A short re-cap in case you missed the last post.  In our last post we talked about having a plan for those negative thoughts that often crop up relating to issues that are giving you trouble and clouding your vibration.  The idea was to deliberately prepare for that occasional loop of negative thoughts by pre-creating a positive mental picture of the opposite of those issues.  In other words, by pre-planning a positive vision, you’re deliberately jumping to thoughts of a solution rather than staying mired in the negative muck.  For example, you could be having trouble with a relationship in your life which causes you to spiral into negative thinking, so you pre-plan a vision or two of a time when you were really enjoying each other’s company.  The moment you become aware of your negative thinking, you jump to the automatic positive vision you’ve created and pull yourself out of that negative loop.

Using this process is much easier than trying to come up with a positive vision directly from a loop of negative thought, which by virtue of the Law of Attraction, is automatically attracting more negative thoughts.  By pre-planning a positive vision we’re short circuiting that negative loop.  It’s just one more tool to have in your arsenal to make it easier to make the shift from thoughts of lack to thinking to how you’d rather the situation play out.  And, it’s a way to get your momentum turned in the right direction so that you are creating what you really want.

Recently, Carilyn and Norma (from an Abraham-Hicks group) posted on one of the group sites a default list of “Automatic Positive Thoughts” created by a whole group of deliberate creators.  They are helpful!  And, sometimes it’s easier to shift to positive statements rather than positive pictures.  It really depends upon you and the subject that is interfering with your naturally good vibration.

So, with their permission, Carilyn called it “co-creation at its best,” I’m including this valuable default list of Automatic Positive Thoughts (with some additions and modifications) to replace those Automatic Negative Thoughts, a phrase used by Dr. Daniel Amen, author of “Unchain Your Brain,” for the default self-talk that we often resort to out of habit.

I do love this idea of being prepared, not expecting to fall into a negative loop of thinking, but just realizing that it’s part of existing as a physical being on this planet.  We have to experience some negative aspects in order to expand our consciousness and to realize what it is we really  want, and to become good deliberate creators.

Automatic Positive Thoughts to Keep Handy (in your desk drawer, on your nightstand, wherever you might find yourself ruminating over your current reality):

Everything always works out for me. (If this feels like too much to you and you can’t quite buy it, how about, “More and more often things are working out really well for me.”

The Universe/God/Source/My Higher Self has my back.  And, the Universe is based on Well-Being, geez, no need to worry!

I don’t have to make this decision or even think about this right now. (I love this one—it works!)

Food is just energy.

Money is just energy, like anything else.  I make way too big a deal of it.

My momentum is now in my favor and things are getting better each day.  I’m recognizing negative thinking earlier and tuning into what I want instead.

I don’t know how yet, but everything is moving in my favor.  I can feel it.

I could see peace instead of this.  (From “A Course in Miracles”)

It’s a perfect Universe and Well-Being is natural. I don’t need to try so hard.

You never get it wrong and you never get it done.

Solutions are coming in constantly and expanding.

Every moment in every waking day is new.

I’m in eager anticipation of what’s coming.

What can I do/think right now to feel better?

All is well and getting better every day.

Universe, help me change this belief.

Let it go.  Also, how would I feel if I just let this go?

What is it that I do want instead of this?

I can get to wherever I want to be from where I am.

I am not on fire.  There are no ants crawling on me.

Other people have been in this position and have totally turned it around.  And, I know the Laws of the Universe.

I love the feeling of ease.

I don’t have to ______ yet.

I can have both.

Why would I let what this person thinks or says affect my vibration when my vibe determines what I get in life?

I’m in charge of my vibration.

Never mind how they’re flowing energy to me.  One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful, influential, than a million who are not.

It doesn’t matter which decision I make, I just need to decide and line up with it.

When the contrast gets greater, my desire gets greater too, and that’s the place from which miracles spring.  And, I believe in miracles!

If I’m not inspired, I’m not doing it.

I’m a part of Source Energy in a physical body.  I have incredible power available to me and I’m going to use it.

How would Source view this situation? If I’m having a negative reaction it’s not how Source would see this.

My point of power is right now.  Everything can change beginning in this moment.  It doesn’t matter what has come before.


And, that last statement is the bottom line.  All of your power is right now, in this exact moment. What are you going to do with it?


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