After the last blog post on speeding up our creations by being able to get comfortable with the desire that’s not here yet but already created for us in our vibrational reality, I’ve personally had so many breakthroughs.  Although this was all information I already knew, somehow the process of writing about it and talking to readers about it has made it much easier for me to just shift right out of what’s going on which could stand improvement, and to get comfortable with what I know is coming.  I’ve had improvements in my bank balance, more harmony in my relationships, more laughs and unexpected fun, and beautiful testimonials coming in for “How to Allow.”

Having that trust in the way the Law of Attraction works and the knowing that every one of my desires is responded to, is what’s making it work for me.  I have to admit that it’s not working perfectly for everything everyday, though!  Of course, there’s always contrast.  Otherwise, there would be no growth, no expansion, no life force being pulled through me.

And if I didn’t have a vibration of frustration going on this morning over something really inconsequential that bothered me last night, I doubt I would have had to spend over two hours on the phone this morning (feeling even more frustrated) with Best Buy, who was supposed to install a new gas dryer today.  I was transferred at least half a dozen times to different Departments, each of which said I needed to talk to a different Department.  Sometimes I’d even get transferred to the same person I’d already talked to.  And, that’s a big company.  They were even charging me for and sending me a dishwasher cord to go with my gas dryer, instead of the gas connector that I need for the installation.  How could this get screwed up so badly?

Ugh, I’m beginning to sound like Andy Rooney.  And, I still don’t have a way to do laundry. I’ll have to walk over to the neighbors to dry a load of clothes so my son has something to wear to school tomorrow.  I felt a lot like Phoebe on that famous “Friends” episode who stayed on the phone all day and night because her warranty was about to expire and she wasn’t going to let “the man” cheat her out what she was owed.  It just wasn’t pretty.

So it seemed like a good time, for all of us, to post some strategies for improving our mood when the inevitable contrast comes so that we can move ourselves back into that place where we’re comfortable with where we are and confident that our desires are on their way to us.  If that’s impossible at the moment, some of these strategies offer just plain relief, which is the first step in improving our mood and changing our point of attraction.

Just to lay the groundwork that this raising of our vibration doesn’t need to be the big deal we often make of it, I noticed a great video from Abraham-Hicks in response to the question of “Why is it so hard to Allow?”  The response was:

It’s not hard to Allow. 

The hardest thing of all is to learn patterns of not Allowing Who You Are.  It’s a lot harder to be confused than clear-minded, a lot harder to be sick than well, a lot harder to not have not enough money than to have enough money, to be negative than to be positive, a lot harder to be pessimistic than optimistic.  The hard, hard, hard, thing is not Allowing.  You just need to give yourself permission to do it and then practice it a bit.  It is good to feel good.  Clarity is your natural state of being.  Healthy, eager, loving, is your natural state of being.

So, Allowing is supposed to be easy.  Not Allowing is what’s hard.  A much better way to think about all of this, no?  I’ve asked myself and lots of readers and friends what they do to put themselves into a state of Allowing or closer to Allowing, that is, to improve their mood and their vibration.  Of course, some great ideas have come in and I hope some of these can be added to your repertoire.

Some of the things readers do and/or think to raise their vibration, that is, improve their mood and get happy:

Do something for someone else. (Multiple votes!!)

Get my hair/nails done. (Also mentioned more than once)

Meet friends for lunch and find out we’re all thinking the same stuff and then laughing about it!



Remembering that smile from my teenage son.

Listening to Jimmy Buffett.

Opening that little “Thank you” note from a dear friend that had been sitting on your desk for days– but you didn’t know it– so you just opened it today and got that really good feeling about your friendship.

Take a nap, especially as a diversion when it’s hard to find a better thought.


Listen to good music, especially music that reminds me of a time when I was feeling great.  Good strategy to make a playlist of music that makes you feel good.

Search for memories of something that made me happy, for example, seeing one of my kids do something for others, such as my son helping an elderly lady down the stairs the other day.  Aaaaah, right into the vortex!

Appreciate my pets.

Have a good chat with friends, especially where we share stories of good things that have happened to us.

Get my car washed.

Arrange flowers.

Think about how much I love my kids.

Buy fresh flowers for the house or pick them from the garden. (I think scientists have even proven that having fresh flowers around increases happiness).

Think about how much I love my parents.

Think about how everyone wants to help me, and that the fairies of the Universe are working for me at every moment.

Realize that something I have written has helped someone else and milk that thought.

Remember crazy things that we did in high school and college, that carefree feeling.

Watch Modern Family

Watch a great movie that makes me laugh or makes me think that anything is possible.

Realize that when something nice happens in my life, that “I did this!”

Listen to Abraham-Hicks seminars in my car.

Make my mother laugh.

Work in the garden.

Make some small improvement in my home, especially something that has needed attention for a while.

Take a shower.

Get outside and take a walk in the fresh air.

Lay in a hammock.

Read a great novel just for pleasure, not for a book club or assignment. (Multiple votes)

Catch some rays.

Watch my favorite sports team play well.

Play with my dogs or take them for a walk.

An indoor windowsill garden of basil, spring lettuce, baby peppers and tomatoes; so far the basil is thriving and the rest is an experiment–we’ve made some delicious pesto!  Just caring for them and seeing them grow is a joyful activity.

Talking to sisters and niece and nephew– connecting and stopping the rush for a bit to just talk and laugh–rare in our busy lives. I told my niece I had a package for her and should I send it or bring it? She lives 5 hours away— she said, bring it, ’cause then I can SEE you.  feeling valued by loved ones…goes so far 🙂

Perspective gaining– remembering to find and do things to get perspective.

Plan a getaway even an hour away for some down time and to switch into a relaxed gear, for a day or a night– just changing environment a little does so much for us to get a real break.

Create things to look forward to… a friend is coming from NM in December; she will text and say, 74 days!

Finding jokes or funny pictures or videos online… and having a good laugh!

Realizing how lucky I am to have chosen the parents I did.

Realizing that I love my sister-in-law as much as I would love a sister if I had one.

Milking the past for memories of when someone who is now being difficult did something great for me.  Realizing that’s Who They Really Are.

Doing something which creates that meditative state like needlepoint or knitting, where you go into that place of “no thought.”

Writing a note of appreciation to someone who isn’t really expecting it makes me feel as good as I think it does them.

One reader found a great tool for those of us who need a little external motivation.  It’s called and allows you to send in things you’d like to be reminded of everyday, like, am I choosing the best thoughts I can?  Am I feeling at peace with where I am?

Strangely, or not so strangely as I think about it, as I write this post and include all of these great ideas, my mood is lifting and is far from frustration.  Funny that only now I remember that after the epic Best Buy phone call this morning with multiple transfers, the final person I talked to said she is sending me a $25 Best Buy gift certificate for all of the bother.  Actually, she didn’t have to do that; she worked really hard to resolve the issue with all of the other people involved and it was very kind of her.  And, I just carted my laundry over to my neighbor’s to put in her dryer and realized that it’s really nice to have that kind of relationship with your neighbors.  It feels good to help each other out and you feel like you have even more of a support system looking out for you.

Wait, I’m no longer frustrated and things are already going so much better.  Things seem to change right on the heels of a change in my mood when my energy is flowing so strongly which it seems to be all the time now.  Energy is moving faster for all of us.

Wait, the dogs are barking.  Maybe it’s the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol?






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