When I wrote “How to Allow,” I intended that it be a roadmap for me and for others trying to learn how to work with the Law of Attraction to create more deliberately.  I noticed that for myself, and many of the people I talked to, there seemed to be a gap between understanding that you attract everything into your life with your thoughts, and the notion that you can actually create the things you want with your thoughts.  It seemed so much easier said than done and positive thinking alone wasn’t doing the trick.  It seemed the more processes I learned, the more I felt I wasn’t getting it right or doing enough.  And, now you know that the feeling that it has to be difficult and that you’re not doing enough, is the opposite of the vibration of positive expectation that you want to cultivate.

If Well-Being is natural to us, this should be pretty easy right?  I mean the notion is that if we weren’t doing something to pinch ourselves off from the incredible stream of Well-Being or Source Energy that is flowing to us at all times, we’d be living that Well-Being most of the time.

So, I intended to create a roadmap, a simple system that would make it easier to be consistent rather than haphazard, a couple of processes you could do, a couple of rituals which made you feel better every day, that would lead to raising your vibration.  And, I have to tell you that it is not only working for me but it’s working for so many readers I’ve heard from that I can hardly contain myself with the excitement.

The premise of “How to Allow” is not that there’s anything wrong with any of us, which needs to be fixed.  It’s a roadmap to freedom.  I imagined that every person using the two daily processes in “How to Allow” would create all sorts of different and amazing results.  And, that’s what’s happening.  I also imagined that readers would write to me with wonderful stories and testimonials of how well the book was working for them. And, that’s what’s happening.

I mentioned last week that many of us have noticed that this whole manifestation process seems to be speeding up.  All of this attention to deliberate creation by so many people is speeding up the way energy is moving.  Manifestations are happening often right on the heels of getting yourself into a good feeling place.  For me, this is huge.  It feels like this whole process of creating deliberately is getting so much easier because I know now that, no matter what’s going on (within reason), I can almost certainly work my way into my vortex pretty quickly by choosing better feeling thoughts.  To know that I am almost immediately changing what’s happening around me is just an amazing feeling.  And, I’m not the only one experiencing it.  Sometimes it’s almost funny.  Sometimes it’s the smallest things, but those are the things that put a smile on your face and cause you to just keep gravitating toward a higher and higher vibrational set point.  And, then things just keep getting better and better.

In a silly example of desires manifesting quickly, I was standing in my kitchen yesterday and thinking that I really needed to get this huge oversized case of water from the front door into the kitchen and I couldn’t lift it.  Within seconds, the front door opened and my son, who is working here on an internship this summer, walked in the front door for lunch, which I wasn’t expecting, and of course, he was carrying the water.  This might not sound that amazing, but there are lots of times in this happy household when people just walk right around the heavy thing that needs to be moved! And it happened within seconds of my thought that I really wanted to get that water into the kitchen.  Things are changing.

My friend and a reader of “How to Allow,” pointed out that she’s gotten two summer teaching stints, although summers are usually slower, and a promotion, which she didn’t ask for, which she attributes to her new feeling that life is supposed to be easy and that nothing has gone wrong.  She’s also choosing the best thoughts she can.  She’s also had some amazing coincidences with people showing up at the perfect time in the perfect place.  She also received a very generous government loan she wasn’t formerly aware of enabling she and her husband to buy their first home.

Some readers are getting perfect parking spaces, just feeling happier, sleeping better, getting reductions in bills they owed for no apparent reason, improvements in their relationships and even new romantic relationships after long droughts in the romance department. One reader e-mailed me that people are asking what’s happened to her, whether she won the lottery or something?  I loved that!

Why is this happening, and happening within days of a change of attitude brought about by a different way of thinking about creating our lives?

People who are really getting this are understanding that Well-Being is dominant and they’re choosing to focus on that Well-Being rather than things they’d rather not have in their lives.  As they focus more and more often on things they appreciate, their world is becoming filled with the essence of their desires and it is becoming easier and easier for them to get off of the subject of what they don’t want and to focus on what they do want.  And, that is the Secret my friends.

People are realizing that they can almost always find something they can feel good about.  It’s always a choice we can make.  In a recent example, a couple of nights ago at about eleven o’clock, our air conditioner, which is in the attic, started pouring water through our ceiling; it was literally coming through the lighting fixtures and was brown and disgusting looking.  It also caused the smoke detector to go off, which couldn’t be stopped by removing the battery.  So we covered the carpet with a drop cloth and put down a few buckets and turned off the ac.

Unfortunately, I had planned to have lunch with a friend the next day but I e-mailed her to say there was a good chance I’d have to work on this ac project that day as it was a pretty big issue, not to mention how hot the house was becoming as we turned off the air conditioner to stem the flow of water from the ceiling.  My e-mail began with something to the effect that there is so much freaking water pouring through the ceiling and on and on… . and then I stopped myself.  I realized that I should remind myself of what a great day I’d had and mention that to my friend.  My sons and I had made homemade spaghetti sauce that night.   Now they both know how to make it and we had a great time together.  It’s so nice having my college age son home for the summer and it really has been a great day.  I also had lunch with my other son after completing his school physical and he was totally healthy!  Do I really have that much to complain about?  Should I focus on the air conditioner or the amazing kids I have and how lucky I really am?

These are the choices we need to make every day as I remind myself often.  As we all do this and make the choice of making the best of everything, through trial and error we realize that, over time, mostly good things are finding us.  It is so liberating to find that you hold the key to your own freedom and that no one else is doing anything to you.  Even people that are behaving in ways you’d rather they not, don’t become a big part of your experience if you don’t give them much attention.

You still may ask, “How can I focus upon the things I want when there are so many things in my life that aren’t positive right now?”

As I insist with every bit of influence I can muster in the first Chapter of “How to Allow,” you must decide that there is a choice you can make, that is, whether you’re going to focus on your problems or solutions.  That needs to be your absolute priority, knowing that your mood equals your vibration and that your mood, therefore, is everything!  You must decide that you will choose the best thoughts you’re capable of from wherever you’re standing.  And, if you can’t, you’ll distract yourself with something else until you can.  That is the commitment you must make to yourself if you want to move into having mostly positive things in your life.

Readers that are seeing these incredible changes are moving quickly from noticing what they don’t want to a statement of what they do want and not getting stuck in the negative energy.

You’ll find that as you do this more and more, you’ll just feel better, there will be more reasons to be happy, good memories will move into focus as bad memories fade, you’ll be connecting with people who are on your vibrational wavelength and people will want to help you!  I literally have found myself asking often, a good “afformation,” “Why do so many people want to help me?”  And it proves true over and over again.

As you continue to make feeling good your top priority and make the best of every situation, a vibration of Well-Being will become your dominant vibration.  AND THEN, you will witness the manifestation of exactly what you want because it is law.  It must happen. That’s the way the Law of Attraction works.  Like attracts like.  And you will understand your true nature, your worthiness, because you’ll see this manifestation of this thing you’ve been asking for and you’ll know, without any doubt in your mind, that it was your Allowing, your alignment of energy that allowed the unfolding of these events.  It was you.  It was you.  It was all you!  It was all Source Energy flowing through you, the way you intended your life to be lived. 


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