After the events of the last few days relating to Hurricane Sandy, I’ve noticed that not only I, but also many of the other people in my circle of friends, are just plain exhausted.  There was the potential life threatening aspect, which was being broadcast by the news 24/7, and many of us were, or had friends and family, who were truly in harm’s way.  Many of them have been forced to evacuate and/or are without electricity and heat and it’s just not an easy situation.  In fact two of my own children are in NYC without electricity.  I found myself in kind of a funk, even after the worst was over and I was finally able to find out that my kids were okay, although without power or phone service and unable to communicate for quite a while.  I think there was just so much anticipation and concern, deliberately trying to focus on a good outcome while preparing reasonably for the predicted outcome so as not to be just plain stupid about the warnings.  Somehow the whole thing expended a huge amount of physical and emotional energy.  

I’m not sure why suddenly when I tried to get back into my real work, that I just felt like everything seemed so difficult.  I’m know I’m not the only one who had trouble getting off the couch on Monday and re-energizing.  I’m sure the people who are tuned into energy patterns and the effect of our weather on our energy and physical reality would not find this surprising;  they likely  have  additional explanations for the feeling of being so drained from this natural disaster.

So, I’ve been reading and listening to seminars and looking around for a simple approach to creating a good feeling vibration that might bring me and others some relief, a feeling that as long as we maintain a reasonable focus on the positive aspects of our circumstances, that those circumstances will continue to get better and better.  I feel like that’s what we all need to hear right now.  And, knowing that good things are everywhere if I choose to look for them, I found an amazing seminar conversation that I could do all kinds of things with in my head.  And, I got excited about thinking about actual ways this could play out in the practical circumstances most of us deal with in our own reality.

I found a great A-Hicks discussion about our  “GRID” (a pattern around us kind of like a matrix reflecting our vibrational posture) and how it is not our job to fill our grid in with details but to prepare our grid, period.  And, what does this mean exactly?  It was described as “getting into the place where more specifics can occur to you because you’re not pushing them away with specifics that defy them.”  It means being as specific as you can be when you think about what you want while still feeling good.  The minute you start to feel like thinking about the details of what you want is starting to create doubt or a focus on the fact that you lack what you want, just gently make a shift into thinking about it more generally or moving onto thinking about something else that doesn’t make you crazy.

So for my very practical advice, I think a great way of doing this is being prepared to do it.  Don’t wait until you’ve moved into ten minutes of thinking about the lack of what you want and then try to shift your thoughts in a different direction. Because the Law of Attraction will continue to provide you with similar matching thoughts, it could be difficult to shift out of thoughts of lack, when it could be much easier.  So plan for it in a solution-oriented way, not as if you’re expecting to blow your vibration to shreds.  Know that at some point you’re probably going to go down that path and begin to look at the lack of what you want, your depleted bank account, relationship problems, work issues, health concerns, and have a picture in your mind of a really good version of any of those issues that often cause you to fall off track.

So, in the case of the lacking bank account, stop yourself quickly, look at your pre-created mental picture of a bank statement showing a huge balance and say, whoa, I know I have millions of dollars already created in my vibrational escrow and it’s just waiting for my alignment.  Focus on the picture of your bank statement, with your name on it and oodles of money in the asset column.  If you can spend even seventeen seconds imagining that and the pure joy of spending it on something easy to imagine, you’ve shifted your momentum.   And, you’ll begin to attract thoughts that vibrate similarly, that is, thoughts of abundance.   

In the case of  relationship issues, the moment you catch yourself worrying about the state of your significant relationship, go to that pre-planned picture you carry in your head of some wonderful prior moment in your relationship.  Pre-create an actual picture of you and your partner in a happy moment, really enjoying each other’s company.  Without the pre-planning for this scenario, you’d be likely to fall out of your vortex and attract more and more thoughts about the problems in your relationship.  Try to focus on that wonderful moment, which will lead you to a few others and, before you know it, you’ve again shifted your momentum.

This mental collection of positive aspects of situations that tend to throw us off track could be an incredible tool for allowing ourselves to make a shift when it might otherwise be difficult.  We understand that the Law of Attraction is only going to give us more of what we’re thinking about, matching thoughts and eventually a manifestation, so having a “go to” list of mental images that allow us to make a pretty quick shift to what we want could be a great strategy, and it’s one I intend to use.  In fact, I’ve started to use it and have seen some significant changes already!

Abraham described the issue in another way, which can come up even when we’ve created positive momentum.  We get revved up and are thinking about the thing that we want and then we find ourselves taking score.  Well, yes, I’ve made progress on these five aspects of my project but I still haven’t sold enough or don’t have enough clients, or should be farther along than I am right now.  The suggestion is to try to have fun with the ideas as they are evolving, as your grid is filling in with wonderful aspects, before what you want has actually materialized.  As they put it, “There’s nothing to take score of in the actualized world but there’s plenty to take score of in the vibrational world.  If you can get high and happy about taking score in the vibrational world, the other has to follow.  .   .     . We want you to start counting it as here when you’re feeling the excitement of it.  And, if you can make that bridge, you’re feeling the excitement of it, therefore it is here, and the next logical step must show itself to you with so much evidence that no one can deny the ‘hereness’ of it.  The remedy to being in the habit of resistance is by trumping it by the way you feel.  When you care more about how you feel than the manifestation this red-hot minute, now you’ve got it figured out.  Sometimes it’s helpful to have a significant enough thing occur that when you look at it you just can’t stand it, to make you determined that you’re going to look somewhere else.”

Well, that’s one way to appreciate huge contrast!

Most people do often examine what is with such fervor that you slow down what you’ve asked for and you don’t let it come.  .   .    . and you have to do something to slow that momentum, or Law of Attraction is gonna keep it going on.”

So, let’s do less taking score and focus on the things we have accomplished in connection with our fondest desires.  And, I just love this idea of pre-planning positive, uplifting pictures and situations to shift to when it comes to those issues that keep giving us trouble.

So, doing the Daily Tools from the “How to Allow”  ebook, which help you to be more sensitive to negative emotion in it’s early stages, combined with a little pre-planning of positive, happy moments to conjure when you find yourself falling into an old pattern of dwelling on the lack of what you really want, could lead to some very exciting manifestations.  And, of course, it could lead to feeling a lot better in the process, which is what this is all about in the first place.  And then it just gets better and better.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better already, knowing that by the power of my focus on the positive aspects of my desires and my plan for getting there, I’m sure to create some amazing things.  And, I feel the relief of it.

Please let me know how this works for you and I’d love to hear your ideas for pre-planning positive pictures, situations and circumstances for those thorny issues that often throw you off track.  We’re all in this together and what works for you will probably work for someone else.  And, they may not have thought of it yet.









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