never give upI was reminded of a very profound truth, which I’ve recognized before and even written about, but of which I apparently needed some reminding. I was listening to a track from a series on “Letting Go” by Frank Butterfield, aka Paul, and “The Communion of Light.” (COL) ( Paul and Frank are always profound!

One of the first messages conveyed by the COL in this series was “to give up early and often.” My first reaction was “What the ……”  I know that, at first blush, that idea goes against the grain for lots of us. We have been taught to be problem solvers, to stick with it, to never give up, and to put our best efforts into everything we do. I have to admit that, despite knowing all I know about Allowing and the Law of Attraction, I do think that the concept of “Letting Go” or “Giving Up,” can be hard for all of us to grasp and apply, especially in certain situations. It happens to be a concept that can be viewed in a fairly complicated way and can often raise more questions than answers. Most of us have heard of the idea of surrender and that it can often be an effective way of letting go of our resistance on a particular issue, but have been a bit baffled about how that fits in with focusing on our desires and maintaining a positive vibration that matches our desires. I mean, how do you surrender and focus on your desires at the same time? How often have you thought about “letting go” or “surrendering” or “giving up” with regard to a particular issue and weren’t really sure what “letting go” meant? Do you stop thinking about it, stop trying, postpone visualizing it, turn it over to the Universe completely?

Young lady reading the book in the hammock on tropical beach atNow that I’ve witnessed more and more how things show up for me under different circumstances and different approaches, I’ve become a huge believer in saying, “That’s it; I give up.” And, it turns out to not be a bad thing at all. Sometimes it’s actually the only thing that works.I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who has said, “I give up,” and turned on a movie or taken a nap. Or, perhaps more formally asked the Universe to “handle it.” I’ve tried to handle it for so long with no positive change and I finally realize that I don’t know enough about the myriad details and complexities of the issue to handle it. I know how the Law of Attraction works and about the importance of clarity when you decide how much to focus upon something you desire. I know I’m not supposed to know all of the details beforehand as to how my desire is going to manifest. I’m not expected to know every step or handle every task in the process of manifesting my desire. I’m supposed to envision my desire and do everything I can to raise my vibration to bring it in the vicinity of my desire. A desire with lots of moving parts that I don’t know enough about really isn’t my job to focus upon. It’s Source’s job. Source does know all of the details that I couldn’t possibly know, particularly when other people are involved, which is nearly always the case.  Focusing upon my desire in that state of confusion can only result in creating more of the absence of my desire.  And, I know Source is only too willing to handle creating my desire if I will get out of the way. And, I’m in the way when I continue to focus upon it in a state of confusion, lack of clarity and frustration.

So letting go can be achieved by putting it on the back burner, making a To-do list for yourself and the Universe with the seemingly difficult problems on the Universe’s list. It can mean just stepping away from a project for a while and doing something that’s fun and making a firm decision not to think about it until you’re inspired to think about it.

What is being suggested here is not giving up on our desires, but putting the universe of our thoughts in charge of the process, that is, not giving up hope at all. It is helpful to me to think of “giving up” or “surrendering” as resigning our resistance, not our hope and motivation. We can sometimes walk away from the “issue” for a bit, thereby making room in our own minds for the manifestation. And, the best way of taking that walk away is to turn our thoughts away from the issue toward something that is pleasing to us to do or think about. I was reminded by the COL that when we just stay where we are and say to ourselves and the Universe, “I give up,” it should provide a new vibration of relief, which is a step up from a feeling of struggling with the thorny issue.

I can attest to the fact that I have done this, frequently, realized I was in no position to take an action on a minor problem, and found that the problem resolved itself without any action on my part. I love it when that happens and am reminded that I should do it even more often.

What struck me from this session on letting go, however, is that we can apply the almost automatic, auto-pilot way that we perform daily tasks in our lives, to other issues that seem to require some sort of difficult action. We can choose an easier approach. I admit that this is where I had to keep re-listening to this session and pondering my own issues more than a few times to really “get” how to apply this easier approach. The COL suggested that in the same way you walk from one point in the room to the other without difficulty, because you don’t expect it to require any difficulty, you just allow yourself to glide. So, you have an issue, a desire where you want to move from where you are to a more desirable circumstance. “You just decide that you are there.” (COL) The notion is to focus on the things you can imagine in that journey that you would like, if you can think of any.  In this way we’re leveraging how easy it is to do things we are used to doing without effort and applying that same pattern to things we imagine are hard to do.

So, the journey to your desire can be viewed in advance as easy or hard. I’ve written about this before in a post where we discussed how everything is just as easy as we expect it to be. Part of expecting it to be easy is putting our attention on things that we enjoy rather than focusing on what could be difficult in our experience of manifesting our desire. Drop the notion that there’s a vast journey to be taken.     Knowing what we now know about how much incredible power we have in our own thoughts when combined with the help of the Universe, nothing should be a vast journey. If we want it, we can have it. It is always doable. Looking for a better job? See yourself in the job and spend your time focusing on the positive aspects of your current job or the better job. Wanting to create money to pay a particular bill? Relax into focusing upon how good it will feel to have paid that bill. Skip thinking about how the money is going to be raised or when it’s going to arrive. Know that it’s being handled. Know that your obsessing about how you will get the money is only slowing your momentum down.

As was put so perfectly by the COL, “When you think there’s a vast journey to be carried out, do what feels easy like you do when you think it’s easy and you will so become a vibrational match in so many ways to what you are wanting to experience.” It’s nice to know that letting go on one issue can also make you a vibrational match to lots of other things you are hoping to attract into your life. And, it feels much better in the process.

I know of a particular issue that I can definitely apply this to. I admit, I was viewing it as huge. Actually, I might have put a couple of issues into that category (but not for long now) and I’m beginning to feel the relief already just by deciding that I’m going to take this approach. And, that feeling of relief is what we’re after. That feeling of relief is the crux of How to Allow.

Try taking an issue and just say, I’m no longer going to view this as huge. It’s going to be as easy as I expect it to be. Then, say to yourself and the Universe, “I give up. It’s handled. Thank you for taking good care of this for me. I can’t wait to see how this actually plays out.” And now expect it to be handled with ease rather than struggle. And, then do your very best to focus upon other positive things in your life and things you enjoy. And, if it’s possible, focus upon some intermediate steps that might come up in the process that you might actually enjoy. Don’t think about anything that you might have thought would prove difficult. If you can focus only upon the end result, or the desire in as much detail as makes you feel good, that issue will have begun to take care of itself in that instant. It’s amazing how quickly things can begin to improve when we change our minds.

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