This is not just the stuff of books and movies.


One of the most powerful realizations I’ve had in my work in the last year is that things in your life can begin to change for the better in an instant. I’ve always been a major proponent of the idea of a “simple system” for creating, and that we need not use tons of tools or meditate for hours to create positive circumstances in our lives, and that’s a major thrust of “How to Allow,” voted Best Book on Law of Attraction for 2012. And, I know that simple system still works. It’s a solid and tried and true foundation for any other ways you might want to use your focus to manifest amazing changes in your life.

Yet, more recently, I’ve become more finely attuned to how quickly change is happening for us. Things have speeded up, for me and for lots of others. I am much more positive now that it’s not my imagination and that our thoughts, feelings and expectations are creating results much faster than they did a few years ago. That realization can be cause for, “Oh God, my negative focus is going to create even more um, to put it more politely than I was thinking, “ridiculous circumstances,” in my life. On the other hand, that realization could be cause for, “Oh yeah, I’m better at this now and I’m not going to have to wait for the things I want for so long anymore.”


As you might have guessed, I’m going for the second option. And, it’s not just because I’m an optimist and generally expect things to work out well for me, even with some missteps, in the end. What I’ve really noticed, and want to make sure that you notice, is that the so-called bad stuff doesn’t seem to happen super quickly on the heels of a funk. That murky energy isn’t as fast moving and, thankfully, we have time to divert our thinking to a higher vibration whenever we are able.

What is very cool is that the mere making of a positive decision, the letting go of a fixation on something negative that shouldn’t really matter, the spending of a couple of minutes thinking about how you’d like to see yourself, perhaps what you’d like to be able to afford right now, can actually result in all kinds of things appearing to help you to create your desire almost immediately. I’m seeing it all of the time now.

It can start out small, although not always, or might not seem particularly meaningful, but it can happen quickly and gives you more confidence in your positive momentum. These examples can seem almost silly yet they are exactly the type of thing that I’ve seen start a domino effect of synchronicities and help appearing out of nowhere. And, they are on the path to the big stuff.

So, maybe you’ve been tight financially and you decide, I’m going to stop being so cheap with myself. I’m going to be the kind of woman who can afford to get a manicure once a week, or I am the kind of person who deserves to belong to a health club and I’ll feel better about myself in the process. And, then you actually go get that manicure or join that health club. Neither or those things required a huge amount of effort but I know you will be surprised when you see other things you hadn’t imagined come into your life on the tails of those decisions. You just need to own that feeling, to believe you deserve that and that you are that person. And, you are.  Unknown-2

You might toss your shabby wallet and buy an attractive wallet that is worthy of holding the increased money you’ll be carrying. Every time you look at that wallet, it raises your vibration. The next thing you know, there’s a deposit in your account that you weren’t expecting. Or, perhaps someone connects with you who you’ve wanted to see for a while and that connection happens because you are feeling better about yourself. And, all you did was buy a new wallet. Or, you might think, I haven’t taken a vacation in ages. I know there is a way for this to happen. And then you think about it very generally, and an opportunity you hadn’t even been imagining comes to you, an invitation, an offer from a friend to use their home, a bonus of some kind that completely pays for a vacation. Just deciding that you want it and that it’s doable, oooooopppppeeeennnns the door. And, opening that door is powerful.

When I’ve been blogging or coaching and am in the zone, I’ll go out to run errands and people are soooooooo nice to me, I need to pinch myself. From that sweet spot the best aspects of everyone appear to you. So what causes that response? I think it’s that I’m feeling good about myself, about the people I’m working with, and that people are generally kind and want to do the right thing. Didn’t require a huge attitude adjustment, just a few positive thoughts.

A couple of days ago, totally in that zone, I said to a young girl working at a drive through pharmacy, somewhat apologetically, “not a great day to have to work at the drive-up window.” It was so cold here she was wearing a scarf at the window. Her response, “Not when I get to meet people like you.” What? I then stopped at the cleaners and the tailor fixed my purse, which looked impossible, and, of course, said it was free of charge. I went back and tipped him a couple of days later as I didn’t want to diminish his feeling of being so generous at the moment he performed the favor. Later, he appreciated the tip. Oh, and I just had to buy a lottery ticket. It was impossible to resist. And, I did win $30. It wasn’t life changing but supported my momentum and signaled me that, yep, you are on track. Keep it going! When I returned to the house, I received an unexpected dinner invitation and, while driving aimlessly, we stumbled upon an amazing Spanish restaurant, which I later learned is considered one of the best in the area. The owner also asked me whether I wanted the seat in front of the fireplace, obviously the best table in the house. I was in that chair in a flash soon holding a very delicious margarita. Nice!   images

Okay, I’m not always in that zone and neither are you, but it’s the little changes in mood and expectation that get the party started. It doesn’t take weeks of attitude adjustment, although it can. I’m just saying that positive energy is very powerful and faster moving now, which presents incredible opportunities. And all it seems to take is lining up with that energy NOW. Forget about your prior funk, things that have gone wrong, people who have wronged you, and think, “I’m the kind of person who _________________.” And, then take even one step in support of that and you will find that you are that person. Use it, leverage the power of the Universe to move yourself to just where you want to be.

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