One thing that I know for sure is that there are no “coincidences.”  We are attracting the things, people, and circumstances that are lined up with our perspective, our mood, our vibration.  Although they may sometimes be things that we don’t believe we’ve asked for, they are a match to where we are at the moment.  But, the good news is that those so-called coincidences that show up for us are usually designed to show us something that we need to see or experience, and they are usually a reflection of the Universe working FOR US.  We have that much power.

We often see just the information that is helpful to us at the moment, get the email that gives us a push forward or run into the person that is able to give us support.  I’ve tried to stop being surprised when these things occur. Yet I believe that it’s valuable to appreciate them, to savor them, and to thank the Universe for the delivery.  And, then we get more of that. I imagine the Universe saying, “Oh, you liked that? Well, here’s some more of that.”

When I was in NYC this weekend, there was a painted mural on the wall near the elevators that said:

One’s Destination is Never a Place but a Way of Looking at Things—Henry Miller

That was definitely NOT a coincidence!  I love that quotation, and I saw it several times a day over a long weekend!  It’s a principle that I often express to my coaching clients, although perhaps not in those exact, very elegant words.

When we change our perspective, our life changes.  It’s that simple and only as complicated as we make it.  It can be easy to feel that it is complicated when we begin to think about all of the logistics that need to change for us to realize our fondest desires.  Yet, changing our perspective to one of faith and positive expectation creates a magical environment that allows those things that have eluded us to show up in our lives, and to show up quickly.

The logistics then take care of themselves.  The less we focus on “how” things we want are going to happen, the more space we allow for the magic of those “coincidences.”

In many cases, we are so fixated on the “issue” or the “dream” that hasn’t yet manifested that our perspective is much more about the fact that it hasn’t yet manifested than that it will be amazing when it happens.  So, the needed shift in perspective is often to decide that it is happening and that we are going to do things we enjoy, things that feel like the next logical step, and be in a state of expecting the magic.

We can’t be running a script in our heads of “I don’t have my magical relationship” or “I should have gotten promoted by now” or “I’m not making enough money” and expect any of those things to change.

The time to blossom is always now, not when everything seems to be lined up perfectly.  It often requires leaving our comfort zones and taking a leap rather than remaining where we are because we might end up moving, getting a better job or finding a perfect relationship.

When we move forward with faith and excitement, without the loop in our heads, “but I don’t have ______ yet,” we are not giving up on our dreams but allowing them space to show up.  When we decide to live fully now, whatever our circumstances, our desires are on their way to us!

As someone I know well said, “Go.”  It can be that simple.


If you’d like to take a leap and shift your perspective, you can reach me at I have lots of strategies for changing a perspective that is no longer serving you.  That’s my wheelhouse.

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