thought that has ever been thought is out there floating around us.  Focusing our attention for more than a short time on what we view as our “issue” attracts more negative, angry, or subpar thoughts, and our vibration drops into the range of those thoughts.


But we don’t need to place ourselves in that position very often.  We can make life much easier for ourselves.

We didn’t choose this life experience to live an existence where nothing ever goes wrong and we live without challenges. We do want to minimize the challenges and maximize the joyful experiences.  And it’s worth remembering that we often need the challenges to get us to focus on what we’d really like instead.  And then, as we refocus and raise our vibration to match what we really want, those new and improved things flow into our experience.  And the things that materialize are better versions of what we want than we would have created without the challenge! That effort to raise our vibration also has caused us to expand.  With each deliberate shift of our vibe, we become more powerful and more evolved.  That’s what we’re here for.  And we can create easier lives filled with more joyful experiences.

The most important thing we can do is to pay attention to our vibration and tend to it before we move into the tasks or issues that seem to need our attention.  What we are feeling and thinking about is always more important than checking something off of our to-do list.  As a bonus, when we return to our action items, they will have become easier due to our improved vibration.  The Universe will have jumped in to help us now that we have aligned with it.


When we remind ourselves that our vibration will materialize in the physical world, it becomes easier to prioritize it.  It feels crazy not to!  It’s always better to hit pause and find a new perspective rather than annoyance, anger, frustration, or, uh, revenge.  It’s always good to ask ourselves whether it’s worth it when we look at what we are creating with a murky vibration versus a vibration of appreciation, love, or happiness.

Nearly everything that we deal with in our day that feels problematic falls into the category of “not worth it” when we consider whether we want to keep dwelling on it or find a new perspective.  You may have noticed that most of the annoying issues that were listed as possible problems that might crop up for us often involve other people or the opinions of other people.  Other people’s opinions should be one of the first items that fall into the category of “not worth it.”  Why would we lower our vibe and what we create in our lives because of what someone else is thinking?  That’s a hard no.  We don’t require their approval.

When we do a decent job of maintaining our vibration, keeping it in a good range, so many of those “issues” or problems involving the actions or opinions of others don’t even materialize in the first place.  They’re not a match to us.

Our solutions are created instantly when we perceive something we want to improve.  It’s done.  It’s in our vibrational escrow.  The solution is only waiting for us to get our mood, our vibration, in alignment with it.  Problems can disappear before they even gain any traction.

I see so many instances when working with coaching clients where the problem is handled before it actually gets a chance to become a problem.  A meeting is canceled.  An annoying coworker is transferred or leaves for another job.  Amazing things just materialize quickly and easily.  Their vibration is in a place of “things are working out for me” and they meet their life partner.  They get a bonus.  They get promoted.


We do pride ourselves on our accomplishments and our actions, and there is always a place for them.  But, tending to our vibration and finding a way to feel better as often as we can creates what we are really reaching for with all of our action and productivity.

I love this Abraham-Hicks quotation and remind myself of it often:

Whenever you are feeling less than good, if you will stop and say, “Nothing is more important than that I feel good—I want to find a reason now to feel good,” you will find an improved thought.

Try that approach for a few days, and you will be amazed at some of the things that begin showing up in your life. You will also notice that those things that seem like problems show up less and less often.  It is easier.  You deserve it.


Let me know if you’d like to work on taking charge of your vibration and you life.  You can reach me at



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