I’ve always loved the Fleetwood Mac song “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow,” but have had mixed thoughts about how much we should focus on what we want to create in our future, versus focusing on our present, where all of our power lies.  It’s also been a bit unclear whether we should look back at our experiences in order to clean up our vibration on our current issues.  Sometimes it has seemed to depend upon the circumstances and how pure our vibration is when it comes to the thing we hope to create.  And, it has felt, at times, that it was necessary to look back into the past for some kind of perspective on how we arrived at a certain place in order to clean up our vibration.  A friend and I have had an ongoing mantra used to find humor in the situations we sometimes find ourselves in along the lines of, “What the he_ _ was I thinking?!” It’s usually enough to make the situation seem a little less dramatic.  Because obviously, in these less than perfect situations, it didn’t seem like a lot of thinking was done at all.

In a recent Abraham-Hicks seminar, the response was that we should not waste our time looking back because “everything is forward and everything is in the vortex.  That’s Who You Are and when you look back you deprive yourself of Who You Are.  And it doesn’t feel good when you look back because you’re defending, you’re explaining, you’re justifying, you’re probing.”

The more I think about this looking back and the defending, explaining, and probing that’s going on, the more I think it’s usually unnecessary.  Now that we know that we have the power to focus both on what we want and what we now have that we appreciate, and thereby become deliberate creators of our lives, it seems we could get by with a lot less looking back.  An exception to that would be reaching for thoughts that feel great by remembering something in our past that was joyful!

What is becoming clearer, is that often the very best thing we can do, usually even better than visualizing our desires, is to find things to appreciate right now.  When we are here right now appreciating something, we’re completely connected to Source Energy.  And, Source is always focusing on the solution.  And, that great feeling you get when you get yourself into the vortex is an actual manifestation.  The emotion of happiness is the first evidence of the creation of the other things you desire.  When we figure out, according to Abraham, that what we’re really looking for is being in the vortex, from there that complete full you effects the manifestations.  So, instead of thinking that we need to fill in the missing pieces of our lives, it’s suggested that the only missing piece we’ve been looking for is our own alignment with our Inner Being.  Everything else has been gathered.  Sometimes we’re the only missing link!

So, our only work is to mostly ignore “what is” that could stand improvement, appreciate  “what is” for the expansion it’s caused, and start feeling our way into the vortex by finding other things to appreciate in our lives.  It’s time to acknowledge that we now have the ability to feel  good no matter what, because we have the ability to focus.

Why do we even have to have this contrast then?  Couldn’t we just find a way to stay in our vortex and have nothing in our lives that could stand improvement? Apparently because, without the contrast, there would be no expansion.  Life as we know it would literally come to a halt.  So, that seems like a good reason to be much gentler with ourselves for not being in the vortex all of the time.  It’s an impossibility.

So the contrast or problems in our lives cause us to expand by desiring improvement, and to put more good stuff we want into our vibrational escrow, but then also keep us from taking the expansion when we focus upon the problems.  We just have to find a way to become a vibrational match with the improvement which we’ve caused to be added to our vortex and then it will become the manifestation.  We need to not care so much about the manifestations so we can get better manifestations.    Even before I wrote, “How to Allow,” I always suspected that this was the bottom line to deliberate creation.  It seems tricky, or maybe impossible at times, but it doesn’t have to be the big deal we’re making it out to be.

We just need to make a decision to, whenever possible, not look at what doesn’t please us and do anything we can to extract beauty and fun from our current circumstances.  Vortex first, then manifestations follow.  When we get it that we’re constantly having emotions and we have the power to choose how we feel at every moment, then we’re free.

I think this brings us full circle to the last blog post on not focusing on the desires  that seem elusive but, instead, to try getting into our vortex through the back door by  focusing on what we love about our lives that gives us no trouble at all.  I hope you’ve been experimenting with this!

I’ve  noticed already that by focusing on one thing that gives me no trouble, a new thing has moved onto the list of things that give me no trouble.  And, there’s real evidence of improvement in one of my previously elusive desires.

I’d say that’s pretty good evidence of this being a solid approach to feeling as good as possible and becoming a more deliberate creator.

So, in a nutshell: “Never Look Back,” (unless it’s to find good memories to think about); find things to appreciate that we have right now as a top priority; focus more on appreciating what we have that gives us no trouble rather than that burning desire; care less about creating our desire than just getting into that pure joyful vibration of our vortex and the vortex will take care of the rest; and the Universe’s creation of our burning desire is likely to be a more perfect fit for us than we could have imagined on our own!

Let me know if this approach is working for you.  Keep me posted at susan@howtoallow.net


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