To all of my kind readers and listeners, I wanted to let you know that I recorded an interview with the well-known coach and therapist, Constance Arnold, on her “Think, Believe and Manifest” program.  It is airing on her show all of this week.  It will be archived on iTunes for one year.  I have heard from quite a few of you that you enjoy having something to listen to while driving or walking so I thought I would make this available to anyone who might enjoy this interview.

For some reason, there has been a big uptick in readers/listeners purchasing the “How to Allow” audio book so I thought that I should go with this flow.  It certainly feels like the right thing.  As usual, there is no real explanation for why more people that usual are buying the Audio Book.  I’ve learned not to ask how or why when things like this happen but only to appreciate them as much as I possibly can.

So, providing the links to the broadcast and hope that you enjoy it if it calls to you to listen:


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