I have a feeling that you might want to sit down while reading this, as the more I think about the transformative power of this concept, I feel slightly drunk with power.

So, if you’re sitting down with a glass of wine or something equivalent, realize that your body may develop a bit more of a high; you may not want to drive or fly a plane immediately after allowing yourself to fully feel the power of this tool.

We’ve talked about the importance of realizing that some of your “negative” experiences were necessary in creating where you are now.

I know it may feel like those negative experiences weren’t essential. I mean, seriously, did THAT HAVE TO HAPPEN in order for me to have grown and expanded and know what I know now? I’m gone through a mental list of experiences that feel like they SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN NECESSARY for me, and nearly everyone I know, and I can imagine each person, like me, thinking “Oh, hell no. That was just too much. Didn’t need that. It held me back. It was too painful. It made me lose hope.”



But, when you think of it in a slightly different way, using your best efforts to suspend judgment, I think you can feel drunk with power also.

Do you accept that you create your own reality, 100%?

Do you believe you have the power of the entire Universe within you as you project your entire reality?

If this is a yes, and it is for me, then this acceptance brings with it the understanding that we can’t really get rid of anything. There is nowhere for it to go if we contain the energy of the entire Universe within us. We are all of it. So, we can only transform something that we feel that we’d like to get rid of.



We assume our full power when we look at whatever we have in our lives or have had in our lives as our creation. All of it. I repeat, all of it.  You must be thinking I would not have consciously created that. And, you’re right. We have created these things that we think of as difficult very unconsciously.

And, it’s time to do something about that.

This is where the concept of Limiting Beliefs comes in. One coaching client recently said that she “hates the phrase Limiting Beliefs.” Yep, it’s just so annoying to admit that we have them, but it happens to be a very accurate description of what underlies those things we wish we hadn’t created.

So, what’s happened in the case of these events, relationships, ideas, and occurrences that we are judging as negative is that we have created them unconsciously as a product of these tired beliefs that we picked up in childhood or somewhere along our path. Yet, as soon as we become aware of them we can’t call them unconscious anymore. And, that’s where we can begin to change what we are creating.

The question becomes how can we bring these unconscious beliefs into our awareness so that we can allow them to transform? The only means of doing this is to look at it all from the perspective of being the CREATOR OF IT ALL.

We need to look at what we have created in order to determine what our purpose was in creating it.

And, this is where the fun begins. Okay, maybe not fun as in the fun you will have when you start creating things that are much more to your liking, but it will feel like relief.



So this is the juncture where, geez, so many tired sayings come to mind, “the rubber hits the road, the sh__ hits the fan . . .” I think you get this.  This is where the opportunity for change lies.

The opportunity here lies in realizing that continuing to judge the situation as negative, unwanted, destructive, DOES NOT SERVE US. Even though the situation is obviously negative, on its surface, that negative connotation IS NOT THE REASON WE CREATED IT.

WE ONLY CREATE EVENTS, RELATIONSHIPS AND CIRCUMSTANCES IN OUR LIVES TO SERVE US IN SOME WAY, TO ALLOW US TO GROW, TO EXPAND. Labelling something as a disaster from which no good could possibly come doesn’t allow it to serve us.

The very sobering, but eventually empowering (as in feeling drunk with power), take-away from this is that EVERYTHING SERVES US, NO MATTER WHAT. Yep, “Even that.”

Often the way these things are of service to us is that they allow us to reveal what we must have believed in order to have created it in the first place. Asking the question, “What did I believe to have created this?” is using everything in our repertoire to transform our creations into positive creations.

When we take a moment to unearth the belief that created the unwanted condition, we have the chance to transform it. Once we confront it, revise it, update it, without judgment, we are taking all of our power back.

There will always be something we can glean about why the event served us and why it was essential to our growth.

The next time you feel something to be particularly negative, . . .you could allow your consciousness to wander to the notion that “EVEN THIS SERVES ME. I’M ALLOWING MYSELF TO USE EVEN THIS TO GROW AND TO TRANSFORM ALL OF MY CREATIONS . . .” (Bashar)



This is taking the reins of our lives into our own hands. From the first time that we engage this process, when we ask ourselves “How does even this serve me?” and then proceed to find the belief that created it, we begin to replace our “Limiting Beliefs” with beliefs that actually do serve us perfectly.

Looking at everything through this lens will begin to create positive momentum instantly. Just one decision to transform a limiting belief and to no longer judge our creation but to view it as just what we needed, begins the process of replacing those negative circumstances with what we choose instead.

It’s not that difficult. It feels good to do it. And, it’s life-changing.

Find something that you have believed has been a particularly negative circumstance in your life and ask how it serves you. Ask what you needed to believe to have created it. Flip the belief. Update it to something that is actually true for you now. Acknowledge that you needed that event to get to where you are.

And, once you’ve done that, you no longer need it. You’ve now transformed it and you won’t keep thinking about the situation with regret and judgment. You’re moving forward. You can feel appreciation. And, your life is now changing and will be better and better.



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My profound gratitude to the spiritual teacher Bashar for his amazing explanation of how everything serves us, “Even That.”

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