If you had to put a label on the emotion you’re experiencing right now, what would it be?  The range of emotions and accompanying vibrations that we might experience, has sometimes been expressed as:


This list is obviously in descending order, with depression and powerlessness being the lowest end of our emotional scale, and joy and appreciation being our highest emotions and our connection with Source Energy. You’ll remember that our emotions are communication from our Inner Being as to how lined up we are with Source Energy, that is, whether we’re seeing the situation the way our Source is viewing it.

Actually, I was pretty glad to have re-visited this list of our range of emotions (also known as our emotional guidance scale), since it had been quite a while since I looked through the entire list.  Although I usually seem to have a reasonably good sense of where I am on the emotional scale, I realized that many of the emotions I experience pretty regularly are on the higher end of the scale than I remembered.  I had forgotten that enthusiasm and optimism and hopefulness, a place where I can get to often, are so close to joy and appreciation.  I think I’ve actually been being too hard on myself for not being higher on the emotional scale more of the time (not exactly the right attitude for Allowing), so that’s a discovery I’m happy to make.  Whoa, I think that I just moved up the emotional scale!

In the last blog post, I think we really moved into new territory on “How to Allow” more effectively by asking whether we should be looking back, focusing on the present or feeling forward?  The conclusion was that we shouldn’t spend so much time looking back for an explanation of how we found ourselves where we are right now when it involves probing, blaming, justifying or defending.  And, we should spend time feeling forward into what’s been created for us already in our vortex if we have a pretty pure positive vibration when it comes to that desire that hasn’t manifested for us yet.  Otherwise, our best bet is to appreciate like crazy what we already have in our lives that is worthy of appreciation.  We discussed how our focus on and appreciation of one thing that gives us no trouble at all, can be our best bet for manifesting the other desires that may have felt like a long time coming.

Where I think we really pushed the envelope on Allowing, however, relates to the Abraham-Hicks quotation stating that being in a state of appreciation or being in our vortex should be more important to us than the manifestation.  What really struck me for the first time in a new way was that the emotion we are feeling is an actual manifestation.  I know it’s not the car, or the fat bank account or the relationship, but it’s an actual creation, that we’ve brought into being by our focus.  And, when we are here right now appreciating something, we’re completely connected to Source Energy, and that great emotion we feel when we’re in our vortex is the first evidence of the creation of the other things we hope to manifest.  The emotion of appreciation, or contentment or joy is a manifestation already.  It’s just the earliest evidence of what’s happening, which, if we keep it up, becomes the manifestation of that thing we really, really want. 

A recent Abraham-Hicks recording continues to make this point about our emotional state and what we’re living right in this moment being a real manifestation or creation:

We would like you to begin to regard manifestation as what’s happening with you in the moment. . . What you’re living in any moment is a manifestation. . .  The people you meet.  Manifestations.  The way they play with you or not. Manifestations.  The way you feel as you move through your day.  Manifestations. . . Your life is unfolding.  Manifestation. Manifestation. Manifestation.  And it keeps moving. . . So you have constant personal control over the manifestation of your moment.

And what trips you up often, you’re looking long term where you have not enough power, not enough clarity, and letting the future to which you have not enough answers right now readily available to you, concern you, where if you would just be present in the moment and be aware of the manifestation that’s happening now and adjust your vibration accordingly. . . .”

Abraham gives an example where,  “a little bit of fun got more fun started and more fun started and now . . . the momentum of fun was started, there was no ending to what the day was going to provide.  In other words, you just can’t get into a place where you’re feeling good, where you’re loving the people of your planet, where the people who want to play with you are coming to you, you just can’t get on that vibrational roll without acknowledging, these are manifestations.  And what we want to call your attention to is the most significant manifestation of all. . . . Everything that everyone wants . . . is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it . . .


And what we want to convince you of is that what you want is the emotion.  What you want is the good feeling.  The other stuff’s just the justification . . . because I believe I will feel better in the having of it. . . But it is the emotion that is the primary manifestation.  Hear that!  Your emotion is your primary manifestation.  If you can hear that . . . if you can know it in the way we know it, then you will have control of the only manifestation that matters which is the way you feel and when you get control of that one, you’ve got control of every other manifestation.”

I know that this is something we’ve been approaching from lots of different directions, but this has hit me in a powerful new way.  I got this before but now I REALLY GET IT!

We really don’t have to be so overly concerned with the big picture at every moment, where we are in terms of achieving our desires.  If we can make an effort in this moment, no matter what’s going on around us, to find something to appreciate and milk it for all it’s worth, we are deliberately creating.  Just that, that’s all, and we’re creating what we want in our lives.  Because the only reason we want anything we want in the first place, is because we think it will make us happier if we have it.  And, if we can make ourselves happy in this moment, and then in another moment, not only are we happy, but those bigger things are on there way to us.  The emotion not only is the manifestation but it’s our early evidence of more and more and more.  It’s our early evidence that things are going to get better and better and better.

And, all it takes is to stop, in this moment, take your emotional pulse, and think, how can I improve the way I feel right now?

At first the manifestation will be emotion, next trains of thoughts will begin to come, ideas and inspiration, next it will be other collaborating, next it will be heaven and earth moving to accomodate you in whatever you want!”

Doesn’t this make you feel a lot less angst about the way you felt frustrated yesterday for a couple of hours or even that something you really want is taking a long time to get here?  And, it doesn’t have to take that long if you’re willing to stop throughout your day and decide to get into your vortex; find a thought and then feeling which moves you up the emotional scale as far as you can go at that moment, and make that small effort to get there.

Although at times it can seem like more than a small effort to improve your emotional state, it’s really not so huge when you think that the alternative is both to continue to feel not so great and to prolong the arrival of some of those other things you really, really want in your life.  Not a huge effort at all.  Thinking that my emotions are manifestations right now makes everything seem much easier.  Realizing that my emotions are my manifestations and early evidence of better and better things coming into my life, makes me feel more empowered, more free, more likely to be able to create whatever I want.  I hope that way of thinking has the same effect on you!! 



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