There is no valid reason to give up on our fondest desire.  We get to have it the way we want it.  Yet, sometimes we do give up or we slow things down and we feel like we’ve failed at creating what we want.

If we fully appreciated the power of having a very clear Intention, we would never give up the ship.  We would be more relaxed.  We would know that success could be inevitable.


The spiritual teacher Elan explains setting a clear Intention and manifesting it as a five-part process.  It’s often referred to as “I, 3D’s, and an A“.  The five steps are not complicated.


I, 3D’s, and an A


  1. The I is for Clear Intention. We need to be willing to be as clear as we can possibly be about what we intend for ourselves.  Intention is what begins the process of taking our desires from thoughts to things.


  1. The first of the three Ds is Deservability. We need to know that we deserve to have a joyful life, to have what we intend to have.  Got that?  By merely existing as spiritual beings in this physical reality we are deserving.  We don’t need to earn that deservability.


  1. The second of the three D’s is Desire.  That’s the emotional aspect, the feeling that we associate with the things we want in our lives.  This emotional component generates more momentum for our creations.  We can amp up our desire by reminding ourselves why we want the things that we want.


  1. The third of the three Ds is clear Definitions. Our definitions are our beliefs about how life works and what we think is possible for ourselves.  Our definitions generate our thoughts and those powerful emotions.  It’s worth discarding worn-out beliefs that no longer serve us and carefully choosing those beliefs that we want to hold onto.


  1. The final step, A, is for Action, what we do, how we take steps to bring our ideas into reality.  Implementation of our clear Intention with action is essential.  We didn’t come into this life only to visualize our desires. We chose a “physical” reality on purpose.


When we create a very clear Intention and don’t deviate from it, success becomes inevitable.  It’s just the way energy works.


Failure, from this perspective, is simply the unwillingness to maintain that clear Intention.  We sometimes do that when we take stock of our circumstances and use them as evidence that we can’t have what we want.  But, the circumstances are just circumstantial, right?  They are merely evidence of what we’ve created so far, not where we are going.


If this is the only way we can “fail,” then maintaining our clear Intention, what we intend to be, do or have, is our Superpower.


Our strategy then is to remind ourselves that the only reason our desire hasn’t manifested yet is related to timing.  In this time-space reality, we generally don’t expect instant manifestation or instant knowing.  We expect to experience certain things and accumulate certain knowledge so that we can appreciate the manifestation of our desires in the most satisfying way.


If we look around us and are tempted to think that success is NOT INEVITABLE, we need to remind ourselves that our Intention is what we intend to have.  If we continue to focus on the lack of concrete evidence, we won’t see the clues, the signs, the opportunities that are there for us to support us in manifesting our clear Intention.


It’s suggested that while we maintain that very clear Intention that we also “put it aside” at times when our next step isn’t obvious.  This DOES NOT MEAN GIVING UP ON IT.  We have decided that we will have it.  This means reaffirming our Intention and then looking around us for what is available now.  There are unique choices in every moment that are lined up with our Intention as well as choices that are less aligned.


Those choices may seem completely unrelated to our Intention, but from among them, we want to choose the one that brings the most happiness, joy, contentment, satisfaction, whatever we might savor from that moment.


I had just that opportunity this weekend when I got the nudge to walk my dog during halftime of an NFL game involving a team that shall not be named.  There were other options, text my kids about the game, eat a snack, jump on my computer, but it just felt like I actually needed to jump up and walk Buckley.  And, I “coincidentally” ended up running into a young woman that I had heard was very sick, who is staying in my neighborhood.  I had wanted to reach out and share what I’ve learned about our power to heal our bodies but I didn’t want to be intrusive.  And, then she was walking next to me on my street!  I should mention that Buckley slowed our walk down by doing lots of sniffing allowing her to catch up to us.  Our animal pals tend to help us create lots of  those perfect “coincidences.”


So, my clear Intention is to help others to reclaim their power and share How to Allow with as many people as possible who are looking for that information.  Very cool how walking my dog during halftime turned out to be very aligned with my Intention.  And, it was an absolutely amazing conversation for both of us!


While maintaining our clear Intention, we need to choose to do the thing that feels like the best among the choices available and then fully experience and savor that option, even if it feels unrelated or mundane.  We need to remember that every moment we have an option right in front of us and it is our choice in those moments that speeds up or slows down our inevitable success.


We don’t need to fear failure or success if we maintain our clear Intention.  We won’t experience an idea before its time.  We are creating in exact cadence with the timing that we can handle and in which we can appreciate our creations in the fullest way possible.


So, it’s easy, just I, 3D’s and A.  Intention, Deservability, Desire, Definitions, and Action.  We need an acronym for that but I’m not sure how we’d pronounce it!  Set our Intention, remind ourselves that we deserve it, check for any beliefs that don’t support our intention, replace them with empowering beliefs, and take action in concert with our Intention.


Maintaining our clear Intention is our Superpower and we’re going to want to use it.  We deserve to have the life that we want.










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