March Madness–
I love March Madness and thought it would be fun to have a March promotion to get “How to Allow,” the course/ebook, into as many hands as possible. I’m getting lots of questions from interested parties and so if you’ve been “on the fence” about whether a simple system can actually help you change your life, first read the testimonials at
Now for the Madness. Starting today, the first 21 books purchased from the howtoallow site will be discounted to $12.99 (enter coupon code $MARCH. The second 21 books sold from the site will be discounted to $15.99 (coupon code $MARCH) and and others sold from the site during the remainder of March will be available for $21. (The 21st is my birthday and a lucky number!)
You should realize this is a great deal when you consider that many comparable e/books that are actual courses are priced anywhere from $48 to $97 to several hundred dollars. So let the Madness begin. Can’t wait to have more readers to interact with in this business of Allowing our Well-Being!
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