As I was eating my lunch, thinking about writing this post, I thought to myself, “This is the best BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich) I’ve ever had, seriously. It’s sooo good.” And then I laughed. I was reminded that my kids have always teased me about my superlatives, that is, I often say, “This is the best sunset, pasta, beach, crab dip ever.” I think it began when we were on a family trip to a beautiful place and went to an amazing restaurant. The pasta was so delicious. It actually was the best pasta dish I had ever had. My daughter ordered it also and agreed. And, as we returned from dinner to the house where we were staying, I saw an amazing shooting star as we were getting out of the car. It lasted longer than any shooting star I had ever seen.

I mean it really was the best shooting star I had ever seen and, of course, I pointed it out to the whole family. My two references to “the best ever” in one night had my then teenage children dishing out some good-natured skepticism. I countered that, “I never actually say the best unless I really mean it.” It’s continued to be a joke between my kids and I, that is, is what I’m commenting upon the very best I’ve ever experienced? Or, am I just saying that because I’m such an appreciator?


Then, more recently, I was eating outdoors on the water with one of my sons and enjoying the scene and the food and I realized that the crab dip I was having (and I have crab dip whenever I can) was definitely the best I’d ever tasted. And, so I said it, “This is sooo good. This is the best crab dip I’ve ever had.” And this time, my now no longer teenage son, said, “Mom, I love that about you, the way you notice things and totally appreciate them.”


Best moment ever. Okay, well maybe it was one of the best moments ever; it was definitely a very happy moment for me. And, it remains a very happy memory.  I loved it that my son appreciated who I am and that he got it, that is, just how important it is to both notice and appreciate even the small things in your life.  There are lots of potential “bests” out there if we are looking for them.


So, as I was just thinking about how delicious this BLT is, it reminded me of my son appreciating me, I got a huge smile on my face, thought about how much I adore that guy, then started remembering other times I had a “best” moment and commenting on it to anyone who would listen. And, then I was off and running. Tons of other “bests” started flooding in and the idea of appreciating everything I can in this day came flooding in as well. There are a few other things in the background of my life today that I could focus upon and I think they would knock me right out of my vortex. But, I can choose to appreciate the BLT, my son, that my kids appreciate me, that a bird just dove into the birdbath outside my window, that my dog is laying by my feet as I write this, that someone I do not know just emailed me to tell me that a recent post I wrote was, “Beautiful and (they) simply wanted to send waves of gratitude and intentions for (Me) to feel great effortlessly in every moment of my existence . . . eternally.”  Wow, and nice!



Making the choice to appreciate my sandwich and then everything that flowed from that, rather than ruminate on the other things in my life that aren’t in my vortex, that have too many moving parts for me to fix, just doesn’t feel nearly as good. And, I know that some contrast is necessary to my expansion. I just don’t need to wallow in it. I can notice the contrasting thought, feel the feeling, sit with it a bit to notice everything about it, and then decide to let it go. When we purposefully decide to take note of the contrasting thought and see what it evokes in us, how it feels, and purposefully let it come up and out, we’re not attracting more of the contrast, we’re increasing our power, our control over our creations.  We’re actually making it easier and easier to move into a better feeling vibration whenever that more difficult subject comes up. We’re taking charge of our creations and our circumstances.


Actually, this is one of the most fun posts I’ve written in a long time. I’ve been in my vortex the entire time, actually feeling tingles in my body. I have a feeling I’m going to be experiencing more “bests” today because that’s what I’ve been focusing upon. And, that’s just the way the laws work.

And, that means that things are going to work out for me. This isn’t that hard. We make it too hard on ourselves much of the time. Try focusing upon a couple of things really worthy of your appreciation today and savor them. The matching thoughts will come.  And, then you’ll have more and more things to appreciate. I’m with you sitting in the Field of Appreciation.  And, I do know that the feeling of Appreciation is the best feeling of all.





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