There has been a great deal of interest in our last post on “Taking Charge of Your Momentum.” The notion that we cannot create more than one day’s worth of negative momentum, not only resonated with many readers, but provided much encouragement and relief. I think many of us, despite knowing what we know about the Law of Attraction, occasionally fall into the trap of thinking that deliberate creation must be harder than it is. This new revelation that whatever negative momentum we have created when we’ve been focused on some unwanted condition, can be changed literally overnight, is such a great thing to know.

When I was writing “Taking Charge of Your Momentum,” I was feeling really good, as I was anticipating it helping not only me but lots of other people. As I posted on FB, that good feeling led to the instant manifestation of something I wanted. Those nearly instant manifestations, which come when we are feeling good, are a wonderful way to build confidence in our ability to create whatever we want. At that moment I was thinking that it would be so nice if my sons (who are living in NYC now) would be at home to watch the Redskins game that night. And, I happened to look at some shells they gave me (kind of as a joke) when we were at the beach this summer.  imagesI was just thinking how great they are and how nice it would be to see them.  I wasn’t expecting any imminent visits and thought it might be weeks before I saw either of them.  Within a minute or so, I received a text from one of my sons saying he was coming home the next day for a few days before starting his new job. It was a total surprise and such a confirmation of the power of getting our vibe in the right place. It makes me acknowledge, and I hope it causes you to acknowledge, that there is just nothing more important than getting our vibe up in those high levels.  In this case, just writing a blog post I loved and thinking about my sons was enough to push me into my vortex and create an instant manifestation.  I think this calls for writing a new blog post each day, if only I could manage that!

So, in continuing on that very fruitful subject of momentum, I was thinking of ways of making it even easier to get ourselves into that place where we can calm ourselves down about any negative issues we’ve been focused upon, and allow ourselves to create a brand new positive momentum. Naturally, I “stumbled upon” some great quotations and sage advice. Just so much good stuff! I’ll be paraphrasing much of this but want to present it in a way that simplifies and makes it more likely we’ll all put into our repertoire of techniques.

We know by now that everything we want is already created for us and is waiting in our vibrational escrow for our alignment with it’s vibration. And, “it’s time to get in there and cash in our chips.” AH  I couldn’t agree more!

When we do get into alignment with our Source and our dreams, it will come about in a meaningful, comfortable, sequential, path of least resistance way. It will flow into our experience as the next logical step. We wouldn’t want it to flow in all at once today!  It’s coming at the speed and in the frequency and in the path of least resistance in response to your attending to your vibration.  AH

What I think can be very helpful, and provide great relief as a point of focus, is to realize that if you have roughly ten things in your life that are important to you and only one of the ten is going well, your concentration on that one will cause the others to sort themselves out.  As you focus upon the one that is in good shape, you get movement on the other nine.  AH


Hey, this is incredibly reassuring isn’t it? It really opens things up for me and makes me feel like I have to be less “perfect” about my focus.  And in worrying about whether we’re focusing properly or doing the right things, we’re muddying our vibration and slowing down our creations.   You have to admit that we all have at least one thing that gives us absolutely no resistance and that we can focus upon with a pure vibration. The fear or trepidation you have on any of the other nine issues won’t arise when you’re thinking about the one thing that is going well. And, you can’t think more than one thought at the same time.

We definitely put ourselves in a weaker position when we try too hard to release resistance; we can’t help but emit the vibe of the problem. We are much better off if we can create in advance by pre-paving rather than fixing things that are broken. Often in our effort to release the resistance, we’re just adding more power to the things we don’t want. AH

That’s one of the many reasons why I love this confirmation that we can get positive momentum on the nine things that might be broken in our lives by focusing on one thing that brings us joy, or at least causes us no problems. So, what we need to do more of is to imagine into the future it all being more the way we want it to be but be really, really general about it. By getting too specific in visualizing things we would like to change, and seeing no results, we can lose confidence in our ability as creators. Although, there is no problem at all in getting very specific in picturing our desired future on the issues that do feel good when we think of them. In fact, the more specific we get with that pure vibration and that good momentum, we are causing those things in our vibrational vortex to fill in, just the way we want them or even better.

In fact, this is a big focus of the e-book/course, “How to Allow.”  I realized that I was not alone in losing confidence in my ability as a creator, because I sometimes thought I wasn’t doing enough or doing it right.  The simple techniques I suggest in “How to Allow” are definitely in sync with this notion of moving ourselves gently away from the problem issues to where we can pre-pave by visualizing or scripting the things we want to create while maintaining a pure vibration.  In the seminar recording I’ve been referring to, I found just a great discussion of how we can pre-pave our future deliberately, when we’re not quite up to speed with what we want yet in terms of our vibration. I’m speaking of the places where we usually get tripped up and wonder if we will ever be able to get it right.

You want to pre-pave, start generally by saying it will get better, and if that puts a knot in your stomach because you don’t believe it, say well I know it’s gotten better for some. And, if that puts a knot in your stomach because you know it got better for them because you think they were doing something in a better way than you were, then say, I’m going to figure this out, or, I’ve been here before on some things and I did get a smoother ride eventually. Keep talking until you give yourself that relief. Then you know you’ve released resistance.

When we say we’d pre-pave it, that’s the work we’re encouraging you to do when you’ve got some resistance you need to let go of. We’d put ourselves in bed at night and say, ‘I’m not going to think about this; I’m just going to get a good night’s sleep.’ And, when you awaken, sit for fifteen minutes with the intention of quieting your mind. Think, I’m just going to relax and focus on my breathing and just not going to think of anything. This is the beginning of my vibrational grid work. I don’t have to make anything happen. Everything is in the vortex. It’s flowing to me in perfect order. This is the best I can do right now. In doing this, I’m pre-paving for future experience. Now what’s going to happen possibly as soon as the first day that you do that, is that your vibrational grid will fill in with something you will associate with that small work you’ve done and your confidence will come back.

As your grid fills in, it will be perfect in this sense. It’s not going to be more specific than you’re allowing, but it might not be as specific as you think you want it to be. It will never be more specific than you’re allowing because the Law of Attraction won’t allow that.

But, that’s where you start doing your work. You just don’t go there. You don’t try to hammer it into place, or wrestle it to the ground. You just say, hey I did my work and this is all I need to do on this right now. There is nothing more for me to do. I left it in the perfect place. And, as your grid fills in with more specifics, then you can revel in that! Soon, for all nine of those subjects, you’ll have this experience with them and you’ll incrementally move every one of them to that new improved place, until the manifestations will be so obvious that you’ll know for sure you’ve got the hang of it. AH

I’m very interested in what others might choose as a topic to focus upon that gives them no trouble at all.  Please feel free to drop me a line at    I just love it that we don’t have to focus, and shouldn’t focus, on all ten issues that are important to us.  Putting ourselves in that good feeling place by focusing on one thing that brings a smile to our face is enough to create positive momentum.  And, that’s a good thing to know.        Unknown-1



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