I think the time has come to take our game up to the next level.  For those of us who are Law of Attraction-savvy, we know how important it is to maintain our vibration.   There is nothing that is worth allowing our vibration to go into the gutter;  the snarky social media comment, the person who cut us off in traffic, the unexpected charge to our bank account, the disappointing friend, the annoying boss or co-worker, so not worth it.


When these unwanted things occur, we know now that we need to feel the feeling that comes up, on purpose, and then decide that we don’t need it any longer. We can replace it with a thought about it that feels much better.  We can change our perspective.  We’ve moved to a different place where we handle things differently.  We have an opportunity to respond differently than we would have before we did all of this work on our vibration.


In my book, How to Allow, I strongly suggest, heck, I ask people to sign a contract.  I ask that they commit to choosing the best thoughts that they are capable of choosing whenever they can. That still holds true and is the essential foundation of creating the life that you want.


So, in taking it up a notch, to really begin taking our creative talents to a new level and to create just what we want, it’s time to make another powerful decision, another commitment.


This approach is game-changing.


Perhaps you, like me, want a particular circumstance in your life to show up, but it feels that the timing isn’t quite there yet.  It seems that there are things that need to happen first.  Things need to line up, right?  In order to move into our new home, we need the funds.  We need the great performance review to get the raise.  We need the promotion to leave our job for the job we really want.  Yep, that’s how we generally think.


Let’s take a leap and consider that the idea that “the timing isn’t quite there yet,” is just an assumption on our part.  Who says the timing is not quite right yet?  It is always the perfect timing when we decide that it is.  When we don’t believe it can happen very soon, we are deciding and building that condition into our decision.  


Here is the juncture where we can change our Inner Game and begin to allow more of what we want into our lives.


Deciding that we are the person who has what they want is being that vibration.  It is committing to who we are.  It requires making a commitment to be that person who has the circumstances that they want and 100% being that person in that moment.  When we decide, “I am ______________ and fill in that blank, we are the vibration right then and there.”


Does it feel delusional to think that way?  It shouldn’t.  Everything is energy and the thing that we want has already materialized.  It’s waiting for us.  It isn’t a month away, a week away, but only a vibration away.  So, in declaring that we are the person who has the money, the new home, the improved relationship, we are just acknowledging what already is RIGHT NOW.  When we feel what it feels like to be that person who already has that money, home, relationship, we are cementing it into our vibration.  Now, it’s coming fast.


An alternative is to make that decision, that commitment, with the idea of becoming that person versus the vibration of BEING THAT PERSON.  That can also work yet it’s not the most direct path.  That decision results in a vibration of working toward becoming that person; it’s not quite as close.


We need to realize that making the decision is being that person and expressing that vibration right now, in this moment.  How does the person feel, behave, think, who has just what I want, who knows that they are a person who can successfully create just what they want and that it’s happening now?


From that point forward, from that decision, that commitment, there are options.  In the next moment after deciding that I am that person who ____________,  (has my new home, has the amazing relationship, has a great relationship with my family, has the means to do what I want), the decision that we next make will either support the decision that we are already that vibration or will support the idea that we are one step closer to being that vibration.  A less attractive option is to cancel or stamp out that vibration altogether by taking score or letting doubt dominate our vibration.


Clearly, deciding and committing to being that person now is the way to go.


The all-important next step is trusting the decision and maintaining the commitment to that decision.  If we understand that when we decide that we are that person, because we have established ourselves as that vibration, trusting our decision is simply a matter of occasionally reminding ourselves of that decision “in its full potency, it its full commitment form.”


When we already are that person in our own minds, when we hold that vibration, do things begin to move faster?  YES! YES! AND, YES!


So, what happens now? With eyes wide open, we are already on the lookout for the opportunities that are available now that physically create the helpful circumstances that will produce the physical result we want.


EVERYTHING BEGINS IN CONSCIOUSNESS.  When there is the notion of physical events that are yet to play out, it always begins with a commitment in consciousness.  Our reality then positions itself in such a way where our changing circumstances can be in a straight line, one step at a time that expresses our decision of being that person “to whatever degree is available in that given moment.” We are fully leveraging the power of the Universe.


How does that work as a practical matter? We do what we would do if we completely accept ourselves as that person!  We remind ourselves that person that I now am, that person who has the ____________ would do this. And, then we are on the shortest physical path toward our desire.


Make the commitment, the decision, and get very, very excited as you watch what happens next.



Many thanks to Bashar, a great spiritual teacher, for illuminating this process so beautifully. https://www.bashar.org


I’d love to hear how making this decision works for you.  You can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net.  I always appreciate your comments.


If you’d like additional support with putting this process into practice, with deciding, committing and then knowing the physical actions to take to be that person, I’m happy to help.  You can reach out and contact me.




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