The title of this post may sound too good to be true but is there such a thing as “too good to be true?” Just checking!  Of course there is no such thing as being “too good to be true.”  We are meant to have whatever we want.  And, it can be easier than we’ve been making it.


Often when I’m working with coaching clients they come to me with lots of goals but generally one “big issue.” If you’ve read enough of my posts, you already know I don’t like to identify any issues as “big issues” as they are only as big as we think they are.  Another limiting belief bites the dust!


While lots of people have one thing in particular that they would really like to manifest and it’s REALLY important to them, we rarely begin by tackling that issue. They are generally clinging so tightly to that issue that they are very unlikely to manifest the important issue without loosening their very strong grip on the issue and raising their vibration in general.  If they didn’t need to make that inner shift, they’d already have that very important thing.


So, a very good place to begin is by making everything a little easier, which leads to loosening the “death grip” on the important issue.  It’s simple, it can be easy, and it lifts your vibe.  I think you’ll be surprised at how effective this approach can be, as it seems too easy.  Yep, that’s the point, to begin to create more ease and to have a more easy, positive expectation of what’s to come.  Consider the various areas of your life, perhaps work, relationships, finances, lifestyle, home, and identify things that you don’t love. I’m obviously not going to suggest that you focus on all of the things that are wrong in your life for a long stretch and create an “everything sucks” type of energy.


What I am suggesting is that you go into this with an attitude of “I deserve a great life. There are things that could be better. Why would I not make an effort to up-level these annoyances, these vibrational holes that need to be plugged?” That energy is far from, “there are so many things in my life that suck.”


So, the very interesting thing you will find when you do this is that there are probably lots of minor things that you tolerate every day or multiple times per day that drain your energy. When they drain your energy and result in annoyance or frustration, your vibe follows right along. When you think of it in that way, isn’t it kind of ridiculous to keep tolerating those things that are vibrational drains when they could be plugged? You can be trying so hard to choose the best thoughts that are available and be sensitive to your mood but when every time you log onto your computer you go “ugh, I can’t find anything I need because this desktop is a complete mess,” you’re working against yourself.


The very, very interesting thing that I think you will find is that taking just a couple of very small actions to plug those vibrational holes will instantly lift your mood and then your vibe. It’s so easy it’s almost ridiculous. You will be asking why you didn’t eliminate these “tolerations” sooner.


I’m speaking with authority here. I do everything I ask my clients to do. Thinking it was only fair that I join in the eliminating tolerations party with my clients I made my own list. This could be considered embarrassing but I’m always willing to take one for the team. I came up with a list of 82 things that were “sub-par.” Yep, 82.  These ranged from the most minor things like a small stain on the carpet that I look at every day and think “ugh, I need to take care of that,” to not having a regular schedule for going to the gym, and just letting the day unfold without any commitment.  The TOLERATIONS related to my work systems, my organization, my dog, my cooking.  Some of them were so minor but I KNEW that every time I tolerated that minor issue it dampened my enthusiasm. Why would I let my enthusiasm be dampened when I could eliminate the issue?  None of us should tolerate these “Tolerations.”  They are energy-sucking vibe drainers.  They may seem minor but they aren’t when you understand that your vibration is everything.


These Tolerations can be minuscule, major, or somewhere in between, but if when you think of them you feel that “ugh” feeling or let out a sigh, it’s a good sign that taking care of it will totally improve your mood, your vibe, and help you to immediately begin changing the circumstances around you.


I have to admit that I almost couldn’t believe that FINALLY fixing an issue with my Word program on my computer, that I dealt with EVERY SINGLE DAY and got annoyed with EVERY SINGLE DAY, made me feel so much lighter. It took some Google time to find an answer, about ten minutes, and now when I begin to write a post or work on my book, I don’t get that twinge of annoyance. I actually get a bit of a boost because I realize that the thing that annoyed me every day is now handled. It feels good to take constructive action, to feel like you’re getting it done.   And, feeling good leads to Allowing in everything that matters.


So, to get started in thinking about what you might want to take care of you could go through the various areas of your life and think about them as if there were no limits. What do I not love here? What makes me let out an exasperated sigh? If you could use a few possible examples to get started, I’m happy to help:


A cluttered desk

Disorganized files or no files (not being able to put your hands on things you need)

A car registration that is expired

Not having filed your income taxes after already getting an extension (I plead the Fifth)

Clothes that can’t be worn because they need to be ironed or repaired

An uninspiring lunch (every day)

Not having a regular schedule for things like haircuts on your calendar, leading you to feel like a mess


I could go on with this list, I mean I had 82 tolerations, but only you know what things are making you a little nuts every day and which are really unnecessary vibe drainers. There can also be things that are slightly more global, putting up with a bad relationship or a home that no longer is a fit, but starting with the minor things can get you on a roll, which gives you the inspiration to look at the things that have a few more moving parts.

One really nice thing about this is that you don’t have to actually COMPLETE EVERYTHING on your list. Step One is just making the list to bring your attention to the fact that these things are causing an energy drain. Then you can decide that you don’t actually really care about a particular issue that much and you’re no longer going to let it annoy you. It’s off the list.


Step Two, there are things that will really feel good to get done that you can delegate to someone else. If there’s something that you really, really want to avoid, it makes perfect sense to find someone else to take care of it. We can delegate more things than we typically do.  And, this could involve delegating to someone on your team at work, a member of your staff, a personal assistant, a friend who wants to help you get beyond that issue, or even the Universe. My list for the Universe generally gets handled without my involvement.  There are also resources like TaskRabbit or Fiverr.  They were designed for this kind of thing.  If you’re thinking I can’t afford to spend $5 on Fiverr or $30 to get this annoying task done, I’d like for you to consider that you can’t afford not to.  Your vibration is everything and these vibrational drains are limiting what you are creating in your life by chipping away at your vibration day after day.


And, then there is Step Three, where there are those things that just need to be taken care of and that will cause you to feel SO MUCH BETTER and you just do them. And, it feels great actually. Things are not the huge chores we imagine them to be when we come from a place of “I’m taking charge of my life.”


It’s my experience that taking care of these tolerations will lead to making bigger changes. Improving your vibe will cause improvements in more than the minor things that were driving you a little nuts. Taking action to eliminate these stressors can lead to being unwilling to tolerate other things like not having a wonderful relationship in your life or not having at least $100,000 in your bank account for your use at all times, and soon you will be able to cross those off of your list too.


I’d love to hear of other people’s tolerations, not that I don’t have plenty on my own list.  If you could use a second set of expert eyes in figuring out what might be draining you and strategies for Allowing your vibe to rise, I’m here to help.


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