So many people were ready to let go of unwanted thoughts and appreciated hearing about just how to do that in my last post.  If you missed it, you can find it at

And, the go-to list, with lots of supportive information about why those questions and statements work so well to let those loops go, is also in my book, You’re Not Stuck on Amazon.  There is an entire chapter dedicated to that and an underlying explanation as to why those prompts work so well!   It’s worth its own chapter as it’s such an essential move in raising your vibe.

We know it’s not optimal to dwell on those challenges by running a loop in our heads or spiraling, as some would say.  Not long ago, one of my sons had the nerve to say that I was “spiraling”; it was all in good fun as it involved a pitcher of beer and was only about a trade made from my NFL team that I passionately disagreed with.  It actually made me laugh and raised my vibration.  I do need to remind my kids that they should not always call out their mom, although it has created very honest and loving relationships where we know that we can talk to each other about ANYTHING!

So, while I couldn’t solve the football issue, it was a good one to let go of.  It was not raising my vibe to continue to be annoyed about a sports trade.  If we all allowed ourselves to remain mired in everything we encountered in our day that we did not agree with, it would be impossible to create the magical lives that we are here to create.

So what next?  Maybe the issue that created the original loop of negative thinking is still there.  We will have already created a much better situation by releasing the pattern of negative thoughts.  We are now on our way to relief and a solution,

So, how do we deal with the challenges in a Law of Attraction-savvy way? This is a good time to remind everyone that there will be challenges even if we are LOA-savvy and prioritize our good vibrations.  We are here to grow spiritually, and challenges actually cause us to expand when we handle them.

I found a very straightforward approach that makes the quandary of letting go of negative thoughts while also facing our challenges clearer and more manageable. Thank you to Daniel Scranton and Infinite Intelligence for this beacon of clarity!

  1. When the challenges come, we can give ourselves the relief we need by both being willing to face them and also giving ourselves the freedom to choose not to focus on them at that moment. 
  2. We don’t want to tackle the challenges when we are in a state of negative emotion.  That’s when we bring out our go-to approach to releasing negative thoughts.
  3.  We don’t need to deal with everything immediately.  We need to deal with any challenges in a more fertile future moment.  And, in that more perfect moment, we can then allow ourselves to feel what those challenges are triggering within us.
  4.  It’s also helpful, if not essential, to make peace with the fact that we have challenges.  It’s part of this life in this reality. Done.  Now we are already creating positive momentum.  It’s also much more effective to deal with one issue at a time, not glomming them all together so that it feels overwhelming.
  5.  When we can find a good moment, we can leave the mayhem and go where we can be on our own to focus, close our eyes, and breathe into our alignment.  We can think of things that bring us joy.  From this state of peace, we regain that all-important perspective that we can overcome any challenge.  That’s when we can locate what that challenge is triggering for us.
  6.  Feeling our emotions is the way to create new pathways in our brain that will make facing our challenges easier and easier, and we want to do that when we are in a more peaceful state of mind that allows us to face them effectively.

I admit that I’ve often felt frustrated when I’ve heard or read that we need to process our challenges and feel our emotions fully to grow spiritually.  That, in itself, has often felt like a huge challenge!

But this is a winning solution!  By releasing negative thoughts before they gain momentum, taking the time to think of something that makes us happy, and then feeling the emotions evoked by the problem, we can find the perspective that releases the problem.  That’s how we get out of our own way and allow a challenge to be resolved in the most perfect way, with the brilliant support of the Universe!

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