In one Post last week, “Why We Should Ask Why,” I talked about how we can improve our focus on the things we want by focusing on why we want certain things in our lives.  I explained that sometimes by focusing on the thing we want, which is the right idea, we can create a mixed vibration because we’re still so focused on the fact that we don’t yet have it.  We’re often focused more on the fact that what we want isn’t here yet than how it will feel when we have it.  So, by focusing on WHY we want something and how we think it will make us feel when we have it in our lives, we can purify our vibration on the subject.

So, naturally, when thinking about a subject for which most people have a little trouble with a pure vibration, I focused on money, as that seems to be a big one for most of us. When a lack of money is staring us in the face and there are bills to pay, it can be difficult to imagine that feeling of ease and security and freedom that we’ll have when we have all of the money we need.  Yet, this is exactly what we need to do.

The other obstacle which can come up in the money department is removing what Mike Dooley, awesome creator and author of “Notes from the Universe,” calls the dreaded “How’s.”  When it comes to money, cold hard cash is a very real tangible item and it has to get into our bank account somehow.  It’s difficult for many of us to imagine alternate ways of receiving money, unusual ways money can make it into our lives without a struggle, or any way out of our not enough money situation.

So, in the case of money, and creating more of it in our lives, we’ve got a couple of potential issues:  (1) the very real “in your face” reality of having less money than we need and having to overcome our focus on that; and the difficulty most of us have with imagining how we’re going to manifest greater abundance without some radical action on our part.  Just HOW is it going to get here?  And, that focus on “HOW” is not the pure positive vibration that is a match to having lots of money and feeling great about it.

So, with this being such a big topic for so many of us, I thought it was worth re-visiting and perhaps throwing out a few tricks for changing our thinking when we find ourselves focusing on “not-enough-ness.”

When you find yourself worrying about an upcoming bill or maybe the general state of the economy, try thinking instead, “what if” and then go off on a fantasy tour for several minutes of what if I got an unexpected raise?, what if I received a gift from a relative?, what if I got a new contract for my business?, what if I received an unexpected tax refund?, what if a check showed up in the mail for an overpayment?, what if I won a contest? what if I got a huge break on that purchase? what if that person who owes me money decided to pay me back now?  what if I found a huge un-cashed check that I had overlooked?  what if I sold a million books (or whatever you might sell)?  Feel free to add your own ideas of anything that could happen.  If you can keep it up for awhile, you’ve raised your vibration and at least stopped creating a more worrisome situation when it comes to money.  And, the Universe doesn’t distinguish between your imagination and your worrisome thoughts.  They’re both every bit as real in creating your vibration, except that the positive thoughts are infinitely more powerful.  So, give more time to that money fantasy than the money worries whenever you can.

I realize that some of these fantasy scenarios may seem like a stretch, but every one of these things has happened to me or someone I know at one time or another. I have to admit that finding the un-cashed check in the bottom of a pile of papers was pretty fantastic. It also led to a bunch of other synchronicities that were literally life changing for a friend and I but that’s the subject of another story.

The other weird thing, which happens often, is that the Universe decides to deliver abundance by having someone tell me, “No problem, we’re not going to charge you for that.”  I’ve also been given a huge no-strings-attached coupon for $200 at Bloomingdales, of all places, when I was only entitled to a small one, and the saleswoman just winked and said, “I’m going to give you this one instead.”  There was no explanation.

Strange and funny things do happen and I’m always surprised and appreciative.  Yesterday, I was telling a friend how I had experienced several of these surprising manifestations recently where someone said, “Hey, no charge,” for what could’ve been a huge unanticipated expense.  It’s not surprising that, within minutes, just after relating those great stories to a friend, as I was parking my car on the street which requires pay-parking, a woman came up to me and handed me a parking receipt that still had more time on it since she was leaving.  This is just the way it works.  That focus on all of these people being generous and helping me created more generosity and help.  I had just really gotten that vibe going by appreciating it and milking it by telling my friend about it.  And, of course all of those acts of kindness by complete strangers created more people and things for me to appreciate!

I wish I could say I can maintain this kind of focus all of the time and attract abundance as easily as I attracted the free car repairs and parking credit, but I’m working on it.  And, I intend to do it.  I’m not going to just “try to” change my focus, I’m going to change my focus to one which is more tuned into abundance in all its forms.

I have a couple of additional ideas on money, in particular, in the course/e-book “How to Allow,” for creating that feeling of already owning that financial abundance. They are good things to incorporate into one of the Daily Processes for raising your vibration in “How to Allow.”  I hope you’ll check it out.

In the meantime, while I’m still working on it, I thought I’d share a great quotation from Abraham-Hicks, which is basically a rampage of appreciation on financial abundance.  Just reading it puts me right into my vibrational escrow where my fortune has already been amassed.  It’s so good and inspirational, I’m going to keep reading it for a while and see if I can’t create a more abundant mentality when it comes to money.  After all, money is just another form of energy.  It’s as easy to create as anything else.  Let’s stop making such a big deal out of it.

From Abraham-Hicks, a useful way to think about money:

I recently heard that there is a veritable fortune waiting for me in vibrational escrow.  And I like how that sounds.  And the idea of my life experience and what I am living being the reason that it’s there, is really thrilling to me.  And I like the idea that I can be, do or have whatever I want, and so I am beginning to tell my story the way I want it to be.  I don’t think money is the path to happiness but I don’t think it is the root of all-evil either.  I think it is a root to freedom.  I think that with more money there are more choices, and in more choices there is more fun.  And I like the idea of making decisions about what I want to do, based on how it feels to do it rather than on whether I can afford to do it or not.  I like the opportunities that more money opens for me.  So I don’t think I am just excited about the veritable fortune that’s waiting for me.  I think I am excited about what that means to me and my family, what that means to those around me, what that means to the way I begin to view life, in what that means to the way I experience life.  It’s exciting to me to think about those kinds of changes.

Let me know how it works for you.  I’d love to hear from you.  You can e-mail me at or post it in the Comments section below.  I love hearing your stories.





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