Do you understand how you are creating your own reality?  If you’re reading this, you probably have a very good idea.  Manifestations appear as a result of what you’ve conjured in thought.  And you know that it can feel impossible to maintain control over your thoughts even a fair amount of the time.

Yet, there are so many ways, so many workarounds, to create a vibration that matches the things that you want in your life and bring them in quickly!

Let’s keep it simple because we often make this so much harder than it needs to be.  A simple shift can begin to attract the things you want into your life starting right now.

How exactly can we achieve the vibrational essence of our desire?  Choosing what feels like the easier strategy in the moment (the path of least resistance) is the fast track.  And there are two very simple resistance-free options.

Think of what you’d really like to have in your life and how you think having it will make you feel.  Will it make you feel powerful, loved, free, appreciated, or perhaps abundant?  There are two fairly simple ways of evoking those matching feelings.  Option 1:  You can imagine that the thing you want to happen has already happened and picture what it will feel like when it is that way!  I love that strategy and often go straight to imagining myself celebrating already having what I want, leaving out how I might have attracted it into my life.  When you’re imagining yourself celebrating, it’s pretty hard to be slowing yourself down with “but how is that going to happen?”

Option 2, which is also easy and just as powerful, is to look for things that you already have in your life that evoke those same feelings and milk those feelings!  You already have things in your life that make you feel loved or productive, abundant or powerful.  When you focus on those things with appreciation for even a minute, you create the same energy that will attract that thing you want.

It’s the same energy!

It’s the same energy that creates $10 or $10,000.  You can feel abundant when you find the $10 in your pocket and just dwell on it for even 17 seconds.  Now you’ve begun to attract other thoughts of abundance.  It’s the same energy that is felt when you think about how someone in your family loves you that matches love from a romantic partner.  And, it’s pretty easy to spend a moment thinking about how your mom or your brother or your kids love you.  The energy you feel when you put fresh flowers on your desk and think, “these look amazing,” is a match to the energy of your perfect beautiful new home.

The whole process feels much easier and more manageable when we think of it as just using a few moments here and there to find the thoughts and the accompanying feelings that match our desires.

So, identify what you want, the feeling you think you’ll have when you manifest it, and either visualize yourself already having it or find things in your life right now that create the same good feelings and bask in them.

You’ve now gotten out of your own way and are on the pathway to having just what you want.  It can really be that easy.

In fact, you could take one minute right now to appreciate something you already have in your life.

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