helping handsI’ve tried to stress both throughout these posts and the course and e-book, “How to Allow,” that there is a cast of thousands of non-physical helpers working for us at all times, trying to help us to attract what we really want.  Also, we live in a Universe which is based predominately on Well-Being, which should happen naturally if we’re not doing something to interfere with that flow of positive energy into our lives.  And, that has to give us more confidence and positive expectation!    Okay, so now what?

We have the helpers.  We know the steps now:  (1) Ask, which happens automatically whenever we think of something we want; (2) Source Energy responds immediately and delivers exactly what we want (or a better version) into our vibrational escrow, which waits for us to line up our energy with it; and (3) We work on getting our vibration in line with our desire by thinking the best thoughts we can, trying to capture the feeling of actually manifesting our desire, expecting everything to work out for us, and make maintaining our good vibration our highest priority.  That’s the “Allowing” part of the equation.

What we often have difficulty with, and which prevents us from using our full power, is that we are often focused more on what is in our lives right now than looking forward to what’s coming with enthusiasm, detaching ourselves as much as we can from anything negative about “what is.”  And, that’s especially true for most of us when it comes to financial abundance.

I think it’s time for some serious focus, a rant, a rampage, generally carrying on ridiculously about what it feels like to be financially abundant.  I want to really get into the feeling of having plenty of money and exactly what that would feel like, really feel like.  Why?  Because we need to feel the way we think we’ll feel when we have plenty of money to attract plenty of money.  How would we be, act, what kind of person would we be if we had all of the money we needed, and more, to do the things we want to do?



And that may cause you to breathe a sigh of relief, because, for most of us, it’s just too difficult to focus on feeling financial freedom, true abundance, when either we’ve never had it before or we just don’t have it right now.  There’s probably nothing more “in your face,” other than maybe a troubled significant relationship, than whether you have the money you need to operate in this world.  Virtually everything we want to do, our very security and comfort depends upon having a reasonable amount of money.  We have rent, utilities and taxes, clothes, and food, which need to be paid for.  And, that list isn’t even beginning to address some of the things which bring fun into our lives, like having pets, going to concerts, sporting events, vacations, fixing up our homes, buying things that are beautiful just because they bring beauty into our lives.  The need for money is everywhere, and is especially apparent when we don’t have quite enough in our own eyes.  And, you can also lose the limiting belief that desiring money is somehow not “spiritual,” because we are meant to live lives of abundant well-being and, in our world, that is impossible without a reasonable amount of money.  Money is simply another form of energy in our Universe and one we should get comfortable with if we are not already.

So, how do we do this with ease and grace and Allow that money we’ve already created in our vibrational escrow to appear in our lives as soon as possible?

First, we’re going to turn our attention away from money.  And, then we need to work on achieving the same vibrational frequency as our money, that’s right, our money, which already is sitting there waiting for us.  Although we’ve talked about money in prior posts, I thought it could be helpful, because everyone keeps bringing up this issue, to try to come up with things that have the same feeling or vibrational frequency as money.  Because we know now that we can get happy on a subject that gives us no trouble at all and Allow other unrelated desires into our lives.

We just need to tune ourselves to other types of abundance and remove our focus from our wallets and bank accounts and bills.  What does abundance feel like?   Because when we answer that question and feel like that, our financial abundance is going to come to us faster.

To me it feels like freedom, fun, security, being carefree, ease, power, excitement, appreciation, being generous, being honorable by meeting my obligations.  Feel free to come up with any other feelings that having plenty of money would create for you.

Now, think of the other things besides money that you want in your life and why you want them, that is, how do you think you’ll feel when you have them?  And, you’ll be surprised how many of those good feelings are a match to financial abundance as well.

“If you can fast forward into those feelings, to expect that kind of abundance because you know it’s out there, it’s a different frequency than the one you commonly are offering, and the evidence of the change of your frequency will be evidenced RIGHT NOW.  If you can decide that feeling good is all that matters, use the power of your mind, no matter what the situation is, then you will experience the freedom that you think the dollars will bring you.”  AHicks    Unknown-1

Okay, what do you desire (besides money)?  I’m creating a random list of things that some of us might desire.

A fantastic romantic relationship

A great group of friends

Work that brings me joy

A fun social life

A creative outlet that puts me in the zone

Freedom to spend my time the way I want

Freedom to travel

A new, beautiful, reliable car

A beautiful home that is comfortable and welcoming, a sanctuary

Time to spend with the people I care about

To be appreciated by the important people in my life

To be eager to do my work every day

To be an up lifter of others

More ease in my life

A beautiful garden where I could spend all the time I want

A powerful connection with Source

A powerful connection with my Guides

To be able to receive my guidance easily and clearly

Clarity about where I’m going in my life

For my cat to stop catching birds and squirrels and giving them to my dogs (well, maybe I should surrender that one to the Universe)


It would be a good idea to make your own list now so we can really get to the feeling place of your desires.  For each of these things on your individual list, why, really, do you want them?  What feelings do you think you’ll feel if you have the things on that list?

So for each one, write out the answer, why do you want it? How do you think it will make you feel?  Now don’t stop there.  Sit yourself down and imagine that feeling when you have manifested that desire into your life and milk it for a while. Move on to something else.  It’s getting easier and easier isn’t it?  The Law of Attraction certainly helps with that once you start creating some positive momentum.

For example, you might think, I want a fantastic relationship because when I’m in a relationship like that I feel loved, I feel love, I feel appreciation and I appreciate, I feel excitement, I feel wanted, I feel happy, looking forward to how I’ll be spending my time, secure, like someone has my back .  .  .

I want work that brings me joy because it makes me feel productive, independent, useful, creative, competent, confident, like I’m contributing to a better world, proud, eager, on my path .  .  .

So get yourself into that place where you are undistracted, imagining that you have that relationship, that work, that freedom, and go into a rampage of those fantastic feelings.  You can do this by actually putting yourself  in exactly that situation in your mind.  You can even act “as if” the desire has already been fulfilled.  For example, if your work involves sales or clients, you could create a calendar with some appointments on it in the expectation of having those appointments.

images-1    You could watch a movie that has aspects of the kind of romantic relationship you’d ideally like to have.  You could pay off a small bill to feel that feeling of meeting all of your obligations and feeling a bit more powerful than before you paid it.  You could dress in the clothes that you’d wear if you had the work that you desire, letting yourself feel the feeling of looking and feeling good about yourself each time you look in the mirror.  You could give yourself the freedom to take a break from your work or chores and do something nice for yourself, to cultivate that feeling of freedom.  Hey, if you didn’t have freedom, you couldn’t do that.  Feel the freedom.  If your romantic relationship is not at it’s best, you could remind yourself of the times when it was at it’s best, and how excited you were to see your partner and how much fun you had together.

Remember that the Universe is responding to your vibe and nothing else.  It doesn’t matter if your vibe is created by your thoughts or actions in advance of receiving your desire.  The Universe will respond accordingly to give you more of what you’re vibe is attracting.  And, please, I always have to remind myself of this.  It doesn’t have to be such a big deal or Herculean effort.  You don’t have to make up for ten years of negative thinking with ten years of focusing positively on your desires.  A person with a pure, positive vibration is more powerful than millions who have a negative vibe.  And, because this pure positive energy is so powerful, it takes very little shifting in your momentum to begin attracting evidence of your new vibration.

Now that you’ve purposely generated those awesome feelings, have you noticed how many of those feelings are identical to the feelings you think you’ll have when you have plenty of money?  If you can do this, not go crazy, just do it for a few minutes a day, those desires, and the money are on their way to you.  No more focusing on the lack of money in this moment. Just cut it out! If you’ve done this rampage of appreciation for some of your other desires, for just a few minutes a day, you’ve changed your momentum when it comes to money, and all sorts of good things.  How you feel is your early evidence of what’s coming next, including money.  Remember that you can allow in money or any other desire by loving and appreciating other aspects of your life.  That’s just the way it works and, that’s the world you are creating.  Let’s get to it!  And, expect success because it’s inevitable if you focus on what you want and why you want it. Unknown-2

If you should want some  help with creating a powerful vibe that will bring big changes to your life, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Counseling is available to ramp up your vibe at reasonable rates to fit your needs.  It needn’t take much focus to shift your momentum to line up with your desires.  It is your natural state of being and the way you were meant to live.


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