When I began this post I noticed that I keep focusing more and more on how we can make things easier. My next thought was maybe I should have a new subtitle added to my coaching credentials, something like the “Goddess of Easy.” Yikes, thankfully that brain lapse quickly passed and to be clear, I never want to be called “Easy,” ever, even if the word Goddess is attached to it.

Now, let’s get more serious, at least somewhat, because I want to share this powerful and radical new way of approaching our alignment. We’ve talked quite a bit lately about the importance of being at peace with where you are and no longer blaming yourself or others for having fouled things up. In my last post, I suggested asking yourself questions about your situation, which would allow you to ease up on yourself and actually feel that you’re at the right place at the right time, right now. Check out “How to Reach the Tipping Point” at www.howtoallow.net, if you’d like to see those questions, which were a game changer for me, all over again. You’ve gotta make peace with where you are, period, as a first resort, and then mountains can and will begin to move.  tippingpoint





A special thank you first, to Frank Butterfield, aka Paul and the Communion of Light, for suggesting this radical new approach to me. {www.CommunionofLight.com}


So, what is this radical new way of thinking about creating or maintaining your vibe and how do we get there?


We need to ask ourselves these questions (yes, I’m in it with you, as always):


  1. Do you agree that alignment is literally the Master Key that opens every door and that there is no problem that you cannot solve, and actually no problem at all, when you use the Master Key? Do you agree that there is nothing that can delay you or hold you back or keep you from having whatever you want when you use the Master Key?
  2. Does it make sense to you then, that no longer needing intellectual proof and deciding that this is the right place at the right time in the right way and I’m just going to choose the next thought that feels better is the Magic of Alignment?
  3. Do you realize that in this stance you’re no longer assuming there’s something wrong that needs to be fixed and that there is huge, absolutely enormous, power in that?  Do you expect that from this position the Magic of Alignment will cause things to shift for you, for your benefit?


And, now for the more radical assumption. From this position, within the Magic of Alignment, thoughts bring themselves into alignment with you and it is never your job to bring yourself into alignment with the thought. Instead of having thoughts of getting something done, they will be thoughts of invitation: wouldn’t it be better to say these words?; wouldn’t it feel better to think this? As put forth so eloquently by the Communion of Light, “This is a new and powerful opportunity to give yourself the gift of simply having what it is that you desire. There is nothing else that is required or necessary.”


The idea that thoughts align themselves with you is what is radically different. It is not different in terms of what you can allow yourself to have, but radically different in how physical reality, thoughts that you have about physical reality, begin to line up with you. You’re already creating your own reality. All you’re going to do now is to catch up with that, to become aware of that, to find yourself feeling better about Who You Are in the midst of what you’re creating. Doesn’t creating more deliberately feel less daunting when you realize that thoughts are lining up with you, that they are doing the work? They are bending to serve you.  The Universe is bending to serve you.  images-2





Choosing a thought that feels better brings everything into alignment with you.


I personally love this way of thinking about how just accepting that we are already in the right place at the right time and simply choosing a thought that feels a bit better, is the powerful way in which our reality bends to just what we want. This seems the perfect revelation for the month of August, the unofficial end of summer in sight, when the idea of easy living prevails.  And, in this state of ease is how our lives can and should be lived.  I don’t know about you, but this makes me feel like taking it easy and maybe heading for the beach.  My thoughts are bringing themselves into alignment with me right now.









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