We sometimes put the brakes on creating the reality that we desire by assuming that certain things have to occur before we can have what we want.  And, it can seem that way.

We want to travel but we think we have to wait for the raise or bonus before we plan a trip.  We want the job that gives us a sense of purpose but think we need to wait for the promotion at our current job before we make the move.  We want to start that new business but we are waiting for our house to sell before we get started.

This waiting can seem logical, practical even.  But, it’s slowing down our momentum unnecessarily.  I’m going to suggest that we can begin taking inspired action before we have bypassed what seems to be a hurdle or intermediate step.

We know that we are creating our realities with the thoughts and visions in our heads and the actions we take.  We can visualize our desires and use all of the Law of Attraction tools at our disposal and yet we can contradict those intentions by inaction.

And, it’s time to change that.


Sometimes we can get so caught up in working on our vibrations, our mindsets, that we almost consider our actions to be irrelevant.  Action sometimes feels less “spiritual.”  Yet, action, like everything in our reality, is spiritual.  If everything in our material world is spiritual, action is also spiritual.  It’s an expression of our Inner Beings.

The key here is taking those actions that are lined up with what we have defined as our highest excitement.  Once we’ve clarified what we really, really desire, we shouldn’t assume that repeating the same actions over and over will yield our new preferred circumstances.  What will yield our fondest desires, our highest excitement, is a new action.

The suggestion here, that can be your game-changer, is to drop the assumption that you need to wait for certain things to unfold before you can take that inspired action in pursuit of your desire. You do want to line up your vibration, of course, by imagining and clearly defining what it is that you really, really want.

If there is an action, a step, that you can take that is lined up with your desire, take it.  And, if there is nothing obvious that will bring you closer to your desire, you need to look around you for what’s available in the given moment that feels the most fun, the most exciting.  It may not seem related to your ultimate highest excitement but it’s a stepping stone.


The Universe is delivering to you situations, opportunities, “coincidences,” and people  that are in the same flow as your highest excitement.

When you take those intermediate actions, choosing the best thing from the options available in the moment, you demonstrate an underlying confidence that you have whatever you need in any moment to achieve your fondest desires.

You might want to read that last sentence again because it’s a very empowering way to think about your actions.

Your new actions are the path to being a more deliberate creator because they solidify your vibration in the strongest way available to you in the moment.

Your actions demonstrate what you believe about yourself and what is possible.  Your actions can demonstrate your faith in your ability to get into alignment as well as your faith in the Universe’s ability to deliver. 

Inaction, on the other hand, or waiting for something to happen, is just putting on the brakes. And, I’m guessing that’s not what you want to do.

“Your reality delivers to you on a silver platter anything that you desire but it doesn’t drop a safe on your head.  It provides, situations, opportunities, that if you act upon them and go with the flow, continue the momentum so that you can have those things.”




Remember that whatever is exciting, or enjoyable, or satisfying in the moment, has much in common with other things that truly bring you joy as well as your highest excitement.

Deciding to take the action that feels best to you in the moment from what is available is actually choosing to not settle for anything else than what you’ve decided to have as your highest excitement, your fondest desire.  It will allow you to create your life in the most effortless way possible.

Don’t settle.  Walk your talk.  Take action toward your highest excitement now.

If you’ve found this valuable, I offer additional support in helping people to become “unstuck” by changing their Inner Game and to begin creating the things they really want in their lives. And, it doesn’t need to take a long time. I offer a free exploratory coaching session to see if this support might be a good fit. Feel free to contact me here!

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