moodI have had what you might call a crazy time with my website, finding that my newest post contained ads for Viagra, among other things.  I’ve had to do a huge clean-up of my site, purging fake subscribers and deleting some posts, which were infected with malware.  I apologize for any issues with either opening posts or receiving duplicate posts.  I thought it best to try a test post today, before embarking on drafting a new post and all of the work that involves, so that I can observe that it’s getting delivered properly.

So . . . I decided to post a very short excerpt from “How to Allow,” which was highlighted by 18 Kindle users on Amazon.  Of course, I didn’t even know there was the possibility of posting highlights as an Amazon reader.  I was really happy to see that a particular sentence or paragraph resonated with lots of people.

On that note . . .

Where I am in my present circumstances and my mood at this moment is temporary, and can be changed now. And, wherever I am is okay. I’m happy that I’m aware of the guidance provided by my emotions. I know now how the laws work. I know that I have the ability to shift my mood at any time to come into alignment with my desires. And, when I’ve done that, I can relax in the knowing that what I desire is on its way to me. I intend to make the best of everything.  From “How to Allow”

All the best to all of you and thank you for your amazing support,


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