Nearly everyone has a story to tell of when they thought that their vibration must’ve been way up there, because they saw solid evidence that the Law of Attraction was working for them.  And, yet they are also wondering why they haven’t manifested a bunch of the other things that they want to bring into their lives.  So does it just work sometimes and not others?  Is the Law of Attraction being inconsistent?  Are they just a terrible creator?  Does the Universe only respond to people who maintain a nearly perfect vibration all of the time?

When I talk to most clients and readers, nearly everyone admits that one of their “issues,” why they haven’t manifested the car, the money, the relationship, is some sort of block and it usually seems that they feel they have a bit of doubt going on.  Is it doubt in the reliability of the Law of Attraction or doubt that they can actually maintain a fairly pure vibration on the subject of their desire?

I’ve found that it’s often a little bit of both.  Although, in most cases the doubt creeps in when it comes to our own ability to focus on our desire rather than the fact that we still don’t have it.  I think we’re making this a little harder than it needs to be.  Here are seven reasons to relax a bit more and let the energy that creates worlds go to work for you.



  1. We don’t need to be vibrating in a state of pure joy or appreciation to see evidence of the Law of Attraction working for us. We just need to be in a reasonably good vibration more often than not, say 55% of the time, to start to see evidence of our creations.       Unknown


  1. We don’t need to be vibrating absolutely purely on the actual subject of our desire for it to come into our lives. We can be happy about one thing in our lives and feel good often by focusing on that one thing, and we can begin to see evidence of the other unrelated things we want showing up in our lives. We can use anything as an excuse to be happy.


  1. We have to have some contrast, some resistance, in our lives to bring forth the new ideas of how we’d really like things to be. Without that resistance, there would be no growth, no expansion, no new ideas to get our juices flowing. So a little bit of contrast in our lives shouldn’t trouble us. That doesn’t mean that we need to dwell on it either. And, it’s easier not to dwell on it when we realize that it’s an essential part of growth as a human being.   images


  1. Once you’ve begun to have a good vibration going some of the time, or more of the time than you used to, you really don’t go backward in terms of where your vibe wants to go naturally. You might dip sometimes, but you now know what it feels like to feel good, and you catch yourself at earlier stages of negative emotion and can shift your thoughts to something that feels better.


  1. The Law of Attraction is as consistent as the Law of Gravity. It’s happening whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s always a matter of whether we’re willing to care enough about the way we feel to allow it to work for us.


  1. Feeling good for the pure sake of feeling good, and not because we think it will help us to get the things we want, is the easiest and fastest way to cause those things we want to manifest. There’s no resistance in feeling good just because it feels better.  Man Feel Free Or Freedom


  1. Once you’ve eased up a bit and given yourself the benefit of the doubt, that is, you know you’re doing a decent job of managing your vibration, more evidence will appear of the things you really, really want, moving into your life. There will be signs! And, after seeing some of those signs, that evidence, it becomes easier and easier to feel like you’re on track, to feel good more of the time.


Do you feel like you could ease up a bit on yourself and just find something to feel good about after reading this? I hope so. I intend to be easier on myself.


I’d love to know how things are working for you and love to hear your stories of seeing your manifestations beginning to show up. Let me know. 




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