I’m imagining that the question jarred you a bit. Perhaps you felt a disconnect. Your reaction might have been, “Well isn’t that a ridiculous question, as in, that’s impossible?” or “Wouldn’t that be nice?” Or, your reaction may have fallen somewhere in between “ridiculous” and “nice.” The words “Money” and “Easy” aren’t often used in the same sentence. Now, why is that? Is it because money is not easy, as in, hard to come by, or is something else going on here?


I’m going to suggest something fairly woo woo. I’m thinking that, if you’re reading this, woo woo is sometimes okay with you. From the vibrational perspective (the only relevant perspective here), money is not difficult.  We’ve just made it difficult for ourselves.


We shouldn’t blame ourselves or all of the well intentioned people in our lives who drilled into us that we needed to work hard for money, we should hold onto money, large sums of money are only for the lucky few who are smarter, more advantaged or more money-wise than the rest of us. If the dialog in your family was along the lines of “money is hard, there are the rich people and then there is us” you are not alone. You may even have been exposed to the idea that having money makes you less spiritual or kind, that having lots of money equates with selfishness.  It’s a rare person who wasn’t taught limiting beliefs around money.


With all of that well-intentioned wisdom from everyone in our lives, it’s pretty clear that we were TRAINED into believing that “MONEY IS HARD.”





So, for the woo woo part—it’s been suggested by certain spiritual teachers tapping into Infinite Intelligence that money is actually easy. The Communion of Light (channeled by Frank Butterfield at communionoflight.com) actually had the nerve to assert that it’s easier than manifesting a banana for breakfast. The first time I heard that was a “wth” moment for me. Seriously? My thoughts went to all of the things I think I have to do to create financial abundance, such as coaching, writing, and “hard work.” I tried to open my mind up to the idea of the banana being harder than money. They suggested that money can come into our bank accounts while we are sitting in a chair doing absolutely nothing. Well, that’s true. The banana has to be grown, picked, purchased and peeled. Hmmm, but . . . I continued to try to open my mind.


The notion here is that we EXPECT and INTEND to get up in the morning and eat the banana for breakfast. And, it’s there and we eat it. And, it feels so easy. There is no resistance there. In the same way that we EXPECT and INTEND to roll out of bed and put our feet on the floor, it happens and we don’t notice the fact that we’ve created that scenario.  We fully expect the floor to be there.  We don’t question it.


The clouds began to part for me. What if we could EXPECT and INTEND to have money in the same easy, resistance free way we expect the daily miracles of our existence? We don’t have to intend to be able to hold a conversation or for our bodies to get us where we want to go, and it’s pretty miraculous that those things happen and we don’t notice it.  We don’t specifically intend that our bodies metabolize the food we eat or that we type something on our computers and it is suddenly in the hands of thousands of people.  We expect all of that to happen and it happens, easily.  Hmmm . . . My “wth” turned into a “hell yeah.” Why are we creating a story in our heads that money is this really, really, hard elusive thing? If we believe that the Universe is supporting us and that we are here to live a joyful life experiencing ourselves as spiritual beings, why would the Universe not support us with the money we need to enjoy these lives? It would be ridiculous for the Universe to not support our desire for money. So, how can we Allow the Universe to supply us with money? It’s here for us and we need to think about it in a different way in order to Allow it in.



So, I’m going to suggest really taking a deep dive here and considering the possibility that money actually is easy. It’s as easy as anything we just expect to happen just because it does. And, if we can continue to remind ourselves of that, especially when thoughts of “lack of money” come up, we’re going to be opening up the channels for the inflow of money, cash,  dollars, moolah, bank, Benjamins, bookoo bucks. Doesn’t that sound kind of irreverent when we refer to money that way? Doesn’t it feel a little less daunting? Is it possible to not think of money as this big hairy deal? I mean, the sun actually rises every day and our planets stay in alignment.  Shouldn’t this same energy make money relatively easy?


So, if you can sit with yourself and entertain this idea that money is, in fact, easy and that we’ve just learned to expect it to be hard to come by, I would expect some shifting of your financial situation.


If you can actually embrace that idea, that money is actually as easy or easier than a banana, how about getting yourself in the feeling place of having your money? What I sometimes suggest to coaching clients to easily create the feeling of having abundance is to make a list of three times they have ever felt abundance, generosity and ease. All of those carry a vibe similar to that of feeling flush. And, remembering times when you felt abundant, generous and that things were happening with ease, is actually pretty easy as compared to thinking about “how” the money is going to get into your bank account.  Thinking about “how” they money is going to show up is not part of this exercise for feeling the vibration of having plenty of money.


I realized for myself, when I did this exercise (I always do things I ask my clients to do), that it was really easy and felt really good to remember times when I felt abundant. It was also really easy and felt really good to remember times when I felt generous. Listing three times that I felt ease was well, not easy. That could just be me, but it was an aha moment, something I intend to create more of in my life.  Because part of this new relationship with money involves the fact that money is really easy.  So, I’m intending more ease in my life and focusing on how I might support that.


Creating more ease is absolutely on the path to creating and allowing in greater financial abundance. I do actually believe that money is easy. And, I’m intending to have as much as I want to live the life I deserve.  Every time that I find myself thinking about money, I intend to remind myself that it’s easy.  Thinking of money as hard is based on an old vibration that I no longer have.  And, I intend to ask myself those three questions to conjure that feeling of having plenty of everything I need.


Let me know if you can feel the possibility of this and set the intention for yourself that money is easy. I’m betting that you can do it. It’s all a mental game, an inside job, and it applies as much to money as anything else.




Please let me know about the windfalls you create at susan@howtoallow.net.


If you’d like to get into the zone of creating more abundance, I’m ready to help you raise your vibe and change your game. Raising your vibe, in general, will create more money. In fact, I just had a client create a promotion and raise for herself and we began with her request to work on attracting a happy relationship. That’s my wheelhouse.  Oh, she got the relationship too.  It’s always an Inside Job.





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