Please sit down (drumroll) as you receive the very best formula for raising your vibration!  When I initially listened to this material from the spiritual teacher known as Bashar, it resonated with me in a big way.  But, my next thought, and what your first thoughts may be when you read this was, “Yes but, how do I do that?  And, I’m not even sure what “it” is.”  


The so-called “formula” for raising your vibration and manifesting the things you want is to “take action on the opportunity that creates the highest excitement.”  Hmmmm. Okay.  That feels right.  When I’m acting on things that are exciting, my vibration is going to be in a pretty good place.  But, it begs a few questions.


  1. What do I find exciting in my life now?
  2. What could I find exciting in my life now?
  3. How can I follow my highest excitement when I have to pay my bills, take care of my kids, do the laundry, buy groceries?
  4. Is there actually anything exciting that’s within my range of possibilities?


Excitement.  What is it really?  It’s defined as “a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.”  Does that feel a bit more comfortable as a definition to you?  It does to me.  The word excitement can feel like a bit of a stretch when you think of finding something that’s actually exciting to do now or in the immediate future and finding the space in your life to do it.


But, doing something that feels like enthusiasm and eagerness feels a little bit closer to home and attainable.

Bashar suggests that:


The highest excitement doesn’t have to come in the form of a project or career. As long as an option contains even a little more excitement than any other option, act on it first. Excitement is your body’s physical translation of a communication from your higher mind.  Respond to it by acting on the excitement.  Use all of your skills, talents, imagination and abilities in taking the action.  Act on that excitement with absolutely zero insistence or assumption with respect to a specific outcome.  Understand that insistence on a specific outcome, manifestation or path may actually prevent a better manifestation than you imagined.



The best way of getting to this place where we can define our own “highest excitement” and find the room to actually take action on those things that create excitement (enthusiasm and eagerness) is to do the thing that you can think of that feels a little bit better than you’re feeling right now.  Even if you’re feeling pretty good in the moment, how could the moment be even better? If you find yourself “needing” to do something that you’re not enthusiastic about but you know you will feel better if you do it, play some really good music while you’re doing it. Create some sort of fun ritual while you get it done.  That alone will have bumped up your vibe.  Then, notice the next thing that you feel even the least bit inspired to do.  We’re talking step, by step, by step.  By taking those small steps toward following your “highest excitement” in the moment, you will arrive at the place where you will know and be inspired to do what would actually be fun, enjoyable, possibly even “lit,” as in “something that is f______ amazing in any sense.”


Could you actually get to that point where you could make space in your day for something that feels “f______ amazing”?  Yes, you could.


If something that creates feelings of enthusiasm or eagerness or, yikes, even is actually “lit,” might be beyond your current comfort zone, think about how you could turn feelings of fear into excitement.  We often confuse the two.  Something that initially makes you feel anxious when you think of doing it is actually somewhere in the vicinity of excitement, more often than not.  If you feel genuine anxiety or fear and it’s a strong gut feeling, it’s an obvious “no.”  But, if it feels like, hell yeah, that might be fun but . . . it feels a little scary to think about, give it a little more airtime.  See what develops.


Bashar suggests that acting on this formula with integrity aligns you with the complete tool kit of excitement that:


Provides every form of support, abundance or information you need.

Becomes the driving engine that moves you forward.

Acts as the organizing principle that shows you what to act on in what order and when.

Presents you with the path of least resistance to flow through life.

Connects you to all other expressions of your excitement no matter what form they come in.

Becomes the reflecting mirror that reveals anything within your beliefs that is out of alignment with your true vibration of excitement.

Leaves nothing relevant out.


I hope it isn’t lost on you that this tool kit of excitement kind of covers all of the bases!  The tool kit itself is lit!


I’m encouraging you to start with the first thing you can think of that would make this moment a little better.  Could you improve the space where you are working, go to a different place to do your work today, play great music, take a moment to goof off in a way that you usually don’t?  Could you plan to do something that you used to love but no longer take time for?  Could you listen for something new that is calling you now?


I love writing blog posts and so I chose to follow my highest excitement by doing this.  I also love painting and I haven’t done it for quite awhile.  That is going to happen.  I would love it if readers would share some ideas of what might be even a bit exciting that you’re doing or planning to do.


When we do that, we’ve got this.  All of our desires flow from this.  So, for the moment, forget about manifesting the money, the relationship, the improved health, or the new house.  Follow your highest excitement and let the Universe deliver all of that stuff.  It’s VERY GOOD AT IT.  You might say the Universe is lit.



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