In the last post I talked about removing our focus from “what is” and encouraged looking forward with eagerness to what is coming.  And, I’ve still been catching myself quite a bit focused on “what is,” when I know, really, really know, that I want to be eagerly focused on what’s on it’s way to me.  I believe it.  I’ve seen it happen enough times to know that it works.  When I focus positively on my desires, my whole momentum begins to change, and evidence begins to show up that they are on their way to me.  Why is it so hard sometimes to remove our focus from “what is” and not only believe, but maintain a positive vibe, that what we want is on its way?

One of the strategies I spend a great deal of time on in the course “How to Allow,” is this ability to transition from that negative focus to the focus which is going to bring in “your stuff.”  Funny that I should have trouble myself in certain situations in making that shift.  But it happens to all of us at times.  Things happen.

I often find that statistics that show how much easier it could be are just the thing to get me to shift in the right direction.  I mean, when you hear that something like 68 seconds of focus will begin to change your vibration and what you’re attracting, that’s pretty compelling.  We all can certainly spare 68 seconds a few times a day to focus on how we want things to be in our lives.Unknown

I saw a quotation today, which I’ll paraphrase, but it was along the lines of “If you could in this moment begin to feel appreciation for the fact that desire exists and anticipation about its unfolding, rather than instant disappointment that it has not manifested, your energy would clear up by 95% and your manifestations would begin to flow to you much more easily.”  AHicks

I don’t know about you, but that 95% statistic caught my attention.  It’s is such a welcome reminder that things are supposed to be working out well for us, that this is a Universe of Well-Being.  Things would be going well, very well, for us if we weren’t doing something to slow our own momentum down.

It’s been said that our feeling of “not-enoughness” is so powerful that we mute our vibrational output.  And, not only are we slowing down the delivery of our desires, but we’re not having any fun in the meantime.  The Art of Allowing is really about knowing that you are your own point of attraction and that how you feel is everything, literally everything.

What I’ve suggested as a great tool in “How to Allow,” is a process that helps us to make the shift and to really focus on the fact that we are  making that shift.  It’s one of the two Daily Tools in the course. Despite knowing what I know, it’s something of which I need to remind myself, that is, that we just need to be a little less focused on what isn’t going exactly the way we want and a bit more aware of what is going the way we want.  It isn’t that difficult.  In that way we’re raising our vibration to the level where it’s a match to our desires and they’re on their way in.  When you believe in the power of your thoughts, your Divine guidance then becomes more obvious, and it’s easier to be focused on the fact that you’re on your path to exactly what you want or something even better.  How to Allow

I’ve had a recent quandary about the next step to take on a project and haven’t made a move because I just haven’t felt it.  I haven’t gotten that feeling of “Oh yeah, this is it.  This is what I need to be doing and it will work out.”  So I’ve been waiting and waiting, trying to get my vibe where it belongs and trying not to focus on the fact that I’ve been in this limbo situation.  Well, after a particularly fun weekend, when my daughter came home for Mother’s Day (which wasn’t easy for her that weekend) and my mood was pretty much in that sweet spot, I was looking for something on my computer and the “sign” the “idea” the “information,” whatever you might call it, jumped out at me on the screen.  And, it appeared in an unlikely place.  I was actually looking for something else and that “sign” generally wouldn’t appear there.  It was something I had thought about before but apparently wasn’t ready for.  But, when it appeared this time, I was ready by virtue of my cleaned-up vibration, and it became absolutely clear.

So, it’s abundantly obvious that I unknowingly found a way to raise my vibration, that is, have a good time and appreciate it, which put me in range with my desires and the guidance I was seeking.  We just have to find a way to enjoy the journey to our desires, to focus less on what’s not going exactly the way we want and focus more on what is going the way we want.

When we find ourselves worrying or thinking about the things that are not quite perfect in our lives, we need to make an effort to find some kernel of goodness in those very things if it’s at all possible.  For example, maybe you could use a new car but you’re actually lucky to have the car you have and it’s gotten you where you need to go more often than not.  Why not appreciate that car while the new car is on its way?  Why not get it washed or clean it out, as an example of your appreciation? Or maybe your significant relationship has been a little off but, when you reflect, there have been so many more good things in the relationship than bad.  Why not make a comment about something they are doing that you appreciate or do something to show that you noticed?  And, the more you focus on those good things, the more of them are going to show up for you.  After all, these things that aren’t perfect have gotten us to where we are now.  And, we now know that our appreciation of the fact that desire exists and we can anticipate it’s unfolding, our energy will clear up by 95%.  Once we’ve located that bit of positive energy in our current situation, we can move right into visualizing what it is that we do want, because the Law of Attraction will help us to bring in thoughts that match our new higher vibration.  And, once those thoughts become dominant, things begin to move, evidence begins to appear, and if we keep our belief intact and continue that feeling of eagerness and adventure, our desire is on its way to us.  images-3

I had fallen off the path (briefly) of using the Daily Tools from “How to Allow” and the epiphany  expressed in this post is sending me right back to what has worked for me so beautifully in the past.  We all get off of the path occasionally and that’s okay.  It’s part of our expansion, our growth.

But, geez, a simple change of focus can clear up our vibration by 95%.  Definitely worth the effort.

Let me hear about your manifestations!




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