Do you know anyone, or a few people, for whom money is just not a problem? I do, and I think it’s worth noting that these people just expect money to flow in and out of their lives.  They intend and expect to be able to buy and do what they want, for the most part.  Money is just something they don’t fret about or obsess about.  And, your first thought is probably “Well, that’s easy for them. They’ve got money.  It’s easy to expect it and not worry about it when you already have it!”  Yep, it is easy to expect it when you’ve mostly had it when you needed it, when you’ve felt the feeling of freedom that having plenty of money brings.


So, how do you get there from here?


By now, if you’re a believer in the Law of Attraction and know that you’re creating your own reality by the thoughts that you think, you have probably shifted your perspective about money to one that is at least slightly more in alignment with abundance.  Most LOA savvy people know that having money doesn’t deprive anyone else of money but actually helps others to create abundance, that money is energy like everything else, and that the Universe has already created the money you’ve been asking for and that it’s sitting in your virtual reality just waiting for you to Allow it in.  That’s all well and good and those beliefs about money are easy for me and I hope that they are easy for you. And yet, knowing that money should be easy and that it’s just waiting for you to align your vibration with it, does not necessarily mean that your money (that already exists) is flowing into your life abundantly.  




There’s really only one way to make the leap from scarcity, and constantly feeling the lack of money, to HAVING THE MONEY IN YOUR HANDS OR YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.  You need to have a new story.  Where we usually trip ourselves up is by allowing ourselves to be fixated on the things in our lives that aren’t going as well as we would like. And, then we spend lots of energy arguing with ourselves and justifying to anyone else who might listen why we shouldn’t be where we are.


As long as you’re mired in the current reality, looking at your current bank balance, the other circumstances in your life, and telling the same story about the lack of money in your life, you’re not going anywhere fast.  The foundation of creating anything in your now reality is making peace with your current situation, realizing that you can go anywhere from here and then moving into the place where you can feel like you have what you want.  Then you get what you want.


Where the problem sometimes comes in with MONEY is that it can be really, really hard to imagine yourself flush with cash, buying what you want, walking on the beach, when you’re having difficulty paying your bills.  The bills are staring you in the face and the walk on the beach feels delusional.  Writing about or visualizing or stating affirmations that say that you are living with all of the money you need and want can just feel “false.”  It can feel unrealistic, delusional, ridiculous. And, I don’t mean that good kind of “ridiculous.”  When we’re trying to make that vibrational leap in that way where it doesn’t feel possible we’re just locking ourselves more solidly into the feeling of “lacking money.”  The Universe is not picking up on our words but our vibration of “lacking money.”


There is a way around it and I’m going to suggest that you give this a whirl for the next week or so.  It should be fun, not a chore, and should not feel like you’re broad-casting “fake news.” I really, really am not enamored of the term fake news so it feels like an additional good thing to avoid in becoming more deliberate about allowing yourself to finally have true abundance in your life.  So, you need to begin telling a new story about some things in your life, beginning in a very general away.  Again, launching into “I love having so much money and the new Mercedes I just bought” may feel too far from where you are and not believable.


This new story needs to create a new vibrational atmosphere around you. This new story will begin to change the energy field around you so that you’re receptive to money rather than stuck where you are.  Changing your story requires determination, a decision that you’re not going to remain stuck.  Most of us have been taught that it’s important to be truthful and it can feel strange to begin talking about feeling abundant when you don’t yet feel abundant.  It’s not a “lie” to tell a story about where you’re going instead of where you’ve been. And, this story is just for you, not the peanut gallery who is going to tell you you’re unrealistic.


Because you know that there really is a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY that has been created and is sitting in your vibrational escrow, it’s not a false statement or belief to say that “I know I’m ACTUALLY VERY COMFORTABLE FINANCIALLY.” Our vibrational reality is where we’re going, and isn’t based on the old vibration we’ve been carrying for a long time. So, it’s actually more “true” that we already have all of the money we need.  We ACTUALLY do.  We only need that determination to let it in now.  With this foundation we are beginning from a place of BELIEVING that we already have financial abundance.  It’s just a matter of tweaking, of turning the radio dial just a tick, to the station that vibrates at the same place as abundance.


Our story needs to be more about where we are going than where we’ve been. Our story needs to be more about how we believe in the laws of the Universe, and we know the Universe is supporting us.  We know that money already exists in our vibrational escrow.  We’re lucky to know the things that we know.  We’re not limited by unsupported false beliefs.  We have other things in our life that feel really good.  And, money is no different than those other things that we’ve expected and allowed into our lives.  It’s all energy.



Whatever circumstances have occurred in the past that we believe have led to the current financial situation in our physical reality are officially irrelevant at this point.   Make a decision to declare all of that IRRELEVANT.  Our current circumstances are based on yesterday’s vibration, the vibration we had an hour ago.  We’ve made a new determination to allow our money into our lives.  And, appreciating the things we already have and knowing that we can have money just as well, is the path to financial freedom and ease and flow.


So, begin with Step 1:  Where I am right now is fine and I can get anywhere from here.  Where I am now is based on yesterday’s vibration.  I’m done with my old story of why I shouldn’t be here and all of the things that aren’t perfect.


Step 2:  I know how the Law of Attraction works.  I understand that I need to Allow my Well-Being in.  It’s already created and waiting for me to align with it.


Step 3:   I have lots of things in my life that I do appreciate.  I don’t need to focus upon making money to have money.  I just need to focus on what is working already.  I’m going to focus upon times when I’ve felt generous and abundance and ease and all of the things in my life that I appreciate.  And, I’m going to take time to do this every day. I’m going to make a list and continue to add to it each day.  Making this list alone should result in almost immediate shifts in your circumstances. 


The beauty of this approach is that it avoids all of the potential resistance around “money.”  You’ve raised your vibe while ignoring anything that isn’t just where you want it yet.  And, raising your vibe, in general, will result in allowing in more of everything you appreciate, including money.



The Universe is happy to support you in becoming more abundant. Try this for a week and see if you don’t find some improvement generally, that some things are going differently and better.  And, as you appreciate those things that are different and better, the Universe will continue to deliver more and more and more, including money and abundance of all kinds.


I’d love to hear from you after you’ve taken the time to raise your vibration by telling a new story.  And, if you would like some help with other strategies for making big changes in your life now, you can reach me at






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