We know about the buffer of time that exists between the moment we put our thoughts out there and the moment in which the manifestation of those thoughts occurs.  I think most of us breathe a sigh of relief when we think about that buffer of time.  Who would want instant manifestation of some of the negative and absolutely ridiculous thoughts we get caught up in on occasion?  I know I wouldn’t.  But, when it comes to things we do want and we’re visualizing and trying to focus on the positive outcome to our problem, it’s easy to feel like the solution is never coming or that we must be doing something wrong.

When our manifestation is off in some way, we usually try to focus harder, or try more processes, anything to speed up the manifestation of what we’ve been waiting for.  But, often our vibration on the subject is off as well, or it would’ve manifested already.  So every time we turn our attention to our desire, we might be actually cementing it into position exactly the way it is rather than shifting our vibration to be a true vibrational match to the desire.  Our reality is reflecting back to us our vibrational mix on the subject.  Whether you’re worried or determined that you’re going to make something happen, it still equals resistance.  It’s still not the pure positive energy you need to be a match to your desire.

It’s easy to imagine.  There’s something you want to change, really badly, and your awareness of the fact that you still don’t have it is lurking there among all of your positive thoughts about how nice it will be when your desire manifests. So, what do you do?  How can you bring your desire with you into your vortex, that is, get your vibration up to speed with your desire so that you’re a match to it?  The easiest thing to do is to back away a bit and go more general with your positive focus.  There are other things, undoubtedly, that are working for you that you could focus on instead.  So, you think about your fantastic vacation from last summer and revel in it, or how much you love your family, how much you love your pets, you reminisce about the beautiful lunch you had with an old friend.  You focus on those things for the pure pleasure of being in the vortex and then watch the manifestations as they show you where you are right now.

The spiritual teachers known as Abraham have noted recently that energy is moving faster as more and more of us are summoning energy.  That buffer of time is shortening.  It can be so short, depending upon how much we spend our time in the positive energy of our vortex, that we’re right on the brink of instant manifestations that are following our deliberate thought.  Our desires are right on the heels of our shift of vibration.  In my last post I wrote about how I raised my vibration from being in somewhat of a funk to feeling great, after simply telling a friend a story about a great day I had when I was “in the zone.”  And things immediately shifted for me after that short conversation. I’m not only believing that energy is moving more quickly, but I’m seeing it in my own life.  My friend and relationship coach Lisa Hayes at goodnewsgoneviral.com agrees and remarked that she thinks, “The river is flowing on flood.”

I’m finding this development incredibly inspiring and powerful. To know that I can almost instantly watch a manifestation mimic the good that I’m feeling, gives me more of a feeling of creative control over my life. Abraham suggests that we not try to control the uncontrollable but, just do the work of raising our vibration by thinking the best thoughts we can come up with, and let our vortex create the manifestations.  Then notice what’s happening down to the last detail.  The elevator comes to you in response to how you feel.  The waiter you are lucky enough to get is summoned by how you feel, the clerk in the store, helpful or unhelpful, is there because of the way you feel.  It’s happening that quickly for many of us who are summoning lots of energy.  We know what we want, we understand how it works, and the Universe is out there with the desire to please us in every way if we are in alignment.

I’m choosing to see this as incredibly exciting.  I’m not going to worry about the speed of energy and negative thoughts because I know that positive energy is exponentially more powerful than negative energy. When you notice negative sloppy thinking, just make the shift as best you can.  What this new speed of creation does do for me is make me less willing to stay in a place where I don’t want to be for very long.  Now that I see how fast energy is moving, now that I see real evidence of it, I’m going to be more picky about feeling good all of the time.  How about you? That’s what we were meant to do and it sure is a lot more fun.


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