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Why are we all making this harder than it needs to be, including me?   Why so much contrast? Really?  I know contrast is essential to our growth and becoming more of Who We Really Are, but so much?  Can this be easier, and by that I mean MUCH EASIER?

I was proofreading my book and I found myself reading and re-reading a paragraph about what I called one of the foundations for Allowing in our desires and I had begun to take notes on it.  I had tuned in so much into “getting it” that I hadn’t realized how humorous the situation really was.  I had briefly forgotten I was reading my own book and was thinking,  “this is what I need to do, I haven’t been doing this lately, at least with regard to a couple of subjects in my life.”

So please bear with me as I share a new understanding of a subject that’s not so new.  There’s also a new discovery, which equates to “this is easier than I thought it had to be.”


I shared in How to Allow that the absolute foundations of learning to Allow your well-being, before practicing any tools to get into alignment, are to:

(1) Make a commitment, a vow, to yourself that you will choose the best thoughts you can whenever you can, that is, whenever you notice that you could choose a better thought; and

(2) Make peace with your current situation as your springboard from where you can create anything else you desire, no matter where your “what is” happens to be.


I understand that so well, and share it with clients and know without a doubt that you cannot get to where you want to be if you’re beating yourself up for where you are now.  If you’re constantly fixated on what’s going on right now, particularly the problems, you’re going to stay right there.  Your solutions don’t have a matching vibration to the vibration of your problems or of blaming yourself for where you are right now.  Period.

What was big for me is that I had not realized that, for a couple of my own problem issues (yep, I have contrast too), I had not only not made peace with where I am but I was out in left field somewhere close to blame and desperation.  Okay, I might be overstating it a bit, but I realized that I had totally, absolutely not made peace with where I am on these issues and as I read what follows in How to Allow it brought me right back to the sweet spot.  I now know that my problems will cease to be problems pretty quickly.  I now know that other good things, unrelated to my problems, are on their way in right now.  And, I’ve already seen evidence of improvement within a matter of hours of having that realization.  I hope this clunks you over the head as much as it did me, as it’s absolutely a path to that “tipping point” where our vibration is high enough on at least one subject that we’ve moved into the zone of allowing in our what we really desire.


So here I’ll share what was a great reminder for me, and be sure to read the part where I question myself about getting to “where I am” and how much I actually know to be true about where I am:


(1) The power of making peace with where you are cannot be overstated. Before we can begin to raise our vibration to match our desires, we need to feel okay with the temporary place where we’ve arrived at this moment.  Otherwise, even if we try to focus on our new desires, our vibration is continually muddied with thoughts of “Why am I here? How did I let this happen? I can’t be happy as long as I’m in this situation.”  Making peace with where you are involves an appreciation for the fact that the Universe is always working on your desires. Once you understand how the laws work, that you indeed have the power to use your energy to be, do or have anything you desire, you can relax into the knowing that where you are now is okay.  There is no better place to begin than where you are because it’s caused you to launch the very desires that are drawing Source Energy through you at this very moment.  Without the experiences that have caused you to emit so many desires, the wonderful creations that are merely awaiting your cooperation would not be possible.  When someone has gone through a particularly stressful situation and finds him or herself far from where they’d like to be, it could take a bit more effort to reach that feeling of “everything is okay with where I am.”  You may be more focused on the fact that mistakes have been made, by you, and if you hadn’t made those poor decisions or allowed certain things to happen you wouldn’t be in this situation.”


(2) One helpful way of looking at the situation when you find it hard to let go of your judgments about where you find yourself is to realize that nothing has gone wrong here. This can be just the sort of realization that really cleans up your vibration and allows you to send out that pure vibration which is a match to your desires.  As long as we think mistakes have been made for which we blame ourselves or others, it’s impossible to emit a pure positive vibration.



The Questions that helped me to find peace:

(3) When I was learning the Art of Allowing, I questioned my underlying thoughts, which were only operating to sabotage my desire to send out a pure positive vibration.  I asked myself “How would I feel if I realized that nothing has gone wrong here?”  I knew that I would feel completely differently about the situation, so much more at peace. I asked myself, “How do I know that any of these decisions were mistakes? How do I know what my Higher Self might have intended for me to have in my experience? How do I know that things would have worked out differently or better if I had chosen different options? Hadn’t the contrasting experiences put more and better things in my vibrational escrow? Hadn’t this challenge resulted in my learning How to Allow? Would I ever have had all of the wonderful things I have in my life right now if I hadn’t dove into the experiences that caused me to learn so much?” 


Umm, no.  Apparently, I needed to re-read my own stuff.  We all need reminders sometimes.  So, I’m suggesting here that you do a check-in to see if you really are at peace with where you are right now or whether you’re still questioning how you got here and blaming yourself or others.  And, if you find that you’re not in such a peaceful place, try asking the questions above.  It may shed quite a bit of light on your situation as it did mine.  I now have a completely different feeling when I think of where I am right now on those couple of pesky issues.

I can hardly believe how much asking myself those questions helped me to relax about EVERYTHING. This realization that you actually have no idea if making different decisions would have resulted in your being in a better place right now, that your “bigger plan” might have involved exactly what has happened, and that you wouldn’t have the knowledge you have right now without those experiences, is just the sort of realization that can be your tipping point.  You can suddenly view everything from a different perspective, one which doesn’t involve second-guessing yourself, beating yourself up or thinking that you are not in a place which is actually perfect for getting that huge vibrational shift that lines you up with your desires.  And, have you heard via Abraham, that just by increasing your happiness level by 10%, you have begun to shift your vibration and will see evidence of the things you want coming into your life?  I think that making peace with where we are will increase our happiness levels by far more than 10%, and the results will be epic.




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