It’s that time of year when it’s easy to feel more energized.  As the weather gets better and better and there are some truly perfect days, we long to get outside, to eat our meals outdoors if we can.  Sometimes we feel energized to take action, plant a garden, do spring cleaning, or we may feel like we can finally really enjoy the outdoors and get some well-deserved relaxation.  I’m thinking along the lines of laying in a hammock on the beach.  Although I’m feeling a bit like starting new projects and working in our garden, I’m  leaning more toward relaxing and taking a bit of a break from focusing like a laser on my desires.  When I’m feeling only eager about my desires, no problem, it’s pure pleasure to focus on the things I want to bring into my life.  When I’m moving toward impatience, I’m thinking more about giving myself a break and focusing more on just feeling good, in general, which we know certainly can’t hurt.  When we feel this in our gut, like I do now, I think it’s Divine guidance worth paying attention to.


As I was having these thoughts about more relaxation and ease, I came across this Abraham quote and it just roped me in (and in a huge way).  I realized that I’ve been working a bit hard on the things I need to do every day as well as toward the realization of my desires.  Lately, I haven’t done enough of the “relax and let it in,” to quote Abraham.  In case anyone else has found themselves in this limbo, I’m offering this quote to everyone to savor and to see if it spurs you to intentional relaxation and the positive emotion that will inevitably result.

Abraham says:

You’ve just got to relax and let it in.  You don’t have to earn or work hard for health.  You’d all be living health unless you were doing something that doesn’t let it in.  You don’t have to work hard for money—money wants you.  Abundance wants you.  You’ve been asking for it, the universe has been yielding it.  All you’ve got to do is stop complaining, stop noticing what’s going wrong, stop listening to the news, stop talking to people that complain, stop reiterating things that haven’t worked.  Stop talking about being stuck.  Stop all that stuff – now we were doing all of it while we’re telling you to stop it – but you’ve just got to stop that stuff that does not feel good and start loving and humming and skipping and listening and soothing and meditating and basking and soaking in the hot tub and laying on the beach and eating where you like to eat and loving and complimenting and basking and looking for reasons to feel good and remembering good times and looking through the photo album and pulling out pictures that feel good to you and sticking them in places where you’ll see them often and reading your love letters and writing love letters and remembering people who loved you and remembering compliments and looking for reasons to feel good and petting your cat and looking at flowers and walking in gardens and looking at the sky and looking at the sunset and basking over the rainbows, and then repeat all of that over and over and over and over and over.”

The quotation just made me feel so good as I read it that it inspired me to offer a challenge to myself and to any others who feel they might benefit from a bit more relaxing and Allowing their Well-Being to flow in.

See what happens in your life when, for the next few days or as long as you feel like it, you:  stop complaining; stop noticing what’s going wrong; stop listening to the news; stop talking to complainer’s; stop doing things that haven’t worked; stop talking about being stuck; stop reading or watching things that bring you down; stop blaming; stop worrying; stop being hard on yourself.

Instead, start: finding things to do at least once every day that you really want to do; meditate; eat where you like to eat; eat what you like to eat; buy yourself something that makes you happy; compliment others; compliment yourself; bask in the sun; remember good times and savor them for a few moments; find something to appreciate every day about the people in your immediate circle; find photos you love and place them where they’ll catch your eye; catch the sunset, say thank you, do something to make your home more comfortable for you; do something nice for someone else (which will also make you feel good); acknowledge that you’re doing a good job of finding things to enjoy and appreciate, and then repeat all of that and any other joyful things you can think of over and over and over and over.

When we think about it, it’s really not difficult and shouldn’t even be optional.  If it feels better, and helps you to feel that you’re not slacking off, think of it as your real work.  When you do this, the other work will lessen and impatience will give way to eagerness about your future.  Spring seems like a good time for a little more relaxed focus. Your feelings of relaxation and happiness should be your early evidence of the arrival of the things you were working at so hard  before.

Let me know how this works for you, not just in terms of deliberately creating but also in terms of your overall feeling of happiness.  Do you feel like you’ve moved up the emotional scale?

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