It would be so much easier if it weren’t for those annoying people who create problems for us. Here we are trying very hard to choose the best thoughts we can and to focus on our desires and those annoying people come along and wreak havoc. It’s particularly maddening when we’re working really hard to make our vibration our top priority, we’re making great progress and then those annoying people show up and say something or do something that is just so unnecessary, so uncalled for, just infuriating. After all, if it wasn’t for them we’d be cruising along in our vortex, allowing in all of the things we’ve been wanting!

We used to have a joke in our family about those “annoying people,” based on a child’s view.  One of my sons, when he was about four years old, came home from pre-school with a class photo. As we were looking at the photo he was pointing out the people that were “annoying.” Before I knew it he had a brown marker and was “browning out” all of the annoying people. I’m not a terrible mother; I didn’t suggest it!  Just to be clear, that son has grown into one of the kindest, most considerate people I know. Really.  And, even he wanted to “brown out” those annoying people.  Sometimes people just need to be “browned out,” right?

I’m fairly certain that everyone can relate to this feeling of frustration and sometimes anger. These vibe destroyers can come in the form of unjustified criticism from a family member, a slight from a friend, an inconsiderate neighbor, an unappreciative, demanding boss. They are out there, poised, ready to do something irritating, just when you’re going with the flow and trying to stay there.


I need to tell you, though, I’m getting better and better at recognizing these annoyances for what they are; they are ME allowing those annoying people to take up my mental space. And, I’ve finally figured out a way to let that happen less and less often.

I’ve known for quite some time that it makes no sense to let these people live in my head rent free. I know it and yet  .  .  .  what they did was so ridiculous! Thoughts of them behaving in a way that’s ridiculous often lead to thoughts of “I don’t deserve to be treated that way,” and I don’t. And, that’s a good thing to know. But those thoughts of “I don’t deserve this,” often lead to “Why would they say or do that to me? I’ve been kind, pretty thoughtful, and I definitely have not done anything to warrant that.” And, those thoughts usually lead to, “He/she is such an ass. Who do they think they are to behave like that? To me?  I mean, it’s ridiculous.  And, they are ridiculous!” And, then those thoughts usually lead to remembering all of the times when they’ve behaved badly before, chronicling them, re-living them, getting irritated, then frustrated and then just MAD.  By that point I’m definitely nowhere near my vortex.  It’s so irritating!


States of irritation, frustration and anger are not where I want to hang out. I may be justified, but there are several good reasons for not going there, not going down that very slippery emotional slope. Try going through this list of reasons the next time you find yourself dealing with a person who is threatening to drive you nuts.



MAINTAINING YOUR VIBE IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY.  It would be RIDICULOUS to use someone else’s behavior to slip out of your vortex.


Your mental space is where you do 99% of your creating. Your energy field is the most important thing you have. Kick those roommates out and leave space for the visualizing, the appreciation, the happy stuff.


Focusing on the annoying person’s crappy behavior is doing NOTHING to make things better. NOTHING.


IT’S NOT PERSONAL. I know that it feels personal. It was probably directed at you or at least feels that way. But, the annoying person was only behaving that way because they are out of alignment. You were the closest thing around and you bore the brunt of their murky vibration. It’s so much easier not to get into the loop of blame and anger when you realize IT’S NOT PERSONAL.


So when those people show up and threaten to knock you out of your vortex, go through the mental checklist above. Take some time if you can to be alone and release everyone else’s energy from your energy field. Their behavior is not important. YOUR VIBE IS IMPORTANT.  KICKING THEM OUT OF YOUR HEAD IS AN ACT OF SELF-LOVE.


Once you’ve done this, you’ve removed the annoying people as an excuse for not following your passion, maintaining your vibe and having just what you want. You’ll find more and more of what you want showing up for you when you let go of excuses.



If you’d like some help with identifying more things that might be excuses for not allowing in  your desires, let me know.



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