They are just thoughts, right?  I mean, no big deal; nothing is actually happening, just these thoughts that I’d rather not have.  They’re not an actual thing, right?

So, let’s not make such a big deal out of them, right?

I’m not suggesting that we make a huge deal out of them or be fearful of them, but more that we recognize that they really are creating what is showing up in our lives.  The fact is that we want to be happy, content, satisfied, even joyful. If we aren’t any of those things, it’s only because of the way we are thinking about something, not the “something.”

Our thoughts are actually powerful.  Yet, we have the ultimate power to release them or transform them into thoughts that feel so much better.  And, every time we do that, we contribute to our lives becoming so much better.

We will have negative thoughts.  It’s part of this life experience.  It’s the way in which we see that we would like to create something a bit better, different, to grow, and expand our lives.

The challenge or responsibility or task that is our mission is to notice those thoughts and decide that we will do something about them.  And it doesn’t have to be an impossible task.  It doesn’t even have to be an arduous process.

When we know what we know, that is, that our thoughts are creating our vibration and the circumstances of our lives, we just need to commit to our vibration always being our priority.  When we look at it in this way, how can it not be?  Our vibration not only reflects our mood and whether we are enjoying our life or not, but it creates all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

So, what can we do when unwanted thoughts are intruding?  We know they need to go elsewhere, but we feel caught in a loop.  And there’s a reason for that!  When we entertain those thoughts for more than about 17 seconds, they go on to attract thoughts that match them.  Every thought that anyone has ever thought is out there swirling around and just waiting to match up with our vibration.  That thought alone is very helpful to me in choosing to do something about the negative loop in my head.  I DO NOT WANT THAT STUFF INTRUDING INTO MY REALITY.

Another very helpful way to look at this and feel inspired is to reimagine the entire situation we now are viewing as unwanted.  Instead, imagine the loop of thoughts in our head being really awesome, lovely, appreciative, funny, satisfied, and content.  It might help to imagine a few things that evoke those feelings!  And, then imagine a bunch of similar thoughts out in the ethers being attracted to those positive thoughts!  And, then on the heels of that, a bunch of things that match those really nice thoughts showing up in our lives and showing up quickly.

This actually happens all the time!  I should repeat that just in case anyone thinks it sounds too good to be true.  This actually happens all of the time.  It happens for me, my friends, my coaching clients, people that reach out to share their victories.  And I should add that the creation of a positive vibration also can cause annoying things to just take care of themselves.  The annoying co-worker quits.  The boss moves you off of the project you weren’t enjoying without your asking.  An event you didn’t want to attend gets canceled.  This stuff also happens all of the time!  

This is the vibration we want to operate with as often as possible.  Let’s just say our goal is to be in the place where we are tempted to pinch ourselves that something so amazing just showed up without any action on our part other than changing the way we were thinking.  Taking action can also be part of it, and inspired action is always good.  Yet, very very often, wonderful things show up solely as a result of thinking about something differently and in a better way.

A-Hicks had a nice spin on one way we might approach those unwanted thoughts when they seem to be in control.

So you might want to ask yourself, “Why is this one aspect of my reality right now getting my attention?  Why is this where I am putting my focus?  Is it because I habitually do so, or is there some other reason that I need to uncover?  Choose, choose, choose, and then choose again.  Choose consciously, and let your feelings tell you whether you actually want to be focusing on something, whether you actually want to be moving in that direction …..”

This is a great place to start.  I’ve been doing some experimenting lately, for the benefit of all (actually just trying to get my s___ together when I notice the thoughts I’d rather not be thinking forming a loop).  I’ve found that some of those annoying thoughts are really so unworthy of ANY ATTENTION.  I’VE NOTICED OVER AND OVER AGAIN THAT I ACTUALLY DO NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT SOMETHING I’VE BEEN GIVING NEGATIVE ATTENTION TO.  A quick “actually don’t even care,” can cause an end to that madness!

I’d have to say it was great to uncover how often that’s the case!  When thought of in that way, it would be ridiculous to keep thinking those unwanted thoughts.  Yet, sometimes they have picked up some momentum because they’ve had a bit of airtime.  Yet, when you stop and ask yourself why you are giving that thought any attention and shift your perspective, it becomes easier and easier to move out of that zone and just release those thoughts.

It really does get easier and easier.  When we do that and practice it, that becomes a track in our head, a new pathway, and it’s much easier to shift out of the negative focus.  It can become like muscle memory.

I suggest not being hard on yourself when you do that, but maybe laugh at the situation or even give yourself a pat on the back for noticing and shifting!  You are then immediately replacing the loop with something positive, and you are on your way to attracting those other great thoughts that will surprise you with unexpected and amazing things showing up in your life.

If any negative thoughts are being really annoying and sticking around, I have a short list of questions you can ask and declarations you can make that don’t even take a full minute, and you can be off to the races.  Feel free to contact me for my “go-to” list!  It works.

I would love to hear from you.  I fully expect lots of people to have things they want showing up quickly after committing to their vibration being their highest priority and releasing those thoughts that aren’t contributing to a great vibration!


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